sun march 30

not sure why, but I have just been possessed to listen to AC/DC, think it is a SIGN from the LORD. Started out today trying to Just Be Thankful.

Started playing some cards and remembered I had been meaning to look up Old AC/DC for a while, because there was a recent episode of AMerican Dad where they played “If You Want Blood” (season 9 I believe, Stan was sleepwalking and doing nice deeds for people) , and I thought that was nice of them to play a Bon Scott Era Deep Cut.

I was most familiar with the “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” Album, as well as “High Voltage” (perhaps “TNT”, that one has some weird versioning), great nostalgia value there.

But I never spent time with other Bon Scott albums like “Highway to Hell”, where “If You Want Blood” is located, and Lord am I glad I am righting that wrong.

Always Be On The Lookout for Signs From Your Higher Power, hehehehe.

And also give BON SCOTT a try.

It’s a crying shame that the corniness of Brian Johnson ACDC might turn people off of giving this band a fair shake. Not that Bon Era stuff is not corny! ANd not that BJ era is not without sincerity! In fact I am prob growing to appreciate BJ more, but I used to be OFFENDED by him because Bon was SO MUCH Better.

Anyway Bon Era is very feelgood stuff. AND very masculine. AND very ROWDY. If you appreciate Beer-Guzzling, Rowdy, Masculine, Tuff Guy Australian type stuff, and why wouldn’t you, unless you’re a huge cvm guzzling f4gg0t, then go listen to….some hipster f4gg0t garbage from pitchfork.com hehehehe.

and it also a travesty that Rock Radio only plays The Hits of ACDC, which get old quickly, and are best enjoyed in the context of their respective Albums, but because you’ve heard “You Shook Me All Night Long” 90000000000000000 times, you don’t want to listen to the albums. BIG MISTAKE.

I do like how PRofessional White Collar Aspiring Middle Class College types are OFFENDED at how BAD AC/DC is, and take time to write long reviews about how Evil and Awful they are, reviews of course which show how stupid and lame the reviewers are. Some great POlitical and Social implications there. And as much as Middle Class hipsters might sometimes Worship the Working Class, ACDC somehow represents everything they hate about the Working Class, like racism and blind ignorance and stupidity and etc etc etc. men who are alcoholics on Crappy Beer, and beat their wives, and don’t like darkies, take advantage of drunk women, etc. real REDNECKS in other words.

or the one guy that claimed ACDC sounded tryhard and if you wanted simple “three chords and the truth” type stuff, then listen to the ramones. now i don’t hate the ramones, but I prefer (Bon) ACDC, and this is a great example of Political Correctness run rampant. Ramones are Approved, ACDC is not.

got “texas holdem for dummies” in. will let you know. it is easy and fun to read as I would hope from a dummies book. has some interesting “facts”, like “NINETY FIVE PERCENT of players are LOSERS, come out net BEHIND, and if they aren’t beaten by other players, then they’re beaten by the rake” which 95% is a huge percent and does not bode well for someone who even only wants to make a MODEST income.

mar 31

had a nice flush going, was looking to win the pot and come out ahead on that table………aaaaaaannnnnd the guy got QUADS. I would say I see quads every day. beatin mah flush or full house. and by quads I mean FOUR OF A F00KING KIND.

On my bucket list is to bang a Female PhD Student in Literature or something Marxist, and she is all skinny and pale and shorthaired and dykey, but still likes guys, specifically, me and my c0ck, and then I give her a good rogering. I like female grad students because they think they’re more intelligent than average women, just because they aborted their babies rather than having them, and they know how to spell big GRE words like heteroperformativity.

they drink PBR and Craft Brew and like Socialist Punk Bands and are offended by sexist racist rednecks like ACDC. but at least you can watch foreign movies with them before/while you bang them.

heh torn between middle class and working class. I combine the best aspects of both into one very right-wing, alpha male package. however I staunchly leave out the grad skool part of middle class, you’ll note. doesn’t mean I wouldn’t bang young female grad students, i esp like the shorthaired dykey ones who think they’re smart because they’re a marxist pseudointellectual. so with them you convince them that roughest sex is most empowered strong independent owning it sex, and then have very rough throatf00king sex with them.

mar 31 2014, monday, 7:25pm: I just got my first QUADS, four tens, winning a sweet .88 chip pot. yes POINT 88, hehehehe.

yeah the worst thing about Full Time Jobs is that you have time for literally NOTHING else: hobbies, family, friends, banging, raising children, etc. just work and sleep and work and sleep and you have to sleep as much as possible to charge up as much energy as possible to do all that work.  and if you don’t get enough sleep then you get stressed out more easily and then everyone at work b1tches at you for 8 hours straight and tries to get you to k yourself. you gotta be strong to WITHSTAND all that abuse.