march 17

eh i will allow myself to get 2 months ahead.

so some people have a real EASY time Getting A Job…….and then there’s the REST of us, who have a Really Tuff Time, that we just Damn Give UP. Heh. that is where I am At now. I have Just Given Up on EVERYTHING. Everything productive that is. And thus cannot become a proper full grown man. don’t want to do the work necessary to be a proper grown man. just want to sit around and do nothing. wait for the hand of GOD.

heh time to distract self by starting the poker hehehe.

so, it is good to have an Hourly Win Rate. Right now I wouldn’t mind an Hourly Win Rate of 1 dollar hehehehe. not counting the blinds of course. so there you lose 15 cents every 9 minutes at a 9-max table….ok how about 6 times per hours, thus 90 cents an hour lost on blinds.

Asking For Help Is Hard. For example, I know A Guy who is leaving his old job for a new job. I could just ask him to Help Me regarding getting in at his old company, or getting his old job, because it is a far cry better than my current job. well, seems to be. he still goes out and has fun and is not stressed out to death and makes way more money. so, less stressful AND more money, yes, I’d say it’s better then!

I could say, hey you think you could HELP ME in getting in there? and the WORST he could say is Um NO, They’re already pissed about me leaving, so I can’t possibly recommend anyone; or they have no plans to replace me; etc, and that would be fine. Never Hurts To ASK. yet I am reluctant to EVEN ASK. Why? Because I don’t have a Passion for that field? F00k Passion, I have passion for nothing employable anyway! And he got the job Really Easily And Really Quickly after Graduating from College! Just said, WELP, just graduated college, better start sending out resumes, and BOOM within a few weeks got this job.

Now he has a much better attitude than me, harder worker, not as f00ked up and lazy, more ambitious, more energy, etc. I intentionally avoid talking to him, or anyone but muh shrink, about muh loserness! because it’s not a good topic, and it makes you sound like a b1tch, so thats why I have this blog, hahahahahahahahahaha.

but wouldn’t I be a bit butthurt if he said, Nope, I wouldn’t Feel Right doing That For You, because you don’t have a BUSINESS Degree, and then I’d have to say, but business degrees are just as bullsh1t as my current degree, you’re full of sh1t, 4sshole, what a lame excuse, go f00k yourself, like you learned anything in college that you couldn’t learn Autodidactically, ya arrogant prick. heh. but do I really think odds are I would have to say that?


i looked up trade school in google and found this money cnn march 2012 article and read the comments for a while.

sh1t i would LUV to make 40k a year! Then I would officially not be a loser! (38k is the Loser Cutoff. Or maybe 36.)

God damn, I really wish I could go back to my 18 year old self and Strongly Advise Him. That’s what this whole blog is about. because I WAS a moron. so what can I do now? Not make those same moronic mistakes. Well, the good news is i’m not, but the bad news is, I’m doing NOTHING AT ALL, have given up on EVERYTHING.  except poker and blogging hahahaha and eating like a fat pig, and powerwalking, and music and movies and internet.

ok got an email back from The Person. They gave me simple, straightforward instructions of who to call and what to do. I now have The Next Step of Muh Mission!!!!!!

CNC. Computerized Numerical Control. don’t forget about Trade Skool for CNC. basically “skilled manufacturing.” and I drive by Shops that post CNC openings right on their sign by the side of the road! If electrician sucks, try CNC. or Welding.

it is better than sucking f4g c0x i mean going to online college and paying 900000000000000000000$ to get a masters of business marketing informatics degree. and it’s not like you JUST pay the money and buy the degree, you pay the money and read stupid books and articles and write papers for hours and hours and hours and hours when you could be sleeping or working or banging 20 year olds or playing vidya or watching movies or working and making money. Losing money when you could be making money.

maybe try watching tv wrestling just to see the extremely tough guy way the wrestlers TALK to each other before having the ridiculous match. I enjoy the talking more than the “wrestling.” it is very tough guy alpha male definition masculine stuff that, if you imitate and emulate it, will help you become more Winning At Life.

Get Money, Pvssy, and Power.

I REALLY like my idea of find a role model 5 years older than you. it is important that they are a winner and not a loser. like if you are 16 years old and hanging out with a 21 year old loser but you think he’s cool because he buys you booze. NO. HELL NO. Find a 21 year old who is graduating from college and starting a Great STEM Job and befriend HIM. and you can bang the college gurls who hang out with him. win win.

at worst, go for the trashy tattooed tough guy and you might be able to get his sloppy seconds with slutty trash. just don’t get herpes or them preggers.

but seriously, go for a winner not a loser, you’ll be glad you did.