april 14

had a semiweird dream that i was in my grade/middle school with the b1tchiest teacher, but since i was mature, i got along with the teacher. then there was the Smart B1tchy girl who I thought might be flirting with me, but she was on her high horse and god forbid she want anything to do with the likes of us boys! but my suspicions were confirmed when she was sitting in front of me, got up, lifted up her skirt, to show me her great big pale white bare 4ss. DAMN I said. and so from there we continued our flirtation. this was actually a real girl from middle school, though a diff one from the other middle school gurl i sometimes have dreams about, hehehe. this girl was a bit bigger and meatier but certainly not in a bad way. heh. i should have pursued any of these girls when I was at that age.

i always have dreams about my neighborhood and school from when i was middle school age. so the other day we were driving around and i took the liberty of actually driving down those actual streets. now they look slightly different in the dream of course. but it was interesting. i hadn’t actually driven down those streets in YEARS, yet I will have like one dream per month where i am in that area.

so that was neat. then that same night I had the dream about the school and the meaty smart prissy gurl showing me her great pale white 4ss.

i recall she liked the smarter boys and wanted to rise above the sleaziness of the working class girls. even back then i noticed the dichotomy hehehe. it has to do with the area we lived in. so in other words maybe i could have used my clever mind to appeal to her and Tap Dat 4ss. at age 12, hahahahahahahaha. Nice.

Well, I developed MY libido EARLY, and prob have an ABove Average Libido for Men. How about you? i just didn’t realize it, because I also support Slut Shaming, and traditional monog relationships, and Like Prudish, Low-Number Women, and am Ultra-Conservative, AND do not really love Pornography, yet I ALSO have a High Sex Drive. took me a long time to figure out none of this was mutually exclusive. for a while I mistakenly thought I must have a low libido. nope. how about you, hahahaha.

I am certain she went to college and did a College Career. heck she could have even done a masters degree. which is really not a big deal, but it is for my middle school. then high school was more middle class, and college was SUPER middle class. EVERYBODY got masters degrees at LEAST, and from prestigious schools. a little TOO middle class for my blood!

Note: when i say middle class, it’s not what working class people say that THEY might be “middle class”. My version of Middle Class is straight up RICH Bourgeoisie, like Doctors and Lawyers and Professors. My version of Upper Class, I don’t even discuss, because we will NEVER even cross paths with them. that is like CEO’s, Superrich, and TRUE Top 1%.  Top Executives, people that make minimum 300k a year.

ANYWAY it would have been great to b4ng that girl when she was 18. i wonder if i should try to look her up and bang her NOW. If she is not a huge hambeast I prob would!

Fear Of Missing Out, hahaha. FOMO. I totally missed out on Muh Sensual Development. Muh Wild Oats!! and now all I can think about is 18 year old gurls. don’t let this happen to you!

“MEN HAVE JOBS, WOMEN HAVE CAREERS.” I can’t remember who said this, possibly Anne Coulter, but that is a great line! I think it was from a Conservative trying to be snarky about Modern Career Women. Nice!

Aspiring Middle Class College Girls think they can have S with guys, and if he turns out to be a wimpy sissy niceguy beta, then she can always deny everything and say she was never “DATING” the guy.

I was trying to think about the longest “relationship” I ever had with a grill, then realized it was a huge gray area. these grills would describe it as Pre-Dating or an awkward Mistake and that perhaps we Not-Really-Dated but Sorta-Hung-Out for maybe 2 or 3 months.

but how often do Normalfags and Relationship People Hang Out with their Partners? Once a week? Twice a week? once every two weeks?

so I figured the best way of reckoning, for me, was to simply count the number of Dates, rather than say 2 months or 4 months or guess at that. Cuz I was only seeing the grills once a week at the MOST.

And I estimated it was about 15 to 20 “dates” in length. “Dates” is defined as simply hanging out one on one and there was some sort of positive vibe. whether it was simply Talking, or dinner, or movie, or making out, or good lawd something moar than making out. 15 to 20. prob closer to 15. it could have been LESS than 15, but I don’t want to spend that much time trying to remember each and every good time.

heh. at any case I wanted at least 100 “dates” out of each of them.

So that is where I got my taste of Prime Of Youth Cuties, and as you can see, my Appetite was Never Satiated. I never Moved On. How about You? Heh, well you’re prob a total virgin with No Dates Ever. Yep that sucks.

So yeah, normalfags would not count it as “dating” at ALL, because there was never a mutually-agreed-upon agreement.

Anyway My Number of Dates Reckoning System is unique, because a Date where there’s No Physical Activity counts the same as A Date where you Bang The Broad All Night 10 times. Each has Equal Weight: One Date.