april 11

had a dream where I was touching this girl who was one of the Top 2 Cuties from Middle School, when I first started noticing Girls, and now she had matured into a beautiful 18 year old legal young woman. I was carrying her on my back and making fun of autistic kids, which for some reason was really getting her hot, and she was laughing and breathing in my ear and giving hints that she was getting all horned up and moist. I didn’t mind that, although I took a didactic tone and said Now, Sweetie, it’s really not nice to make fun of Autists, they have a legitimate Neurological Disability bla bla bla, knowing full well how much fun it was gonna be to get her in the bedroom, tear her clothes off, and bury myself balls deep in her 18 year old body and how I really hit the jackpot with this girl, I really liked her and she would be well worth Dating.

woke up without getting to the Hot Action part.

but yeah, she would have been very dateworthy when she was 18-22. too bad she is super old now, heh.

well, I shouldn’t rule out “old” (25 and older) women, I never actually TRIED to see if any were Dateable. Maybe there are a few. but I def PREFER younger women. How about you?

heck i’ll give a 30 year old a spin if she’s in great shape, hahahaha.

but it is not a priority. I have no priorities right now. i have GIVEN UP ON LIFE. how about you?

no, just trying to survive at muh job until december AND in OCTOBER will prioritize new job search AND must GET that new job. And if i don’t, then my priority will be to survive the sh1tstorm of phone calls in january.

was also thinking that UTAH might be a great place to settle down with some wives, hehehe. southern utah is prob pretty warm.

but how warm do I REALLY need it to be?

also portland has the benefit of being a City, with Younger People, demographically

643 pm fri april 11: I got FOUR OF A KIND, Four Kings, and won a very small pot. hehehe. the trick here is to, when you get great cards, is to get large bets out of your opponents.

thinking about drinking some nyquil today at like 930 pm and sleeping 12 solid hours.

here’s a good music album for lazy losers, katatonia “dethroned and uncrowned” . i used to be a huge katatonia fan as a wild youth, then lost track of them as I got older, they got more popular, I got less interested in new music, and also they released too many new albums to keep up.  but hey they are still great, and here is a nonmetal “remix” of their latest album “deadend kings” which I never gave a fair shake, but I was more willing to do so for the nonmetal version, partially because the only metal I really want to make an effort with, is evil black metal or 90s metal.  but this album is nice, makes me want to check out the metal version, but that would certainly be less CHILL. listen to dethroned and BLAZE IT F4GG0T!!! Their singer is very moody and I think he might be One Of Us, although he’s not, because he’s in a successful band, prob gets teen tail, and is creative enough to write (good!) music. So he’s not really One Of Us, but his voice will make you think otherwise.


Anyway, they should do nonmetal versions of ALL their albums!

holy sh1t. started with 4 chips, now at 10 chips. best round EVER. only 2 hours and 23 minutes in. so like a profit of 3 chips per hour. BETTER THAN -X chips per hour, amirite???

Updated Gambling Advice: What SEEMS to be helping me is playing at the smaller stakes tables. no surprise there. well, the site just opened an even lower lowest stakes table, and I like it. hope they don’t close it. lots of FISH hehehe.

be aggressive PREFLOP in raising, if you get Top Ten Hands. This is the BEST way to establish the BIG POTS you NEED in order to come out ahead AT ALL.

Call Preflop with any Top Forty Hands, unless you get a bad feeling due to Bad Position and/or huge raises by others.

Buy Back In to Max as often as possible, like after you lose a medium sized pot you would have liked; or you are below 80% of Max.

this is my new favorite site. rankings of starting hands. I play anything with a positive EV, and preflop raise the Top Ten, which should of course look familiar, no big surprises on what those are.

Ok, Raise Preflop on Top Fifteen, like anything EV .2 or above.

Always think Long Term. If you play good cards and keep getting Bad Beats, realize you’re just in a Cold Streak, because, in the Long Term, Good Cards WILL make you money.

However, Don’t be afraid to fold if the flop is not good, or pot odds are not great, or you just have a bad feeling.

got a search: “MGTOW IS DYING”

hell NO, I think mgtow is GROWING, and also that many men are MGTOW without even REALIZING it. it IS kind of a silly term. I would say any man who is successful on his own terms, living life on his own terms, is a “MGTOW.” though most MGTOWs wouldn’t even call themselves mgtows, don’t know what it is, would call it another name, like Free Man or Red Pill Man or Libertarian or True NonNeoCon Conservative or Nationalist or something.

college grad $9. hehehe. come on. a college grad is entitled to at least $12 an hour. Minimum Wage Law 4 College Grads, hahahahahahahahahaha. No, let the f4gg0ts work for 9 CENTS per DAY, hasten the collapse.



april 10

buddy buddy buddy. went for a second powerwalk. i have decided to just let it be mannnn. just be me. it is less energy to be very hateful against women and races, than it is to vainly struggle against that hate just because it’s not polite or not healthy or whatever.

although at some points it can be too much energy to do the actual hating too.

i like poker and gambling real money on it; i like saunas; i like powerwalking; I like right wing commentators with a sense of humor; I like young 18 yo gurls; i like red and blue mt dew; i like candy; i like buffalo wings; i like beefy stir fry; i like some movies; i like blogging; i like being lazy and not working; i like sleeping o god!! I like judging people; i like conspiracy theories; i like guns and silver and bitcoins; i like races and ethnicities and genes and such; i like math to some extent; i like the right; i like homeschools; i like shortcuts.

but do i prefer freedom or slavery? i might actually prefer slavery because it’s less WORK. less RESPONSIBILITY.

do not wear BLACK pants or coat to your interview. it is too much. what the hell is wrong with sticking to Blue and Gray. Wear nothing but Blue And Gray.

But as a guy who prefers Black Clothes, like a Goddam GOTH, this was a hard lesson to learn.

My Idea of Fashion is to wear Black Pants, Black Coat, Black Shirt, Black Tie, Black Boots. I like the Boyd Rice Fascist Look. Yes I appreciate Boyd Rice for all the reasons you’d expect, for all the reasons Middle Class Marxists hate him. RICE IS NICE! BOYD IS THE WOYD!

i wonder if K’ing yourself is easier for people who do not have specific religious rules against it, ie, did not grow up believing that if you K’ed yourself, you would GO TO HELL.

florida goes about as far south as texas. both of which go way more south than california. I want warm, hot weather. i should really try key west.  OK Hawaii goes even MORE south.  but I would be ok with south florida. Homestead, Florida. south of Miami. find the cheapest redneck boondock area within 50 miles of miami.

now i am convinced the huntington WV (marshall univeristy) is the best place for me to move. want a place that is not BRUTALLY cold and snowy during winter but which is also not Demographically Undesireable, hehehehe, and which is likely to remain so during the rest of muh life. because I’m an EVIL IGNORANT REDNECK RACIST who prefers to live among members of my own race.

invest in marihuana-related companies re the growing legalization and sales in the US.

so all these kids want to get OUT of the amish; how do you get INTO the amish. the amish have a GREAT thing going on. Become Amish.

april 11

i was taking an afternoon nap and feeling real low and lazy, and thinking way back to Girl2, which btw was The One Where I had the best chance of Dating her because we were already Psuedo or “Predating” when she left me Holding The Bag, much like what happened with Girl3, but with Girl2 it was a bit better.

I figured it was time to stop thinking those thoughts, and start playing poker and drinking coffee and even just blogging. and now Girl2 is happily Married, was getting a Masterz Degree in a Useless Field, but in one of the Top Skools for that Useless Degree, so she is actually prob one of the Top 1% who makes a Prestigious Middle Class Career out of that Degree, and once she has that before age 30, can start having Children. When I Pseudo”Dated” Her she was ridiculously cute and young, square in the prime of youth, Around 20, and a strong 7 on top of that. Probably an 8 but I won’t publicly give her that satisfaction. any rate, it was All Downhill starting at like age 22 anyway, so that’s good for me, hehehe.

Anyway it speaks to the Middle Class Prestige of the University, that it can make a Useless Degree a Useful Degree. Because if you got this degree at a NORMAL Univ, you wouldn’t be working in it, and owe 50000000000k dollars the rest of your life. And I do resent that Elite Skools even HAVE that kind of prestige.

Yesterday I did a lot a research with Maps and Cities and Demographics. I studied the boroughs of New York City and the neighborhoods within them. many of the people I went to Middle Class Univ with moved to NYC, and I even thought about it myself. I tried to think where would the cheapest place to live be. and also NOT be hip. but also not be too “ghetto” because I hate diversity, hahahaha. I thought about Queens or Staten Island, for example, when all the Hip MIddle Class College Faggots move to BROOKLYN. thing is, Brooklyn or Queens are HUGE million person cities in their own right, with their own individual neighborhoods. and indeed there are prob Poorer parts of Manhattan.

Then I kept thinking West Virginia was the State for me. Either Huntington near Marshall Univ, or Morgantown near WVU, which looks like a real nice school, as far as f4ggot universities can be. be a great place to get a full time union job though, and bang 18 year old college students!

actually I suggested Party Schools for that. hmm. WVU is actually the #1 party school. no kidding. well it IS a great location. wonder how cold it gets in the winter. or if there are any Cheap Community Colleges nearby. Or if WVU employees could get free tuition at the school.


april 9

real nice day, real sunny, warm, open the windows kind of weather, really starting to feel like spring thank GOD.

saw a cute young girl at the social function that, if she were sitting on my face, would make me forget all about Girl8. hehehe. I don’t know how girl8 is coming up now, such that I “posthumously” promoted her to girl8. maybe cuz I see her name on facebook sometimes? who cares. well i guess thoughts of girl8 is slightly better than girl7. who cares. b’s be b’s.

B’S B B’S.

ok new plan. start serious job search in october. job should be chiller between may and december. if it gets unchill like before, get xanax from dr and take it 3 days a week. get new job by january. will take pay cut of at least 10% for a job that is….20% chiller hehehe. try to bang this qt young blond girl at job, no strings attached. maybe date her if she’s dateable, ie, clean, moral, low number, pleasant, charming, feminine, etc, no big deal if she’s not. wish she had longer legs, hahahaha. but banging her 50 times would be great for moi. how about you?

this is really the type of chauvinistic, devil may care, Alpha attitude you MUST develop towards women if you want to Achieve Your Goals with them, whether it is Beta Goals like making out, cuddling, dating, monogamy, OR Alpha goals such as Hookup Harem, Booty Calls, Revolving Door, or nonmongamy.


You Must Act Alpha To Achieve Even Beta Goals.

apr 10

yeah buddy. another real nice day. getting into 60 degree weather, sun, holy crap. will have to do two powerwalks.

if your job is very stressful, just pop xanax at work 3 out of every 5 days, if your boss Calls You In, flash dat script, and say, if you want to get rid of me, lay me off so I can claim unemployment b1tches, or I’m calling the employment lawyer and lawyering up.

if you’ve ever watched that boring gay tv show the office, which is notable for portraying a Dream Job Environment we would all love to have, yet to get a job that easy and stressless, you must have an ivy league degree like andy (ed helms), or a stupid f4gg0t MBA type degree like ryan (bj novak). so git studying, and paying 100k to do so, f4gg0t!

heh. let us start our own tv network for losers, where losers who watch tv all day can actually learn skills to make them employable. for example, a network with shows that teach them social skills, how to answer interviews, specifically spoon fed the phrases to say, and where there is serious, actual job growth, or shows that train you in job skills, and actually go on the job; essentially job training for all sorts of jobs.

like one season of a given show would give you the skills and training to actually walk onto that job and do it. I am not talking about “dirty jobs” type reality shows where they take 10 minutes and show the most interesting things about a job. I am talking about showing exactly How To Do A Job. Job Training TV. Job Search TV. Interviewing TV. Job Market TV. Job Truth TV.

I have all this talk of homeschooling and how to raise winner children, very strict stuff, homeschooling, STEM only, etc, but fact is I know a ton of perfectly happy successful people who went to awful Public School, and are happy and successful with Non Stem degrees, like business or law. What’s THEIR secret?

Solid Confidence, Positive Attitude, and Great Work Ethic: No Laziness.

So if you have all those things, you don’t need a strict homeschool STEM Military Academy Tiger Parents.


Positive Attitude.

Positive WORK ethic: NOT LAZY.

That’s ALL. And I became a loser because I had NONE of those things. Even one out of three would have been quite a bit better.

well, what about all the confident people in prison or who are lazy deadbeats? well i’d argue they are happier and have more energy than We Losers.

But happiness is not the be all end all right? True….but now I am in a phase where I believe it might be. if it feels good, do it. hehehehe. as long as you’re not hurting anybody, or throwing your money away. two important caveats.

so in other words, being a huge drug addict would be out, because you would be hurting your family.

unless you are already disowned from your family and can be certain that your drug abuse is not hurting them, then go ahead, drug yourself like a madman!

i would, but it would hurt my family, and i have hurt them enough. so i don’t. that simple.

what if i could secretly do drugs? well, I would secretly enjoy a little weed occasionally. I am just too cowardly to try to get it, plus i see the fam all the time. it would be very hard to keep secret in other words, so, just not worth it.

so i am looking into how 2 become a xanax addict, hahahaha.

so some “autist” spoilt sh1t virgin goes on a stabbing spree in a pennsylvania high school. and I was just thinking that we hadn’t had a mass STABBING in a while, always SHOOTINGS, last stabbing was some madman in china.

prelim rpts say this boy was not “A LONER” or a Weirdo though, that he was nice and he had friends. hmmm. indeed odd. wasn’t a WEirdo. wasn’t a CREEPER. WEll, he DID look like a scrawny beta. Certainly a Virgin! and not the handsome football player type of virgin that had cute girls throwing themselves at him begging to take his Virginity!

But honestly, it is NORMAL scrawny 16 yo boy to be a virgin. I would be much more concerned if he were “WEIRD” a LONER a CREEPER or an AUTIST or had NO FRIENDS, like the sandy hook kid.


april 7 2014

thank god for all the good things he has given me. dear god give me strength and courage and calm. and ENERGY. good lord I have no energy. how about you?

well it was fun watching the game of thrones premiere. i watch it on a streaming site where people from reddit and 4chan battle each other in the chatbox. obviously reddit sucks and 4chan rules. the redditors are girls who whine about spoilers and racism and Dornish people being “so whitewashed”; and the 4channers are glorious, hilarious trolls. I stand with 4chan. I even contributed something of my own: “hodor likes to take jamie’s stump up his big g4y 4ss” hehehehe.

have a bag of peanuts in your room that you can snack on when you get hungry and do not want to make a meal.

unless you are morbidly obese, then you don’t need to be eating as much at all.

over the weekend I got together with a friend and we played “call of duty ghosts” trying to improve the kill death ratios, it was very fun, even more fun than drugs and alcohol. not as fun as banging 18 yo qtz though, haha. But it will get old less quickly than the girl! in 10 years the vidya gaymz with your frandsz will still be just as fun.

move to a college town with a really HUGE university, like florida state or a famous, HUGE, Party School, get a sweet unionized job at the university, and then bang 18 year old college gurls for the rest of your life. there will always be a fresh crop every year. if you get tired of that, you can start a more serious relationship with one of the girls if she has not taken too manny cox by the time you get to her.

if she b1tches at you for not being ambitious enough by just having a lowly univ staffer job, instead of being a lawyer or docker or masterz degree executive, then you can laff all the way to the bank, know that she is Not The Right One, and wait for the new crop of 18 year olds to come in. plenty of people would kill to have a job as sweet as yours.

so how do you get that job? uh be persistent and network with people in the department, and buy them organic pizzas, and do a good series of interviews. it will not be easy, i can assure you. bribe some managers. then hook me up with a job in your dept. i will buy you lunch every day for a year.

april 8

thinking me sleeping 10 hours a night is just my price of admission. yesterday i had nothing going on and decided to go to sleep early. drank some nyquil while watching jeopardy at 730pm. closed eyes at 8pm, was honestly real tired at that time. dozed, woke up around 9, fell back asleep, till about 10 am. lesson learned: maybe I need 14 hours of sleep a day, hahahaha. ok, between 10 and 14. how about 12.

might start playing the Top Forty Starting Hands. these are all the hands with a Positive Expected Value, ie, above zero. see how this strategy works.

also, if you plan on playing max buyin 10 chip game, my poker dummies book recommends you start with a bankroll of 100 chips. minimum ten times the max buyin. to get you through the Tuff Times. so when are you supposed to replenish your bankroll? I think when it runs out. but you don’t want it to ever run out if you are a good player. you just need to be prepared for Big Swings, it’s just a part of the game.

april 9

had a very weird dream. was having a big Coed Adolescent Slumber party, and I was very excited about maybe Making Out with some Young QTz.

then the police were called and one or two of the boys were arrested in handcuffs because they were smoking a little bit of Weed. The family whose house we were at were total Middle Class Progressive Professional Leftists who would certainly be soft on Weed and probably partook in it themselves on occasion, and I thought this was a bit hypocritical.

then we started watching a movie of my recommendation, a personal favorite. but i hadn’t seen it in a while, and it turned out being much more violent than I remembered. like horrible, insane, ungodly, depraved violence, and it also seemed like it was jumping out of the screen and our very slumber party was being terrorized. horrible stuff like toddlers getting their faces chopped in half by a meat cleaver or thrown into a wood chipper, young girls getting facef00ked by a guy with a huge knife strapped to his crotch, getting their eyeballs and faces impaled, little children getting thrown alive into deli meat slicers and cut into slices.  we could not tell what was the movie and what was real life anymore. I apologized for picking the movie, i didn’t realize it was THIS bad, I wasn’t THAT crazy!

Then I found a spot on the couch next to a really cute young glasses hipster middle class pseudointellectual gurl. i discovered she did not have a Smart Phone and was impressed by that. she was not always playing with a phone.

then suddenly there was a shark swimming around on the floor trying to bite off everyones feet. eventually this girl got her feet bit off. then she got into a weird Suicide Submarine because she decided life was not worth living without her feet. I was starting to fall in luv with her and was upset, both for her and for me.

I asked a friend Why Did She Do This? Wasn’t that a bad idea? Why??? Then the friend said, well she felt she couldn’t live her life to the fullest without feet, couldn’t contribute to society, so why suffer, and why be dead weight, so yeah, it’s tough for us, but her decision makes sense and we are not allowed to be upset by it.

then i said something like I am useless and dead weight, maybe I should K myself too, and then friend said, but you still have your feet, you weren’t the tragic victim of circumstance, so you have no right to K yourself, you’re just a lazy loser.

I thought this all was BS, NO, the girl didn’t have a RIGHT to K herself, and I DID have a right to be upset. and College Brainwashes Intelligent Children into Worshipping a Career Cult and Destroying their Morality and Utterly Devaluing Human Life by saying when it’s OK to end yours or another person’s life.

And I probably cared a little bit more, because I was starting to fall in Luv with her! Special Feelings!

Real weird. Especially since my moral view here is so ambivalent. I generally am against abortion; but I am slightly in Favour of End of Life Euthanasia; and I am generally against Middle Of Life “Depression-Based” Suicide;

Middle Class Marxists are Pro Abortion, and Pro End of Life Euth, and more than likely Anti Mid Life Depression Suicide, yet I like to characterize them as Pro Mid Life Depr Suicide?????!!!

So now I am confused and disturbed, hehehe. not a pleasant dream.


[edit may 23: yes this marks my auspicious 1st anniversary/birthday, hooray for me helping people. just be sure to thank me on twitter or reddit or 4chan or wizardchan or facebook and drop a link there saying i’ve saved your life, hehehehe.

yeah this post is kinda political, ignore that if you like.

yes nice to hit the one year mark, very possible i will be around for two.


apr 4

yeah buddy. s muh d b’s, hehehe. not you, but b’s. successful normalfags equal to or greater than upper working class. why don’t you work for a living, f4gg0ts! you’ve been handed everything on a silver platter: success, wealth, young women.

ok now that I have my hostility out of the way, on to the meat of the matter.

went for a nice powerwalk. got to do that at least once every day. when I was working I couldn’t even do that. And imagine if I worked like the average upper working class workaholic, where minimum is 50 hours a week! and 10 hours of commute a week!

how you supposed to get 10 hours of sleep a day and exercise THEN, hehehe.

imparting wisdom. well everything is done thru communication. building block of everything. so follow those tips i gave you last post. agree with everybody and make friends in high places and then bribe them to give you a good job. and introduce you to young cute girls. schmooze with alphas. the end.

april 5

what would happen if you drank some nyquil then drank some coffee? heh.

not too much nyquil of course, that stuff in large doses is worse for you than crack or heroin.

maybe my lifes mission is to Awaken the Prole Working Class to the fact that they are Smarter than they think they are, turn them on to more pseudointellectual pursuits, or hard maths, or Metapolitics hehehe.  and then organize a real grassroots populist political movement. see most “working class parties” are associated with socialism but not mine. it would be a MUCH more right-wing, freedom-oriented workers’ party. Communist Crushers. They type of thing communists call “FASCISM”, when of course it’s the communists that are REALLY fascist.

it would also prob be more of a “nationalist” party too, hehehe. while def advocating for HUGE states rights, or even splitting the US up into a leftist nation and a rightist nation, and people could pick which one they wanted to live in.

and of course the rightist nation would be very libertarian, not this mainstream fox news neocon false rightism. that ain’t right!

however not sure I would have the confidence to be a good rightist political leader. like, standing up to arguments that I only became a rightist because i was a bitter loser and I am envious of all the successful and happy middle class leftists!

but there are middle class rightists too! I think I would prob want to incorporate them, well especially lower middle class types that crossed over from more working class beginnings.

when was I the Least Of A Loser? Probably the summer right after high school. Age 17. Was all downhill from there. hehehe. But I was working a job that was perfectly appropriate for a 17 year old, and I hadn’t started making big mistakes or even little mistakes yet. Well, that’s wrong, I think I was drinking more than a 17 year old should, for sure. But I was done with high school, which I didn’t like, and in the prime of my youth, and excited somewhat for college. which I then royally screwed up, although I was unaware exactly how royally I was screwing it up at the time.

however, now I am a LOT smarter than I was back then. but then I had more energy. How About You?

sun apr 6

sunday. so last week I stayed in church until the collection and then was so antsy, and so annoyed by the noisy kids, I left and then drove around for 15 minute s, on 25 mph roads of course so i didn’t waste too much gas of course. it was great. look forward to doing it again today.

so 4 out of 5 managers do not know how to manage properly. even with their gay masters of management degrees. go f yourself. f

i went to church, i always get real annoyed at church. how about u?

i forced myself to move to a diff seat, yet the kids are still loud and annoying and their stupid parents don’t control them. today some hyperatctive kid came in late with his family and sat right behind me. to be fair, the kid was pretty well behaved, and behind is better than directly in front. slightly.

it is also a pet peeve when someone sits in the seat directly in front of me, or directly behind me. all the seats are very close to each other in the church. If I am coming in, I never sit directly in front of or behind someone, and will move over a seat. other people do not have this same pet peeve apparently. how about u?

I could only last about 43 minutes then left. then took a huge nap, that was perfect. prob could have even napped longer, i did not nap as solidly as expected but Oh Well, not complaining.  then took a great powerwalk, was over 50 degrees out, thank GOD.

I am obsessed with Race and that is a big problem with me and Christian Church, which tells you to ignore race and to look to the afterlife. so i think going back to the pagan gods of my race might be more appropriate for me. because it is important for me to find a quality mate of my own race and have children with her……and of course to become a Winner before all that can occur. I think Race is the Ingroup that makes the most Sense. Race, or Class, hehehehe.

but that’s all a moot point if you’re personally a loser yourself, and just want to have a bare minimum of winning, and not be a loser unemployable parasite on welfare.


april 4

when were you happiest and felt most normal? I hate even saying the word Happy because it elevates Emotion To Your God, such that Only Happiness Matters, bla bla bla bla bla bla. when actually it is not right to be very happy all the time. you still have hard times but you Deal like a Normalfag and Keep Calm and Carry On, hahaha.

anyway I think the better thing is feeling Like A Boss, feeling Confident and Calm and Cool. That is much better than Happy.

I like to think I felt Bretty Good back in the day when things were going well with Young Cuties. I would just finish making out with some very cute middle class gurl and just think, yup, that was every bit as good as I thought it would be, and now we are going to have S many, many times, and many more hours of cuddling and making out, etc, this is almost TOO good to be true.

Now I screwed up by falling in Luv too fast and getting too needy and too BETA and not being a MAN and saying NO MAAM, you CAN’T do that, etc. being a wimpy pushover doormat. HOWEVER they were also at fault too, in fact, Moreso at fault, by being crazy cvntz who weren’t willing to give more than one chance. So 60/40 blame, hehehe.

so i would be much more masculine in future opportunities, although I haven’t had a good opportunity in years. There was Girl7, which I took as far as we could go. since then I have been very cool on women, I can take em or leave em, and have no burning desire but the bang the young ones. I mean, if I meet a special one, I am open to that, but. hehe. Aaron Clarey estimates you only meet one marriageable women every eight years, and that might be about right.

anyway.  so I only felt like a boss during The Honeymoon Period? which is by definition a short, temporary period. but I always Got Dumped right in the middle of it. Or was it near the beginning? How long does The Honeymoon Period Last? I’d like to think it was a LOT longer than what I got. I like to think of it in Numbers of Bangs, rather than months. especially if you are only seeing the gurl a couple of hours a week or something.

How About You?

so, on drugs, your mind can’t really think straight…… . . . . . . .. . . but right now, completely drug free, but in the depths of abject moral lazy loserness, I cannot think straight at all EITHER. It’s about AS BAD as being on drugs. SO….. you might as well use drugs then, right?

when I say drugs, I mean like weed and benzos. No Alcohol.  No “Hard” Drugs Except maybe an Opiate every couple months or so.

I mean I can’t think straight right now! EVERYTHING seems like a sh1tty bad idea and a raw deal and nothing seems worth trying for!

heh just won a decent pot though! nice!

to find your Passion In Life, think about, what do you Willingly Spend Money On? What do you Like SO MUCH that you’ll spend extra money on it? that can give you a hint at least. Outside of Mandatory Bills, I don’t have much interest in buying many Things. Occasionally a new Dress Shirt or Dress Slacks, but I don’t spring to do it. Silver Rounds on the Other Hand……I am looking at them right now. So, get a job with Modern Coin Mart, one of my top Bullion Sellers.

heh. it is amazing i can think straight enough to Do A Job! like I do at my job. but lord it is exhausting! that’s why I pray 900000000 hail marys every day at my job!

How about You?

well next time i go to the doc, i think in 3 months, i will push him to switch me to prozac from paxil, and also try to get some xanax or benzos. heh. this is what the doc is for. thank god i don’t have any PHYSICAL problems! Although I am reaching the age where you start having those. and Health Care actually becomes important.

which are more annoying, “dumb” working class girls, or “smart” middle class girls? they are both annoying in different ways. because remember, it’s not really a matter of actual intelligence, it’s just Sounding PseudoSmart when they TALK.

but yeah. pseudointelligence and not having children are big turn ons for me re wimmin, hehehehe.

ok tricks and hacks and communication. useful stuff. silver bullets. magic bullets. tips and tricks.

say how about you whenever possible.

remember Who What When Where How and Why as a way to construct Leading, Open Ended Questions, to get the other person talking. Then nod your head, say mm-hmm, yes, and outwardly agree with everything they say.

wear dress slacks and dress shirts and shine your shoes.

if you are going bald just shave your hair real short, like a level 1 or less.

do not say prole words like Yeah and Uh Huh and OK with your managers and clients, talk like a smart boss and say Yes and Absolutely and Certainly and Enunciate.

only eat junk food on the weekends.

if you sit in a chair all day at work, get up and do squats or something once every 30 minutes so you don’t turn into an amerifat.

heh. just lost an all in on the Bigger Table to a guy who had The Nuts. I had KK Hole Cards and knew he was aggressive, so I reraised him, he went all in just as I expected, I called, he beat me with two pair. F00K. I am worse at Gambling than I am at Holding Down A Regular Job.

How About You?


apri 3

so what was worse: me being a slacker in high school, or me smoking weed and drinking in high school: definitely the latter was worse. killed muh brain. I would have been a slacker anyway, I was a slacker without those things, and still am! so I should have said no, I’ll take the Slacker Track, regular classes, I don’t have to get into a GOOD college, I’ll just go to the local college like normal average people. or go to trade school. this track obv would have worked out much better towards me not becoming a loser in life. How About You?

I should have said, f00k these moronic AP classes, it’s not worth it. WELL, f00k them all except AP CALCULUS, which is the only one I can get behind. Ironically enough I did not take AP calculus!

the ap classes were honestly really hard and time consuming and really cemented my desire to Skate By in Skool, an attitude which later Killed me in College.

Anyway perhaps with all the morons and mouth breathers and future Proles I would have been able to Start Banging Sluts at an appropriate age.

but all the Proles were drinking and doing drugs in high school, so it’s hard to say I would have avoided those bad habits. in fact i would have PROBABLY gotten WAY into that bad stuff.

anyway point is, the expectations would never get set so high because I would have never gone to an Elite Ticket To The Middle Class Elite College, I would have gone to an Average Upper Working Class College, and never started the whole working class vs middle class thing where I am torn between two worlds. How About You?

Would have gone to Community College, saved money, learned how to communicate and talked to my fellow Proles, never developed an unfortunate Fetish for Middle Class Girls, g0d damn it. How about you?

heh. I REALLY like that trick. … . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . .   . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . how about you?

try to be a child who was born in a poor country then comes over to the US at like age 10 thru 18 with your family, so you can really appreciate the value of Hard Work AND actually Become a Very Hard Worker.

heh i would not dislike brian johnson so much if he didn’t scream so much and just tried to sing more like bon scott, hehehehe. i am actually trying out the latest acdc album “black ice” which was apparently huge in 2008. it is not horrible. it’s definitely not faggy or hip or middle class! i have now officially added acdc to my concert bucket list.

playing this .01/.02 cent table is GREAT. max buy in is 4 chips/dollars. I am doing well. me throwing about BIG BETS relative to the blinds/buyins is helping me win bigger; in other words, I am being MORE AGGRESSIVE, and exactly because these amounts don’t seem so big because I am used to dealing with amounts TWICE as big, which was keeping me from being As Aggressive as I needed to be to win big on the .05/.10 & 10 buyin tables.

Also I think you can start you own table, I am gonna have to try to start my own table like this in the future!!!!! People want to play it, there has been a decent waitlist!

ok. i guess only the admins have the power to start such a table. and they are doing it specifically to test the waitlist. damn.

see, middle class girls are pseudointellectual and you can talk to them about politics and current events because they read books and news.  and having pseudointellectual banter with a cute middle class grill is GREAT FOREPLAY, gets the pseudointellectual man REAL hot and bothered, moreso than working class grills talking about TV and kitty kats and shopping and facebook and candy crush, and you just have to (verbally) brute force them. and it is just such a refreshing change to use Big Middle Class Words and Turns Of Phrase and Smart Middle Class Language and have a Cute Gurl Understand You!!! Heh.

which is what I thought when I was young. but actually, the main thing is still them being young and cute, the Pseudointellectual Banter is just the Icing On The Cake.

but who wants to talk about POLITICS with WOMEN? “I want to murder mah babies and get free stuff!”

anyway if you are reading this and think you’re smarter than everyone, then you too like me are a pseudointellectual, if not a full-blown intellectual! if you had the attention span and hard work ethic to complete a Graduate Degree on an Intellectual Topic!

anyway, key thing is, the middle class girls are really not that much smarter than the working class girls, in terms of raw IQ. the middle class girls just have higher Verbal Pseudointelligence from years of reading the new york times, hahahaha.

that was the other thing. Reading The New York Times is a DEAD GIVEAWAY of Pseudointellectual Middle Class.

It’s just a habit, you don’t HAVE to be middle class to read the NYT or understand its big wordy words.

In fact, I recommend NOT reading it because it’s leftist, marxist poison!

well ok, Talking Like A Smart Person AKA a Pseudointellectual who Talks Like The NYT will prob HELP you in a Job Interview, and in trying to show your bosses you are Employable.  So it is good to be able to talk like that. Just don’t believe the Leftist Politics. Maybe try the Wall St Journal instead, that would be much better bang for your buck.

well yeah, its because the Elites and their Mammon served by the Middle Class, all wanted to keep the Working Class Dumbed Down As F00k, so they have no understanding about anything and only care about low decadent Mammon Creature Comforts and Soma hehehe. The Soma has really done a number on me, although I don’t give a f00k about Mammon. although not materialist, I am big on Instant Gratification and Feeling Good thru Drugs. Even if the Drugs are simply Food or Candy or Sleeping Constantly.

How About You?