mar 31

but what I esp don’t like about horrible middle class masterz degree leftists, is that they never learn that being a leftist is stupid, because they are rewarded with good careers, making their useless masterz degree pay off, having a good job, having an attractive mate or mates that they like, not getting divorce raepd, making enough money to live and have children, rising in their career to Level 2 and 3 and managerial and decision making positions rather than constantly struggling to find a stupid entry-level job, marrying attractive people rather than hideous hambeasts like we proles are forced to marry (but not me!); and they go to COnferences and their companies pay to put them on planes, etc.

when I would like them to lose at life becuase of their leftism; but they don’t; and I have converted from left to Hard Right, however I have been a loser both as a stupid leftist and a loser then as an awesome smart enlightened right rightist;

heh I looked at the girl I might as well call “potential Girl8” on FB AGAIN, she just put up a new profile picture, and she looks GREAT, looks BEAUTIFUL, looks marriageable and dateable and monogamy worthy, just absolutely stunning, yet she has GOT to be 27 at LEAST. and she looks better than most 25 year olds! I would like to know her secret! you cannot be super promiscuous and partying and still look this good, can you? and yet she still does not list her career! but I suspect it’s probably good, everyone I know from that school is super successful middle class (but not me!)

do i want a working class girl or a middle class girl? statistically, i’ve been more attracted to more middle class girls, just looking at girls 1 thru 8. most of them tend towards middle class, if not full-blown! how about U?

that is a good way to get others to help you, and not make you look like such a selfish, annoying narcissist: if you start rambling about your boring self too much, then just finish it off with asking, “HOW ABOUT YOU?” and then have them ramble about THEIR boring self.

Think I will call her Girl8 just to devalue/deflate the Value of Girls by semi-artificially inflating the Girl Supply.  You should try doing that if you had a bunch of Girls you’re hung up on. by the time you get to Girl20 or so, none of them will MATTER any more. It will bring the early girls down off their pedestal, if you lower the criteria for being a Numbered Girl. Bringing down the Average. Taking the P off the Pedestal. Win Win. Do It. How About You?

apr 1

oooh be careful today, won’t get fooled again! fool me twice, shame on me! How About You?

not super in love with the new poker book. I still like using my “Top Thirty Hands” Reference sheet.  Though Top Twenty might be better. It’s an ongoing process of developing your style and find something that works.

but yeah How To Bet is real tricky. And my big pitfall is that I don’t spend time studying my opponents, bc I’m always doing something else. I sense this is a BIG MISTAKE and could make the diff between me winning and losing.

OK here’s a good one: if you get below half the maximum buyin, like 5 chips on a 10 chip max, then BUY BACK IN TO THE MAX if allowed. Because in order to break even now, you HAVE to go all in, and if you’re at like 4 dollars, even all in won’t do it for you. this sounds like a no brainer but I always forget to do it.

in other words its easier to win money PERIOD when you have a larger stack….especially something GREATER than the max buyin after getting a few early wins. then you are in the catbird seat!

but yeah it’s not a perfect game, I am seeing it naturally rewards aggression and bold risk taking which I am not comfortable with. I would prefer a little at a time, but it may be there’s no good way of doing this, due to the very nature of the game. either accept that or stop playing.

it is possible that straight up is the best Repository of Job Numbers Data, and NOT BLS dot FEDGOV. Although indeed is not 100% accurate because what of all the jobs that are  NOT posted there.

OH YEAH WON HUGE 13 chip pot, putting me 6 chips ahead of max buyin. NICE.

So, I would now say, buy back in AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Some games limit you to like once per hour. so just do it! and hopefully you can eventually get Above Maximum (by winning) and never need to buy in again! MOmentum!

sh1t, buy back in to max after every single time you lose ANY chips!

QJ unsuited is NOT in the Top Thirty hands, but KJ unsuited IS (#29).

When you are in a job interview, just think, WHAT WOULD A NORMALFAG SAY? And then answer the questions like a NORMALFAG. That’s IT.

Job Interviews are the most normalfag situation that ever exists. that is why it can seem so weird and alien to us weird virgin autist losers, who think outside of the box, hehehehe. yes thats a joke. bad jobs want you to say think outside of the box, good jobs want you to invent a new paradigm of box, etc, I could care less, prestigious name jobs are not our goal, however good paying ones are. so we can AFFORD to reproduce and have three children to carry on our families.

Just so you know. once I start muh job again I will literally have no time to do posts whatsoever. maybe one post a month. so enjoy this large number of posts because it won’t last forever.