or, if you prefer, PVSSIES DONT GET PVSSY!!!

march 14 2014

so i have always said that LOSER is about the worst thing you can call a man. worse than n199er or f4990t or pvssy or sissy or weakling or b1tch or what have you.  because it is calling you a failure as a person. a loser at life, who can’t even do the care minimum, who can’t work or f00k, who is a useless waste of life, a parasite leech, a taker and never a giver, subhuman scum of no value or worth, etc.

so who the hell IDENTIFIES with being a LOSER? WHo says, YEP, THAT’S ME! People with real low self esteem? Or people who accurately see themselves for what they are?

Anyway it is hard to find stuff on the internet for LOSERS, usually it’s just loser shaming, or winner scammer self help types. but nothing for losers by losers, to overcome this adversity. and that is the value i add, the niche i fill, hahaha. I stand up for losers to help them overcome their loserness!

well, ideally.

it’s EASY for WINNERS to say do this and do that. goddam winner normalfag successfuls. nonvirgins. job-having, sex-having smug normalfags, winners, and successfuls, hahahahahaha.

some people work hard until they win. other people work hard for a little bit, and it wears them down and they give up and never want to work hard again. know that feel? i bet you do!!!

i listened to some dead can dance, and then some massive attack. both very chill, fun, anxiety-destroying music.

gonna to play my first tournament here, a “freeroll” that apparently has no buyin. i expect i will get destroyed early.

well i got place 22 out of like 155.  not bad uh? don’t think i get any reward. i did not pay anything at all during any time. it was like play money.

now my new thing will be to buy a “STAKE” in professionals in big tournaments.

i screwed up the betting system, you’re supposed to send to a betting “bot” and not send directly to the player, but i sent directly to the player. heh.

it is a naturally masculine thing to develop obsessive, aspergers like interest in various topics: sports, science, technology, computers, languages, medicine, physics, music, history, politics, finance, blogging, gambling, math, inventing, business, problem solving, how to pull 18 yos, etc.

so i say go ahead and indulge those interests even if they are financially unproductive, as long as they keep away even LESS productive thoughts of you are such a loser with no future and no purpose in life. think about anything else. as long as you are not Murdering your mind with drugs or alcohol.

Heh. the unfair thing is that for SOME Winners, drugs and alcohol, used moderately, can actually ADD a benefit to their lives by giving them creativity, productivity, new perspective, etc. but once you get to be a loser, drugs and alc can only harm you, and you have to go straight edge and be all butthurt and envious at all the people who CAN use them without harm. The Karmic Price You Pay for Being A Loser who made too many Big Mistakes.

but yeah when you lose interest in the things that men naturally get interested in, and can only think about what a loser you are, and can’t concentrate on things and LEARN things and Get Smarter, that’s bad. go take a powerwalk while listening to some Massive Attack, and go hang out with NICE people, and treat yourself by buying a nice dress shirt at kohls, hahaha.

LATER…. went to the store and got a bunch of junk food to celebrate saturday nite, hahahaha. haribo gummi bears, ice cream, some cookies, heh. munching the gummi bears right now, worlds best candy, i could easily eat the whole huge bag. whoo boy. better put those down and drink some code red. it is amazing i am not morbidly obese, well i did take 2 powerwalks today.

i would like to make a ridiculous mixture of Weed Butter and Code Red. use a blender to make a slushie/smoothie out of it.

A LOT of girls really LUV Rough Sex, so it is PERFECTLY OK for you to like the idea of Giving To Em Real Rough. Doesn’t mean you want to go out and RAEP Wimmin! You just like being rather rough and masculine and dominating in the Bedroom sometimes! Nothing wrong with that! Is a LOT better than being a huge Sissy Man in the Bedroom! Keep being a big Sissy and you won’t even be getting INTO the Bedroom for a long time!

went all in with straight, either hit the straight on the flop or turn at latest; went all in at behest of the other guy; he had a flush; I was shamefully defeated and lost like 8 dollars. lesson learned: never go all in when you are CALLING the other guy.  PRETTY sure he went all in after I hit my straight; that I hit the straight on the flop, and he hit his flush on the turn or river.  Lesson: I should have went all in first, IMMEDIATELY upon making straight; OR folded. I simply did my usual raise of half the pot.

toying with the idea of busting out the ole monkey ball vidya game. recall it being tons of fun.

sunday morning. played the monkeyball. it was ok for about 90 minutes then got annoying. played moar cards and watched youtube vidyas of aaron clarey ranting against masters degree. feelsgoodman.wav.  He is really uplifting. gives compelling argument of not to get a stupid masters degree (business), and even not to get seemingly useful degrees like econ or finance, explaining hierarchy of Banks.

great guy. i love that sort of stuff, want to find more in that vein, of advice to young men, because young men’s parents and teachers and high school guidance counselors might MEAN well, but they just don’t KNOW what fresh hell is going on out there, and are protected from Red Pill Reality by being grandfathered in to their Cushy Stable Retirement Jobz that do not Exist any more for our current young men.

would like to see clarey talk more about Trades and Internships and More Detail on More Majors. For example, Physical Therapy vs Electrical Engineering vs Chemical Engineering vs Math vs Nursing. really drill down into all so called Good Majors.

And also Job Searching and Interviewing skills.

maybe get some guests on who know this stuff and interview them.