march 26 wed

yeah son. energy is a big problem again. no energy to do anything. not particularly emotional or angry or sad. just don’t want to do anything. i have time off and i am going to use it napping and watching tv. i swore i would look for a better job, but now i don’t want to look for a new job, and am using any excuse not to. like, well i would like to get promoted to the next level at my sucky job. or it will look a lot better on the res if i’ve been there a year rather than 3 months.

unless i can find a better paying job in the next 4 weeks of layoff. not optimisitc there, hehehe.

get an rx for xanax or ativan or whatever the strongest and cheapest benzo you can get. then take it once every OTHER workday, so you can have a stress free workday 3 out of 5 workdays. and also so you don’t build up too strong of a tolerance to the benzo. if your boss gives you sh1t, just tell them the TRUTH: you have a rx for a benzo, you can SHOW them the RX if you want. here, call the pharmacy if you want, ahole. they can’t FIRE you if it’s prescribed! maybe they can lay you off, and then you get money for free! welfare unemployment! unless you don’t, and you get screwed like I did hehehehehe.

this way you only have 2 stressful days instead of 5. a 60% reduction in stress. I think You will appreciate that!

Now should you “play” on the weekends by getting all benzoed up? and then ruining your tolerance for the week?

no, you should prob switch to w33d on the weekends, hahahahahahahaha.

no, just go into a Staffing Agency wearing Dress Slacks and a Dress Shirt and talk about what a positive attitude you have, what a good work ethic you have, and let them Place you somewhere, and try to last as long as you can until you find a job that doesn’t make you want to blow your brains out. it’s really simple as that.

now some places will never, ever hire you if you have a DUI, which you probably do if you’re a Problem Drinker or have ever been. Today I Learned that you cannot become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep unless you have a bachelors degree AND do not have a DUI. just to become a SALESMAN. sure, a sales world with Huge Money, but still.

what about generally Good Jobs in general, and you have a DUI? like any Fortune 500 Company? I just don’t know. just put on the dress slacks and go to the staffing agency.

like lets say you were an AUTISTICALLY top 1% good computer programmer and had a DUI, you might be able to still get in at google or microsoft, if you had some ridiculously good Work to back up your skills.

and, if you’re here reading this, then you probably don’t!

well, a lot of Stable Upper and Middle Working Class Jobs Do have Regular Drug Tests, to make sure you’re not ever smoking weed when you get home. and that would certainly show the xanax you’ve been taking. so what do you do? become a raging alcoholic, clearly! And try not to get Felony DUI, but if you do, heck 1 is harmful enough anyway!

No, I am not seriously encouraging you to get FELONIES! I was just being a huge b1tch. just get a legit rx for your xanax and keep taking them. damn i should DO that already.

It would probably be a good idea to try to have S’ual Intercourse at least twice per year, and if you have to pay $300 for a hooker each time, then so be it, it will be worth it, for being great for your health. unless you get aids, but of course you do have control over that. and make the hooker take a shower In Your Presence before you bang her.

NOBODY on tv is normal or regular. They are ALL weirdos and sickos. Similarly, the same with people with Really Good Career Jobs. Don’t compare yourself to these “people”, they are like a different SPECIES altogether!!!!!

It's not easy being 27

the average college grad is not underemployed unless it is their own choosing, their own laziness, them being a loser. choosing to be a lazy loser. hehehehehehehe. yep its true, might as well go k myself. OR HOW ABOUT BETTER YOURSELF? because its too much WORK and EFFORT? yes, yes it is. hehehe.

if you don’t have the energy to do anything, get your doc to change your lazy loser meds. for example if paxil doesn’t work, switch it to prozac, and that might be miraculous, and then you will stop being lazy and start choosing to work hard and better yourself.

heh. ALWAYS I lose to a flush when I have 3 of a kind. ALWAYS. Have lost more money in the past two days……

or a straight I have always will lsoe to flsuh when decent pot. cannot type write good no more.

let me state again i am NOT butthurt about sluts being sluts; I am more Annoyed than anything, when sluts have S with a bunch of other guys, but think they’re too good for ME. THEY’RE the ones slutting it up and defiling themselves! And you can’t defile yourself with ME?

Or when a grill has S with you a few times, then says NOPE YOU’RE DONE, and you still really want to have S with her, but she refuses, and goes off and has S with a bunch of other guys instead. just NOT YOU.

THAT is the major problem with Women being Sluts. When their Sluttiness never works to your advantage. and sometimes it works to your DISadvantage in fact, them rubbing it in your face, like they have a shiny new toy that you can’t have, and you’re never gonna get it.

but the Rational Response to this is, Not All Women Are Like That, indeed they are not, and that I am letting my thoughts be Clouded by these unusually negative women I have had the unfortunate and unusual displeasure of dealing with. most men meet some bad women in their lives, but I have just met MORE, and more horrible ones too.

well. i finally got a flush and won a 5 chip pot. THANK GOD. FINALLY. of course, 40-50% of any pot is just your own money. this is obvious but I wonder how many people forget it. maybe only me, hehehehe.