april 19

i heard ed butowski on fox news who is always talking about Jobs and Unemployment and Hiring and Underemployment and How To Get A Job, and the story was that, long term unemployeds are worse at finding jobs and keeping jobs AND having them be full time jobs, than people who have been unemployed less than 6 months.

so they should just K themselves for being huge loser parasites, hahahaha.

but ed’s advice was, to emphasize how you can PRODUCE REVENUE. That when you go into the interview say that you are specifically a REVENUE PRODUCER.

YES, this IS just a synonym for ADDING VALUE, and by DEFINITION every employee is a Revenue Producer, but the dividing line between gainfully unemployed and K yourself is, KNOWING you are a Revenue Producer.


It doesn’t even matter if you even ARE or not, just that you SAY you are, and recognize that REvenue Production is important to The Job Gods.

Revenue Producer is simpler a Balder and Bolder way of saying Add Value: I am going to MAKE MONEY FOR THE COMPANY.

ALL Interview Questions should be thought of as Actually Asking HOW CAN YOU MAKE MONEY FOR THE COMPANY and then you answer ALL questions THAT way.

To make more money than the expense of your Pay, it should go without saying.

so, when i lost a sh1tload of money recently at the “higher stakes” table, it wasn’t really a BAD BEAT per se. I made valid mistakes, namely, I called when I should have folded. I paid too high a price, but I indeed did make mistakes. and paid DEARLY.  I was Sucked In. Don’t get Sucked In.

Now, if the Casino Takes Away the Even Lower Better Table, then I’m Stuck With this other table.

BY ALL MEANS, call yourself a Revenue GENERATOR. GENERATOR is an even more employable word than Producer.


just got back from easter vigil mass. it was 2 hours and 50 minutes long. I was not expecting that. otherwise I would have just gone sunday morning. saw a girl that looked like a younger cuter version of…Girl5. Girl5 was one of the good ones, possibly because I didn’t have the time for her to be a huge rejecting b1tch to me, hehehe. WE might have had 2 or 3 solid “dates”. well, actually just ONE classic Date, using my Number of Dates Reckoning Method.

I liked her and thought she was cute and respectable, and interestingly enough, she seemed to like me, or was at least very friendly to me, and not in the hugeass asexual way Girl7 was. Girl5 was more feminine and probably even heterosexual.

The best chance I had to actually Make Out with her was at a College Party, but I got RAAAAAGING drunk, and then smoked some W33d, then vomited on the side of the house, and was completely incoherent the rest of the night, and escaped the party, knowing I would make no progress with Girl5. And she was a classy moral gurl, she probably didn’t even add a new Number Of Sex Partners that night, even if she was getting Tipsy.

UNfortunately I myself was way beyond tipsy, I was Incoherent.

This was another problem for me, and Proved my Lower Beta Status: Alcohol did NOT really help me talk to Grillz. Normalfags have a party, add alcohol, then Hook Up. You could put me in a room full of drunk girls and nothing would happen, because I was THAT bad at talking to grills at parties. even when I was drunk. there was no “taking the inhibitions off.” there was just total inhibitions, and then total falling-down incoherence, where grills don’t want to talk to you because you’re sh1tface WASTED and can’t even hold a conversation. yep. so that’s embarassing and doesn’t impress the ladies.

so I hid my worst drunken self from her. she went on to enter the SOLID middle middle class: great career in the big city. real weird. she was by far the least annoying, least promiscuous, least b1tchy Career Woman I ever knew. She was just real nice. Course that’s what I said about Girl7 too, hehehe.

Anyway that’s about it.  I just remember her fondly because we had the highest percentage of good times and she didn’t reject me hehehe. I feel the Fondest about her over all the other girls. Well except maybe Girl8, who I added “posthumously” and whom I forget is even A Girl, because I think we had Zero Dates, hehehe.

anyway, the good news is, I don’t drink any more, and my social skills are a lot better. however I am way older and balder. well my social skills that don’t include talking to Pretty Women.


ok enough of that.

in hindsight, I would have not drank so much at the parties, obviously, and maybe experimented with some Benzos So I wasn’t too SCARED to talk to grills. Because Alcohol did not take away my anxiety over talking to cute grills. and benzos might have.

so if you are scared to talk to grills at parties, cut out the alcohol and try some benzos. it might not even work, but it’s worth a try.

of course, kissless friendless virgins don’t have friends, and don’t get invited to parties, esp one with ANY grills. Wizards are lucky to have been to ONE party in their lives……and it was a total sausage fest.

although I do recognize that going to a party with Cute College Age Girls IS a Bourgeois Luxury. because Real World Parties have like 40 year old Creepers and Prole Trash at them, hahahaha.

so, lesson, or COACHING POINT if you will, try to get into College Parties. because all the grills there will be in the PRIME of youth, 18 to 21. DAMN SON. hard to believe such things even EXIST. but they DO.