apri 3

so what was worse: me being a slacker in high school, or me smoking weed and drinking in high school: definitely the latter was worse. killed muh brain. I would have been a slacker anyway, I was a slacker without those things, and still am! so I should have said no, I’ll take the Slacker Track, regular classes, I don’t have to get into a GOOD college, I’ll just go to the local college like normal average people. or go to trade school. this track obv would have worked out much better towards me not becoming a loser in life. How About You?

I should have said, f00k these moronic AP classes, it’s not worth it. WELL, f00k them all except AP CALCULUS, which is the only one I can get behind. Ironically enough I did not take AP calculus!

the ap classes were honestly really hard and time consuming and really cemented my desire to Skate By in Skool, an attitude which later Killed me in College.

Anyway perhaps with all the morons and mouth breathers and future Proles I would have been able to Start Banging Sluts at an appropriate age.

but all the Proles were drinking and doing drugs in high school, so it’s hard to say I would have avoided those bad habits. in fact i would have PROBABLY gotten WAY into that bad stuff.

anyway point is, the expectations would never get set so high because I would have never gone to an Elite Ticket To The Middle Class Elite College, I would have gone to an Average Upper Working Class College, and never started the whole working class vs middle class thing where I am torn between two worlds. How About You?

Would have gone to Community College, saved money, learned how to communicate and talked to my fellow Proles, never developed an unfortunate Fetish for Middle Class Girls, g0d damn it. How about you?

heh. I REALLY like that trick. … . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . .   . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . how about you?

try to be a child who was born in a poor country then comes over to the US at like age 10 thru 18 with your family, so you can really appreciate the value of Hard Work AND actually Become a Very Hard Worker.

heh i would not dislike brian johnson so much if he didn’t scream so much and just tried to sing more like bon scott, hehehehe. i am actually trying out the latest acdc album “black ice” which was apparently huge in 2008. it is not horrible. it’s definitely not faggy or hip or middle class! i have now officially added acdc to my concert bucket list.

playing this .01/.02 cent table is GREAT. max buy in is 4 chips/dollars. I am doing well. me throwing about BIG BETS relative to the blinds/buyins is helping me win bigger; in other words, I am being MORE AGGRESSIVE, and exactly because these amounts don’t seem so big because I am used to dealing with amounts TWICE as big, which was keeping me from being As Aggressive as I needed to be to win big on the .05/.10 & 10 buyin tables.

Also I think you can start you own table, I am gonna have to try to start my own table like this in the future!!!!! People want to play it, there has been a decent waitlist!

ok. i guess only the admins have the power to start such a table. and they are doing it specifically to test the waitlist. damn.

see, middle class girls are pseudointellectual and you can talk to them about politics and current events because they read books and news.  and having pseudointellectual banter with a cute middle class grill is GREAT FOREPLAY, gets the pseudointellectual man REAL hot and bothered, moreso than working class grills talking about TV and kitty kats and shopping and facebook and candy crush, and you just have to (verbally) brute force them. and it is just such a refreshing change to use Big Middle Class Words and Turns Of Phrase and Smart Middle Class Language and have a Cute Gurl Understand You!!! Heh.

which is what I thought when I was young. but actually, the main thing is still them being young and cute, the Pseudointellectual Banter is just the Icing On The Cake.

but who wants to talk about POLITICS with WOMEN? “I want to murder mah babies and get free stuff!”

anyway if you are reading this and think you’re smarter than everyone, then you too like me are a pseudointellectual, if not a full-blown intellectual! if you had the attention span and hard work ethic to complete a Graduate Degree on an Intellectual Topic!

anyway, key thing is, the middle class girls are really not that much smarter than the working class girls, in terms of raw IQ. the middle class girls just have higher Verbal Pseudointelligence from years of reading the new york times, hahahaha.

that was the other thing. Reading The New York Times is a DEAD GIVEAWAY of Pseudointellectual Middle Class.

It’s just a habit, you don’t HAVE to be middle class to read the NYT or understand its big wordy words.

In fact, I recommend NOT reading it because it’s leftist, marxist poison!

well ok, Talking Like A Smart Person AKA a Pseudointellectual who Talks Like The NYT will prob HELP you in a Job Interview, and in trying to show your bosses you are Employable.  So it is good to be able to talk like that. Just don’t believe the Leftist Politics. Maybe try the Wall St Journal instead, that would be much better bang for your buck.

well yeah, its because the Elites and their Mammon served by the Middle Class, all wanted to keep the Working Class Dumbed Down As F00k, so they have no understanding about anything and only care about low decadent Mammon Creature Comforts and Soma hehehe. The Soma has really done a number on me, although I don’t give a f00k about Mammon. although not materialist, I am big on Instant Gratification and Feeling Good thru Drugs. Even if the Drugs are simply Food or Candy or Sleeping Constantly.

How About You?