march 16

will studying higher hard maths and sciences help you in the job mkt IF you need a DEGREE to get Good STEM Jobs, BUT you don’t finish the degree because you wanted to take a break after the hard maths classes?

probably not. finish that stem degree. otherwise go to trade school.

but studying math for fun will definitely make it easier to pass calc 5 when you have to actually take it. yes i know there’s no calc. normally it goes, calc 1, calc 2, calc 3 (multivariable), then DiffEQz, seem to be the usual core maths, and then it would be a REAL GOOD IDEA TO take Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and Heck Statistics 1 and Stats 2. but that’s still 8 classes.

Last College Class I took was Calc 2, and I was proud to get an A because it was SO HARD, sucked SO BAD (not as bad as muh job!), the book sucked, the tests sucked, if it weren’t for Khan Academy, damn.  anyway point is, it didn’t HAVE to be that way. I have several Common Sense Suggestions that would have made the class a lot better:

Break it up into two courses, there was way too much stuff squeezed in there, and then teach this stuff in 9th or 10th grade math.

let you bring in a sheet of notes/formulas/cheat sheet to the exams.

better yet, have no exams, just have a bunch of small homeworks and have that be the grade, maybe a few small quizzes that are not weighted too heavily, or for extra credit.

call each student up to the board to do a problem. not in an on the spot sort of way, they can ask questions the the instructor and other students. if the student is really spaghetti pockets and doesn’t want to go up, they don’t have to.

don’t be a Dick Instructor. Realize a Nice, Friendly, Competent Part Time $9 An Hour TUTOR can teach 9000x times better than you can, and they should thus take your job.

Go to the Nice Tutor after every class and do homework problems with them.

It’s ok to listen to your favorite music while doing problems.

Study Hardest Maths in your free time and only take the class after you have already looked at all the stuff the class covers and done problems for each chapter. (tryhard)

and my teacher was a real nice guy, NOT a dick, but not the greatest teacher, but I don’t want to complain about him because he was really, really nice. just hard as sh1t. but not because he wasn’t nice! it could have been a LOT worse, he could have been a big d1ck, but still the class was so ridic I had to take a break.

so i would recommend buying $5 older versions of textbooks for those classes and try to learn them by doing the problems while watching khan academy.

If you are uncertain or unsure about College after high school, just DON’T GO. If your family forces you to go, then go to Community College. But really you’d still be better off going to trade school or just working sh1tty jobs for 2 years to give you some motivation while you are still young, and to give you people skills when you are young and energetic and surrounded by 18 year old girls and can use your people skills, and the young girls are partying and haven’t gotten preggers yet. and don’t GET them preggers.

befriend a man who is five years older than you and Successfull, a Winner. Make Him your role model. really kiss his A and get in his good graces and do as he has done. this might be hard to do, if you live in a Poor Community where all the men 5 years older than you are dead or in jail. in that case go to trade skool and befriend a guy there or at your trade apprenticeship who is 5 years older than you. you are looking for a “Big Brother” type who is older than you, but still in the same generation as you, and has Won in the same set of circumstances and Work Environment and Job Market.

People WILL realize what a huge SCAM College is, it will just take about 10 more years, for anti-college views such as mine to Become Mainstream, for people to Wake Up. And so for the next 10 years I will be sounding that horn, pounding that drum.

Might as well, I said I might have like 5 more years to pay my karmic debt, but today i calculated I have WAY MORE than 5 years more years to go. from now. because I am working a job and at a station of life that could be done by an 18 year old. but I am much older than that. x years older than 18, which means I have wasted x years of my life, and thus must serve a sentence of x years to repent for that, it’s only fair.

wasted time looking at facebook again. the working class people have horrible jobs and fat wives and kids, the middle class people have great careers and attractive spouses and maybe one kid, hehehe.

anyway that was a waste of time, i should have just been losing money at the poker table.

monday march 17 st pattys day

all the successful mid twenties kidz are taking the day off from their not-too-stressful jobs to get drunk all day and bang their single co-working females who still have a few good partying years left before they start approaching 30 and then thus need to get married and have a kid. believe it. this is simple wimmin waking up to the reality, seeing the light. oh sh1t they say, by the age of 28. i’d BETTER at LEAST be MARRIED by age 30, and have a damn KID by 31 at the absolute latest.

unless you’re a trashy party girl who couldn’t keep your legs closed and you had a bastard kid when you were REALLY partying it up between then ages of 18-22.

This is, of course, the ideal time to have a baby, but these girls certainly not are doing it under ideal conditions: when they have a Strong, Masculine Husband and Father around to be Good Strong Masculine Role Models to help bring up the child. more than likely they will dump the babby off on THEIR own single momz, and continue partying till age 28. Good Job.