apr 16

schooltime. how to win friends and influence people. into giving you a well-paying, non-loser (above 36k), upper working class FT job with low stress, room for advancement, and enough to pull attractive upper working class wimmin. heh. it is important they talk smart and don’t have Trashy Tattoos or Hairdos.

the best are these two-layer haircuts where the girl has fake blond hair on top, then underneath it, dark brown hair. wtf.

when I was young, there was the Tramp Stamp. Now all those women are Old, but young women still get stupid tattoos in other places.

but yeah, it is unfort that i am attracted more to middle class gurls than working class gurls. how about you?

heh. i hate both the working class and the middle class. I prefer Upper Working Class. maybe. i mean, working class gurls talk stupid and act stupid, while middle class girls talk smart about REALLY stupid and evil things like marxism. who cares if you use big words while you’re talking about something godawful? vs just regurgitating trash with trash language? so, working class gurls are Objectively Better! although their clothes and hair are objectively worse, hahaha.

i really don’t care about gurls that much, other than gurls 1 thru 8. did I do a Class Analysis of them yet? try doing a Class Analysis on yer gurlz to see if you can learn smth about yourself.

g1: lower middle; g2: Solid Middle Middle, academia; g3: middle middle, academia; g4: middle middle; g5: again solid middle middle, law; g6: upper working, oh wow, hay there, how about that; g7: lower middle; g8: eh let’s say lower middle. certainly not as upper middle as g5 or g2.

so, a lot of those gurls had the middle class manners which makes me go cray. and that also I don’t usu get feelz for working class gurls so much.

this all makes sense. adds up. checks out. per my liking of middle class manners and pseudointelligensia, and dislike of working class Crudeness and Fatness.

but these are all just stereotypes right? hehehehe.

and at the end of the day, in the final analysis.jpg, Youth And Beauty are KING, whatever the class.

is it easier to remove marxist brainwashing than it is to remove stupid tattoos and to train a girl to speak and write properly?

heh. yes, prob it is.

but isn’t race more important than class anyway? and class is a horrible marxist way to divide men and women of the same race?

well, i promised not to talk about race too much on this blog. you can talk about class all day, but you can’t talk about race, hehehehehe.

anyway, what’s WAY MORE IMPORTANT than wimmin and gurls, is being able to COMMUNICATE with people to the extent of getting and keeping a JOB. and that is essentially BSing and trying to sound smart and confident. with confidence prob being more important. 60/40.  people are worse at detecting this as a “LIE” than you might think!

it’s not even really a LIE per se, you’re just pretending to be something you’re not, hahahahahaha. no, LYING is when you lie about something specific, like yeah that’s your baby, or NO I haven’t been drinking.

but “lying” and pretending to be CONFIDENT is no big deal, it’s a GOOD thing to do if  you’re not actually confident.

nut flush baby, nut flush. that is where you make the monay. feelsgoodman.jpg


saw some young girls who were not much older than 21, the one I was very attracted to and would have loved having S with her. they appeared to be having so much fun and so bouncy and lively and full of energy and young. would have loved a little time with dat bod. i could not tell if it was because they were young or because they were drunk. the cute girl later admitted she was “buzzed”. ok that’s fine. i completely lost my game and had to rely on my male friend for witty banter. damn. nothing like a cute prime of youth cutie to really turn you into a huge beta!

so they are either in college, or just out of college into their first after college job. what do you then say? that you’re a huge loser who is still working on their first real out of college job for many years? or worse? how about you?

but yeah it does help when THEY have been drinking. alcohol makes girls REAL horny.

and if they are b1tchy from the start, it is your job to turn that around, because it’s not going to get any better on its own. they WANT you to put them in their place. the very purpose of this b1tch shield is to shut down betas. so act alpha. be masculine.

anyway. i was not expecting to see such cute girls at this place, a semi-dive bar for upper working class suburban older baby boomers. NOT prime of youth girls!

heh. wish I could have just PAID the girl for a half hour of action. worth $200 easily. she was super cute, young skin, a perfect 8!

so that was a humbling learning experience. always be masculine. be confident. overly confident. show no weakness or they will eat you alive.

tease them a little bit, show them you do not take them so seriously. and are not SCARED of a little 22 year old gurl. come on.