it’s no fun being a weakling loser who can’t meet the demands of Life even on EASY MODE. you can’t even handle an EASY life. that is not very empowering! and people who have a HARD life make a much better go of it, because they are stronger and better and superior to you, ya loser! They can work hard and persevere and have a good attitude and life themselves up and go to school and better themselves and not give up. do things they don’t like in the short term, like stressful work and no sleep and no respect and no pay, so they can be a winner in the long term, 5 or 10 or 20 years later. you don’t become a winner overnight! it takes at LEAST 10 to 15 years!

not only is gambling funner than work or school, it’s better than sitting around thinking what a loser and failure you are, and how you hate everything and have no future because you don’t want to work for anything!

heh. never move up from the lowest stakes tables until you are GOOD. Ie, winning consistently, and winning quite a BIT consistently. it might take YEARS to move beyond micro stakes, to get THAT good.

went for a nice powerwalk in the cold. just lost 10$ going all in and then he hit a straight and cleaned me out. heh. well, once again, my limit is $500. if I am ever down $500 then I will quit poker altogether.

then what? heh then I go to trade skool.

heh. i keep forgetting i will be rehired by my awful job.

i keep forgetting how bad i hated that job and how i SWORE I was going to use my time off looking for something better, yet all i have done is sit around and play POKER.

sometimes read about transgressive stuff.

anyway, being lazy is the worst. i saw a guy in the poker chatroom complaining about not being able to get a job, they recommended starbucks “its easy” or burger king, he said they give jobs only to students and immigrants, another guy said he could find 10 jobs within 5 miles, OP said you can FIND the jobs but you can’t GET me the job, guy2 said well you’re just LAZY then.

but i would agree that actually GETTING the job is tricky. you’ve got to show a great winning attitude and really try not to appear lazy, appear as a social nice normalfag so you can get that sweet burger king job. actually you could probably still pull teen pvssy at burger king.

heh. maybe i will start a loser support group that meets in person once a week and helps unemployable losers make money and get pvssy. like a real life r9k.

hate looking at facebook and seeing people i went to Success School with being Successful Winners, and everybody else being proud of being Idiots, Fat, and Ugly.

Well that’s a stretch. mainly it’s just women I don’t like. Men are just fine, women are just pretty gross.

heh. i have tried to fit it and find a group to belong to, i find some good candidates sometimes, but eventually end up moving along. but I do cherry pick the things I like!

for example, I was really into Racial stuff and White stuff for a while. I still enjoy it to an extent, but I don’t agree with them 100% because I’m just not that racist, hehehe. but I like (white) racists better than antiracists! and I generally like whites better than nonwhites, I don’t really hate nonwhites though. not that they do either.

Also I like r9k but they are too big of losers for me to ever want to be a part of that group.

Lately I’ve been enjoying a Noise Music Forum in the non-music area, we share a nice misanthropic and pessimistic worldview, however I don’t like noise music at all, too noisy.

time to look for a new forum! i think My Identity is already there in the marble, I just gotta chisel it out.

How about Tiny Govt Paleo-consevative with mild-to-moderate Racial Awareness, anti-Marxist, anti-Leftist, religious and theistic and gnostic but very ambivalent to Christianity, really on the fence there, yet i still go to Church, who are butthurt and lazy about being losers, but want to be winners, and one day sow wild oats (if desired) and then after that, find wives and have a traditional family, with homeschooling of course. That’s my “tribe”, hahahahaha. maybe i should start my own f00king forum, hahahahahaha.

PROPOSITIONAL PLAYER. There are SOME casinos that PAY you to fill seats at the tables basically. They give you House Money to Gamble with to get Marks Butts in Seats at the Tables. Laying awake last night thinking about what a loser I was, I realized THIS was the PERFECT job for me. way better than a casino DEALER, would NEVER do that unless the job fell into my lap (much like my current job did!!!)

(OK so I think the average Prop Player uses their OWN money to bankroll, but is paid an hourly wage by the casino. STILL, I’d take that job.)

this article is designed to take the wind out of muh sails!!! says the job sounds great, but really sucks, that you need a second source of income, that at BEST you will make 5 to 10 dollars an hour in the long run, you don’t get free food, etc etc.

but it is funny, that Professional Gambler is viewed as one of the Sleaziest professions for a man. certainly won’t make you a hit with the right kind of ladies! Women HATE Gamblers. not that it matters what women think. unless you are trying to sow your wild oats and then have a wife and family after that!!! so yeah, it DOES kinda matter what women think of you, when no women you find attractive find YOU attractive!


Obviously, MORON.

But the EASIEST AND the most effective way of doing this is to go for a nice powerwalk RIGHT NOW. and then go to kohls and buy some nice dress pants and dress shirt, and to walmart for some nice comfortable wrangler super comfort jeans, and continue to go on powerwalks and cut back on the Old Country Buffet, until you are no longer Morbidly Obese, and then you will DEFINITELY pull more attractive women, who hate fat men way more than men “hate” fat women. WAY more.

and then we will work on turning you into a Professional Gambler.