apr 12

ok i promise not to schedule more than two months ahead.

watch the tv show “LIVE LIFE AND WIN” on saturday mornings. It tells the story of ENtrepreneurial Teenagers who are more successful and happy and harder working at age 18, than we are at age 30 and beyond!

sometimes its annoying, sometimes it can give you ideas. heh. if these TEENS can live life and win, so can YOU, who are Smarter!

it is kind of what like I want to do with Jobs TV ™, although that will be much, much, much, much more comprehensive. but still, there’s nothing like “live life and win” on TV now, and it’s weird it;s Just For Teens. No It Isn’t!

Nyquil Report

I took 1 full adult dose of nyquil (30 mL) at about 9:50 pm, wanted to do around 9:30 but o well.

took till about 10:40 pm to really kick in. started to feel aggressively tired, like I was being anesthetized. that was great. I submitted to the great wave of sleep.

but then I woke up again, almost fully awake, at 3 am. alternating between fully awake and almost asleep, no middle ground. and also very thirsty. the best thing you can do is drink a LOT of water, relax, and try to get back to sleep. yes you will be very thirsty, so drink a lot of water.

then I slept solidly till about 10 am as planned. could have easily slept 2 hours more.

so now here I am, LIKE A BOSS. how about u?

drinking coffee, playing micro stakes, .02 chip big blind, 4 chip max buyin. best game ever. small but consistent wins.

although i am in a much better mood ever since this whole nyquil experiment started. maybe it is my calling to use drugs in moderation. just enough to take the edge off, hehehehe. the edge of life.

ooh classic nap time calling mah name.

ok. bought a bunch of junk food. so happy about it. skittles wild berry candy, ben and jerry butterscotch ice cream. i was thinking about butterscotch beforehand, and how i am the only person who likes it, and wouldn’t it be nice if there were a butterscotch ice cream. well i found it as a limited edition anchorman ben and jerrys ice cream, so i figured that was A SIGN I had to obey. the ice cream was pretty good. not perfect. well actually it was really good.

the wild berry skittles might even be better than regular skittles. wish they had a large bag of Sour Skittles because those are the best. anyway, wild berry is more than good enough. thank GOD for these first world privileges.

april 13

so i saw an 18 year old girl in church, that when I was that age, I would have thought she was nothing special because of her weird face; but now I thought about her beautiful her 18 year old skin was and her perky little unsaggy bewbs, and her weird face was now cute. but her skin was glowing in a way that it does not for older women, and in a way that I did not recognize or appreciate when I was that age.

was playing normal low stakes, went all in when I made a flush on the turn, feeling good, guy went all in after I reraised him, and of course he beat my flush with a full house (can’t remember on which round he made the FH) and I lost 10 chips in one fell swoop. I am MUCH more comfortable playing the stakes beneath this, I hope that table stays there forever. I can’t be losing 10 chips, ie, one full max buyin for that table, at once!!! it really is too volatile.

heh. so that 18 year old girl should be entitled to a successful man, right? i guess. there i thought about starting a group that matches up successful young 22 year old men, starting their careers, with beautiful virginal 18 year old girls, to be their wives. and then they start having babies. maybe. i dunno anymore. except i do know that 18 year old gurls are beautiful, way moreso than 28 year old gurls, and it would be much easier to marry a young woman than an old woman, when you are ready to marry.

that NONSENSE where women say, “he’s 40 years old and dating a 20 year old, what is he thinking, how can she possibly be at his MATURITY LEVEL, HE’s so immature!!”

well the OBVIOUS response to that is, Maturity Level DOESN’T MATTER, and also, “maturity” in older women usu translates to b1tchiness and unpleasantness and untrustworthiness. Young Women Make Much Better Mates. Period.

Of course it is ok for women to get old within the context of happy marriage. good for them.

who cares if ronald mcdonald likes the taco bell breakfast. ronald mcdonald is a very common name, plus amerifats are too fat and stupid to even know that the mcdonalds mascot is named ronald anyway.


i am just butthurt about losing my 10 chips to that 4sshole with the better hand. hate having a flush beaten by a FH. i have learned not to get so mad about trips beaten by a straight. or even a straight beat by a flush. but flush beaten by FH, or ESPECIALLY FH beaten by QUADS, now THEN I get p1553d. how about you?

College Turns Women into EITHER Huge Sluts OR Lesbians. If a College Career girl is not a huge slut, don’t get all excited hoss, then she’s probably a Dyk3.

watched new game of thrones, it had a huge lag. how about u?

want to have a real fun night? watch TWO movies. saturday night I watched TWO movies. that was SICK. the only way that can get better is if you are enjoying weed along with it.

these old spice commercials with the crying mothers are so bad they make me want to boycott the product. well i use “original scent” old spice deodorant, not the ridiculous other scents. but what a stupid company. we should all boycott products where we don’t agree with their marketing. like cheerios hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha.