march 14 2014

went for a nice powerwalk, will be the warmest time all week, alot of the snow is metling, good.

switching to a 9 person table here,  seeing if it’s more chill, and i will definitely have to pay fewer blinds!

all of skool should be simply preparing for job interviews. all day long, having a Mock Interview, having to respond to those questions the right way, project the right image. I would be Peppering Mah Kidz all day with Mock Interview Questions from Grade 1. well, along with Hard Math, Sciences, Engineering, and Trades.

And also have them work Sh1tty Custo Svc Jobs like Fast Food or Restaurant as EARLY in life as possible. Now when they come home at night crying about how horrible it was, of COURSE I would Comfort my own CHILDREN! I’d say, this won’t last forever, your life will get way better, this is why you’re studying engineering and math and trades now, so you don’t end up in a job like that as an adult, and can have a nice chill job and a well-paid one to boot, and can make a nice living for yourself and YOUR children.

if they were really stressed out after like 6 months, I might relent. or doing degenerate things with the losers who work there, drugs and such. NOPE, NOT ON MY WATCH!

So I would be very strict but also very loving. And homeSchool them, but put them out in the Real World of WORK as soon as possible, dealing with people on the job, managers and customers. then they would come to homeschool to learn the REAL SKILLS that would save them from a lifetime of those kinds of jobs.

Now I worked a job since I was 16 or so, I got a job at a decent age, however it was an easy stressless boring job, god I wish I could have a job like that now, and I didn’t learn a DAMN thing about difficult stressful situaitons, or People skills.

Of COURSE I would let the kidz go out with Girls. Well, I wouldn’t let my daughters date Boyz. I would honestly prefer Sons to Daughters just because Daughters are HARDER, because it’s so EASY for them to become debauched wh0res and sl00ts. They need very strong fathers. I would maybe marry off my daughter at age 18 to a successful, virtuous, alpha male, but you’d be damn sure i would Vet the sh1t out of him.

Keeping the daughters out of Mainstream Public School would only help.

What if they wanted a Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer or College? Here it would be similar for the boys: go to trade school. go to community college. don’t get into debt. or become a NURSE. Nursing might be the best Career Choice for a Woman, as long as they get the BSN. Bad news is a lot of Nurses are Psychotic and terrible influences: drug addicts, wh0res, cheaters, satanic, pure evil, soulless monsters, social climbing to snag the richest doctor.

So, trades or Engineering would be just as good for Women too.

However, I would still say, ya know you can always go to college or school, but your body won’t always be so good at producing Healthy Babies! Have the kids young and you might find you enjoy being a Mother! IMagine that!

Meanwhile the Successful Husband would make enough money to support them. They could all live at My House if they wanted to save money. Yes the Extended Family Home is something I definitely Support. No McMansions or Mortgages for me or MY kin!!

What if my kid really wanted to Try Weed or Alcohol?

Good question. I guess I might let them try alcohol on very isolated occasions. Maybe their 18th birthday, let them get drunk and see what the big fuss is about. hopefully they can overdo it that once, and then never want to drink again.

OK, so how about they are allowed to get Drunk OR Stoned on Weed ONCE every THREE Months. Asbolutely no more.  When I was 18, I LOVED abusing Weed or Alcohol every chance I could get. BIG mistake. I turned into a regular WEed and Alcohol Fiend and that was a BIG part of how I RUINED ages 18 thru 26, AND beyond, because muh brain was still trying to develop under all that POISON. I wished I had never touched ANY of that POISON until after age 25.

But teens LOVE to do self destructive things.

Maybe I WOULD just be super strict and force them never to drink until age 25. Haven’t figured out the plan yet.

Or I’d make them go to AA meetings to show them what pathetic losers alcoholics are.

I would be trying to SCARE THEM STRAIGHT by confronting them with Total Losers as much as possible, so they can learn from a young age NOT to do the things that make you a loser.

But I would always be there to comfort and love them whenever they get stressed out or afraid or disturbed by the harrowing stuff I make them experience.  I mean I would go along with them to visit the alcoholics and bums and losers whenever possible.

Not an easy job being a parent, hehehe. I guess I would let them make mistakes, but I would also want to protect them from making the types of mistakes you can’t bounce back from: namely, wasting your youth and your potential, the same mistakes I made, which is why I’m a loser now.

No, having kids young is not necessarily a mistake. Though I wouldn’t want my sons to become fathers at too young of an age. but probably by age 25 they can be making decent money at their trade, and it would be perfectly alright then to marry an 18 year old girl, and start having children!

How do you like My Fanatasy World? Pretty sweet eh? HELL YEAH IT IS!!!