apr 20

happy easter to all my losers out there. if you have to see your family and you are the biggest loser in your family, then guilt trip someone in your successful family to give you a job. loserness solved. and then just show up to work and take benzos if you have to. but make sure you show up to work, that’s the most important thing. even I am willing to show up for work even when I hate the job. WITHSTAND.

you just grin and bear it and realize it’s a job, you’re getting paid, you’re not a loser or a n199er, and take benzos if you have to, and when they call you in for being on drugs, flash the legit prescription in their f4990t faces.

then say i have a 150 IQ, promote me to management, or i’m calling employment law and saying you sexually harassed me, or lay me off and pay me unemployment.

WARNING: research your states unemployment law to make sure you will be able to qualify.


“WHOA! I’m feeling a lot of tension in your shoulders!”

lots of places will lay you off exactly 1 hour before you would have qualified for unemployment in your state, then hire you back in a little bit.

OR, if you don’t want to get addicted to benzo’s, which is understandable, only do the benzo’s once every other day, and the other days, smoke a HUGE Bowl as soon as you get home, go immediately to Bed, let the Weed Steamroll your mind into oblivion, lay in a dark silent room, sleep for at least 8 hours, then get up and go back to Work. To not have to Smoke the Weed, use a Vaporizer. so you can fully clear your mind while sleeping, and wake up refreshed, and not take your stupid job so seriously, but not so much that you get fired and blacklisted into permanent unemployability.

when your family asks you why you’re not married, just smile and say you just haven’t met the right woman yet, but someday you will.



Business Buzzword Generator. take a few minutes, play around, and learn to talk like that on the job, so you can get a job.

gamify, silo, change agent, turnkey, boots on the ground, dialog (verb), ideation/ideate, recontextualize, open the kimono, tee up, thought leaders, future-proof, mindshare, tribal knowledge, low-hanging fruit, leverage, move the needle, cloud-based, skate to where the puck is going to be, cross-pollinate, benchmark accordingly, monetize, piggyback, transformation center, frictionless, pivot,


envisioneer,  best-of-breed, e-enable, stretch the envelope, boil the ocean, swim lane, proactive not reactive, corporate values, over the wall, drill down, end-to-end



harness, 24/7, vortals, seamless,

you too can now make $10 an hour and make your family proud!

can you believe some people actually smoke w33d ON the job, and do their job while blazed off their 4sses all day? full time upper working class jobs with bennies! although CERTAINLY these types of jobs are going extinct, but there are a few left.

respecting women is a sign of weakness and stupidity and being a fedora-wearing beta clingy creepy loser virgin. mlady. beta males seem to be catching on to this more than they were a few years ago. betas are making some much-needed progress.

because having children is a great purpose in life, should you have children with a filthy wh0re then? and are you just as obligated to be a good father to the children you have with a filthy wh0re?

well, OBVIOUSLY, the ideal situation is a non-whore mate, and then obviously you would be a good father.

but if you CANT FIND a good mate, should you just have children with a filthy wh0re, because it’s better to have some children than no children?

and how good of a father are you obligated to be to them, esp since you have no respect for the person that makes up half of Who This Child IS?

heh. these are the Moral Dilemmas that I spend time worrying about.

well, ideally you would be rich enough to at least pay child support for your bastards. and that itself is not a short order. if you had enough money to pay for a child, you might be able to attract a quality mate!


to walk 10000 steps a day IS a big deal. because 10000 steps means five miles, which means 90 minutes (or for me, 100 minutes!) and a day means every day. ok maybe one day off a week. so, 600 minutes a week, or 10 hours a week of pure powerwalking.

i mean I would rather do 10 hours a week of pure powerwalking than 5 hours of week of grueling exercise, but Responsible Working Adults simply don’t have the Bourgeois Luxury of the TIME to do 10 hours.

So f00k them with their middle class careers, I choose to be a loser who DOES have the time.

well, when I start muh job, I won’t have the time, unless I make a direct sacrifice of sleep, which I need in order to deal with the Stress of the Job. and this is not a middle class career. And I might have to add benzos and w33d to the sleep in order to vanquish the stress.

how about you?

but maybe the exercise of the powerwalking would effectively reduce the stress.

heard an anecdote about a Computer Science Grad working at Starbucks because he couldn’t get a job with that degree because all the Comp Jobs were outsourced to India.

Bbbbbbut I thought COmpSci counted as a Useful STEM degree! and it was kinda the degree I was thinking about getting!

And we know plenty of Comp Sci grads who DO have good compsci careers. So it must have been that guy’s own fault, but not trying hard enough, or by being a bad student.

Well, my official position is, Even the WORST CompSci Student with the Worst Work Ethic Should be entitled to a CompSci Nonstarbucks job, because he paid the college 100k for the degree.

EVEN ONE STEM GRAD working at starbucks is TOO MANY.