[edit may 23: yes this marks my auspicious 1st anniversary/birthday, hooray for me helping people. just be sure to thank me on twitter or reddit or 4chan or wizardchan or facebook and drop a link there saying i’ve saved your life, hehehehe.

yeah this post is kinda political, ignore that if you like.

yes nice to hit the one year mark, very possible i will be around for two.


apr 4

yeah buddy. s muh d b’s, hehehe. not you, but b’s. successful normalfags equal to or greater than upper working class. why don’t you work for a living, f4gg0ts! you’ve been handed everything on a silver platter: success, wealth, young women.

ok now that I have my hostility out of the way, on to the meat of the matter.

went for a nice powerwalk. got to do that at least once every day. when I was working I couldn’t even do that. And imagine if I worked like the average upper working class workaholic, where minimum is 50 hours a week! and 10 hours of commute a week!

how you supposed to get 10 hours of sleep a day and exercise THEN, hehehe.

imparting wisdom. well everything is done thru communication. building block of everything. so follow those tips i gave you last post. agree with everybody and make friends in high places and then bribe them to give you a good job. and introduce you to young cute girls. schmooze with alphas. the end.

april 5

what would happen if you drank some nyquil then drank some coffee? heh.

not too much nyquil of course, that stuff in large doses is worse for you than crack or heroin.

maybe my lifes mission is to Awaken the Prole Working Class to the fact that they are Smarter than they think they are, turn them on to more pseudointellectual pursuits, or hard maths, or Metapolitics hehehe.  and then organize a real grassroots populist political movement. see most “working class parties” are associated with socialism but not mine. it would be a MUCH more right-wing, freedom-oriented workers’ party. Communist Crushers. They type of thing communists call “FASCISM”, when of course it’s the communists that are REALLY fascist.

it would also prob be more of a “nationalist” party too, hehehe. while def advocating for HUGE states rights, or even splitting the US up into a leftist nation and a rightist nation, and people could pick which one they wanted to live in.

and of course the rightist nation would be very libertarian, not this mainstream fox news neocon false rightism. that ain’t right!

however not sure I would have the confidence to be a good rightist political leader. like, standing up to arguments that I only became a rightist because i was a bitter loser and I am envious of all the successful and happy middle class leftists!

but there are middle class rightists too! I think I would prob want to incorporate them, well especially lower middle class types that crossed over from more working class beginnings.

when was I the Least Of A Loser? Probably the summer right after high school. Age 17. Was all downhill from there. hehehe. But I was working a job that was perfectly appropriate for a 17 year old, and I hadn’t started making big mistakes or even little mistakes yet. Well, that’s wrong, I think I was drinking more than a 17 year old should, for sure. But I was done with high school, which I didn’t like, and in the prime of my youth, and excited somewhat for college. which I then royally screwed up, although I was unaware exactly how royally I was screwing it up at the time.

however, now I am a LOT smarter than I was back then. but then I had more energy. How About You?

sun apr 6

sunday. so last week I stayed in church until the collection and then was so antsy, and so annoyed by the noisy kids, I left and then drove around for 15 minute s, on 25 mph roads of course so i didn’t waste too much gas of course. it was great. look forward to doing it again today.

so 4 out of 5 managers do not know how to manage properly. even with their gay masters of management degrees. go f yourself. f

i went to church, i always get real annoyed at church. how about u?

i forced myself to move to a diff seat, yet the kids are still loud and annoying and their stupid parents don’t control them. today some hyperatctive kid came in late with his family and sat right behind me. to be fair, the kid was pretty well behaved, and behind is better than directly in front. slightly.

it is also a pet peeve when someone sits in the seat directly in front of me, or directly behind me. all the seats are very close to each other in the church. If I am coming in, I never sit directly in front of or behind someone, and will move over a seat. other people do not have this same pet peeve apparently. how about u?

I could only last about 43 minutes then left. then took a huge nap, that was perfect. prob could have even napped longer, i did not nap as solidly as expected but Oh Well, not complaining.  then took a great powerwalk, was over 50 degrees out, thank GOD.

I am obsessed with Race and that is a big problem with me and Christian Church, which tells you to ignore race and to look to the afterlife. so i think going back to the pagan gods of my race might be more appropriate for me. because it is important for me to find a quality mate of my own race and have children with her……and of course to become a Winner before all that can occur. I think Race is the Ingroup that makes the most Sense. Race, or Class, hehehehe.

but that’s all a moot point if you’re personally a loser yourself, and just want to have a bare minimum of winning, and not be a loser unemployable parasite on welfare.