yeah i am the INVENTOR of that word, along with other similarly horrible words containing “cvm” where they normally don’t.

mar 23 sund

yeah lemme just reiterate, thorazine is bad, don’t do thorazine. actually it didn’t do much of anything. i had a search for “alprazolam satanic”, not sure exactly what they were thinking. prob that xanax is a tool of satan. well depending how devout you are, everything is a tool of satan, lord of this world.  everything from coffee to aspirin to tylenol to nyquil to prozac to fentanol to thorazine to Vape Ecigs to Decadent Gluttonous Foodz.

which is a tenable point, and of course even those nutjobs have a logic, and of course Xanax would be a bigger/worse tool of satan than say 1 cigarette, no one’s arguing against that! because it has a measurable impact on your behavior and your will and your thoughts and your decision making.

but doesn’t satan also put the anxiety there in the first place? so xanax might indeed be a tool of god? well the real tool of god is prayer and courage, and xanax is the CRUTCH provided by SATAN as an EASY WAY OUT. stupid f00king religion hehehehehe.

say i as I just got back from Church!

played like 5 hours of Poker yesterday, came out about 5 dollars ahead, thus a win rate of 1 dollar per hour. not bad, as long as it’s a positive number I’m happy. Plus I came out WAY ahead and had some good days recently, like winning 20 dollars in one hour. instead of bad beats, big wins. starting to close the gap of muh losses. don’t worry, you will know when I break even. hopefully I break even! God Willing!

was reading “harrington on holdem” because its the only poker book i have while waiting for “poker for dummies” to arrive. harrington seems like a great guy but the stuff is still imcomprehensible as f00k and I really need it dumbed down more. I still can’t grasp Outs and Hand Odds, however Pot Odds seems relatively straightfwd. yeah its the size of the pot vs how much you have to call to get into it….but how do you work that? is that just preflop? what if you have TERRIBLE cards but good pot odds? what is considered good pot odds? I think if your odds of winning are better than the pot odds, then you call and not fold. or the other way around, hehehe.

well, i find it real hard to turn down pot odds of 4 to 1 even on a sh1tty hand, but it usually does not go above 3.5. also if I don’t feel comfortable calling however much it is, then I fold. Also I think if you get a bad flop on your not so good cards, then that also impacts things. unless you can possibly win on the turn or river, then you need to calculate THOSE odds of hitting those outs, versus the new pot odds.

well, since i have time, of course i am keeping an eye on the bitcoin, esp as it approaches a 3 or 4 month low, meaning, should prob buy right? so watching the graphs and the “trollbox” of people giving their opinions. some say it will crash even lower when china bans btc. or that it will soar to the moon after april 8. really speculative hehehe. i somehow bought a bit recently so I am just gonna wait. if it crashes then I buy some more.

also invested in 1 Litecoin at about 15.50 USD per. used btc-e exchange to buy ltc with btc. just get ONE and see how it performs. remember, like 6 months ago BITCOIN was ALSO at about 15 dollars!

of course, with bitcoin crashing, then i have to WIN MORE at the bitcoin casino in order to make up for the money i have lost only due to the value of btc going down since I bought it!

really won’t go hogwild on litecoin, i figure 1 is enough. would it ever start to soar? maybe if china bans btc….. hehehehe

mar 24 12.21 am

note: if you download the Litecoin client to do a hard drive wallet, and this seems to be the best choice as I cannot find a great online ltc wallet, it will be at least 2 gb and take foreeeeeeeeeever to sync/download and I am debating whether it will be really worth it since i have only like 50 gb free anyway.

played waaaay too much poker, 2 windows open, started out ahead after a decent pot, then got cleaned out in an epic 3 way showdown of 3 all ins, lost 15 chips, back to 0, good lord. i had KK, one guy had AA, other guy had 88 and 88 WON on a trips or full house. not too surprising, hehehehe.

spent like 4 hours after that trying to get back to even. did not. lost money on the other table too. all in all about -8 chips for the day. which is like 4 dollars. now i am just playing 1 table hehehe. if you want to try to actually make money you’ve got to play 2 at least, many people play at least 4 tables at once.

saw an old friend today, that was good, gotta do that more regularly.

heh. there are people that drop out of law skool or phd programs to Play Poker Professional. People with much better Math Minds than I, like the famed david sklansky. he had it MADE, graduating from UPenn (Ivy, Elite) with like a math degree, passing actuary exam at age 20, moved right into actuary job where he excelled and came up with new stuff, GUARANTEE he was making good money, and then decided to play poker professionally because actuary work was too restrictive and not challenging enough. wtf.

yeah i can tell u that actuary IS a great career path.i also hear it is Super Stressful and SUPER hard to pass those exams, and prob biased in favor of ppl from elite skools like UPenn. It is a LOT of work, hehehe.

in other words, he wasn’t forced into a Life Of Poker because he couldn’t get a steady stable job elsewhere, hehehehe.

hehehehe there is always getting rich on Bitcoin Speculation if Gambling doesn’t work out, hahahaha.