april 9

real nice day, real sunny, warm, open the windows kind of weather, really starting to feel like spring thank GOD.

saw a cute young girl at the social function that, if she were sitting on my face, would make me forget all about Girl8. hehehe. I don’t know how girl8 is coming up now, such that I “posthumously” promoted her to girl8. maybe cuz I see her name on facebook sometimes? who cares. well i guess thoughts of girl8 is slightly better than girl7. who cares. b’s be b’s.

B’S B B’S.

ok new plan. start serious job search in october. job should be chiller between may and december. if it gets unchill like before, get xanax from dr and take it 3 days a week. get new job by january. will take pay cut of at least 10% for a job that is….20% chiller hehehe. try to bang this qt young blond girl at job, no strings attached. maybe date her if she’s dateable, ie, clean, moral, low number, pleasant, charming, feminine, etc, no big deal if she’s not. wish she had longer legs, hahahaha. but banging her 50 times would be great for moi. how about you?

this is really the type of chauvinistic, devil may care, Alpha attitude you MUST develop towards women if you want to Achieve Your Goals with them, whether it is Beta Goals like making out, cuddling, dating, monogamy, OR Alpha goals such as Hookup Harem, Booty Calls, Revolving Door, or nonmongamy.


You Must Act Alpha To Achieve Even Beta Goals.

apr 10

yeah buddy. another real nice day. getting into 60 degree weather, sun, holy crap. will have to do two powerwalks.

if your job is very stressful, just pop xanax at work 3 out of every 5 days, if your boss Calls You In, flash dat script, and say, if you want to get rid of me, lay me off so I can claim unemployment b1tches, or I’m calling the employment lawyer and lawyering up.

if you’ve ever watched that boring gay tv show the office, which is notable for portraying a Dream Job Environment we would all love to have, yet to get a job that easy and stressless, you must have an ivy league degree like andy (ed helms), or a stupid f4gg0t MBA type degree like ryan (bj novak). so git studying, and paying 100k to do so, f4gg0t!

heh. let us start our own tv network for losers, where losers who watch tv all day can actually learn skills to make them employable. for example, a network with shows that teach them social skills, how to answer interviews, specifically spoon fed the phrases to say, and where there is serious, actual job growth, or shows that train you in job skills, and actually go on the job; essentially job training for all sorts of jobs.

like one season of a given show would give you the skills and training to actually walk onto that job and do it. I am not talking about “dirty jobs” type reality shows where they take 10 minutes and show the most interesting things about a job. I am talking about showing exactly How To Do A Job. Job Training TV. Job Search TV. Interviewing TV. Job Market TV. Job Truth TV.

I have all this talk of homeschooling and how to raise winner children, very strict stuff, homeschooling, STEM only, etc, but fact is I know a ton of perfectly happy successful people who went to awful Public School, and are happy and successful with Non Stem degrees, like business or law. What’s THEIR secret?

Solid Confidence, Positive Attitude, and Great Work Ethic: No Laziness.

So if you have all those things, you don’t need a strict homeschool STEM Military Academy Tiger Parents.


Positive Attitude.

Positive WORK ethic: NOT LAZY.

That’s ALL. And I became a loser because I had NONE of those things. Even one out of three would have been quite a bit better.

well, what about all the confident people in prison or who are lazy deadbeats? well i’d argue they are happier and have more energy than We Losers.

But happiness is not the be all end all right? True….but now I am in a phase where I believe it might be. if it feels good, do it. hehehehe. as long as you’re not hurting anybody, or throwing your money away. two important caveats.

so in other words, being a huge drug addict would be out, because you would be hurting your family.

unless you are already disowned from your family and can be certain that your drug abuse is not hurting them, then go ahead, drug yourself like a madman!

i would, but it would hurt my family, and i have hurt them enough. so i don’t. that simple.

what if i could secretly do drugs? well, I would secretly enjoy a little weed occasionally. I am just too cowardly to try to get it, plus i see the fam all the time. it would be very hard to keep secret in other words, so, just not worth it.

so i am looking into how 2 become a xanax addict, hahahaha.

so some “autist” spoilt sh1t virgin goes on a stabbing spree in a pennsylvania high school. and I was just thinking that we hadn’t had a mass STABBING in a while, always SHOOTINGS, last stabbing was some madman in china.

prelim rpts say this boy was not “A LONER” or a Weirdo though, that he was nice and he had friends. hmmm. indeed odd. wasn’t a WEirdo. wasn’t a CREEPER. WEll, he DID look like a scrawny beta. Certainly a Virgin! and not the handsome football player type of virgin that had cute girls throwing themselves at him begging to take his Virginity!

But honestly, it is NORMAL scrawny 16 yo boy to be a virgin. I would be much more concerned if he were “WEIRD” a LONER a CREEPER or an AUTIST or had NO FRIENDS, like the sandy hook kid.