some people need to “sow their wild oats”, some people do not. GENERALLY, men should be able to, women should not be able to, because such makes women crazy sluts. BUT I guess if your wife had a wild past and you both can live with it, more power to you, whatever works. although it would certainly help you keep her in line if YOU had a wild past too, which she is well aware of, don’t you agree?

also: men with a wild past marrying a woman without a wild past, will on avg be the more successful marriage than an inexperienced man marrying a very experienced woman. Don’t you agree?

DR COMMON SENSE, they call me.

for example, I really still have some Banging of Young Girls I would PREFER to get out of my system, that will gnaw at me until I actually do it. You, on the other hand, may just not care at all, or have gotten your Fill already (prob not, if you’re reading this.)

It’s official, I officially make Gambling a Part Of This Blog, hahahaha. Because we Lazy Losers fail at every proper job we’ve ever had, and/or can’t get a proper FT job, or hold down a job, can’t deal with people, don’t interview well, fail fail fail, so we look for other less orthodox avenues to income generation, such as crime or gambling. I don’t encourage crime or anything illegal! and gambling is legal, but it’s certainly frowned upon by Polite Society and by Career Winners.

I also epiphanied that because Women are more into Careers nowadays, in order for them to be attracted to a Man Over Her Career, that man HAS to have a career that’s more successful or prestigious or alpha than Hers.

Unless you are alpha in other ways, like being REALLY manly, or somehow Rich (the manly rugged college dropout Plumbing Company Entrepreneur who’s Dating the Harvard Law Grad, for example), and artists and musicians ALWAYS get a free pvssy pass. Hint: pretend to be an artist or musician for guaranteed Young Wild Oats Action.

ANYWAY, Gambling. So I’m losing money right now. But I determined my Gambling Goal was simply to Make Money. Not even a lot of money. Just a little money. MAKE a little money on a regular basis, just a little extra money. Simple goal right?

Well right now I’m losing money. I have lost…..about 75 dollars all time. which means in order to Make Money, I have to win that 75 dollars back and THEN start winning money.

I am viewing this loss as the “barrier to entry” and that I should PLAN to lose a LITTLE more before I get GOOD enough to consistently WIN money. How much? Let’s say 500 dollars. If I’m still losing THEN, then it’s time to think about quitting. but I’m not even 20% there! I got a lot of Practice Gambling left to do!

So this blog will give a log / report of how much I’ve won/lost, how I’m changing my style, what I’m doing, what effect it has. I’ve already been doing this. And if I can change from a LOSING player to a WINNING player, well that’s a great Metaphor for the Larger Mission of this blog.

Plus I simply LOVE to play. I could play all day. Well, 8 hours a day for sure, just as if it were a job. I’d rather be playing 8 straight hours of cards rather than working at my job! It would be NICE to make it every bit as profitable!

I LIKE playing more than just about anything else: more than work, more than school, more than watching tv, more than music, it’s become my all-consuming hobby. Do What You Love they say, and the money will come naturally, hehehehehe.

SO, this is now officially part of my mission. 30% or so.

SO, I just bought “Texas Holdem For DUMMIES” By Mark Harlan


because I really like the Dummies books, and stuff on the internet is not beginner friendly, or ADD friendly, or when you have Anger Problems and can’t read poorly-written jargon-filled stuff by people who are not good writers.

I also determined that I have Adolescent Angst which simply NEVER WENT AWAY. I am a Moody, Angry Teen who hates everything, and that never left me for whatever reason. I don’t even care about removing that so much as I do about Becoming A Winner, plenty of Gainfully Employed Winners also have Anger Problems or are Obnoxious or Troubled People….but they Function In Life at least! They hold down FT jobs and Have S’ual Relations and are able to do The Most Important Things in life, despite them being Huge Douchebags!

SO, join me as I attempt to improve my game and make money not lose money. I had been reading “Harrington on holdem” vol 1, a supposed classic, but…..i can’t make it work for me. these experts don’t know how to write for Newbs. I’m not even really a Newb, I have been playing for about 2 years here!

So I play conservatively, I don’t even Bluff, maybe that’s a problem.

I also am bad about reading my opponents for bluffs or patterns; and real bad about studying odds and outs. so hopefully improving those skills will translate to Ca$h.

yes, it would help to actually WATCH my opponents for patterns, rather than switching to other windows, and just waiting for the poker window to pop up. Perhaps my liking for internet multiasking and blogging is causing me to lose here!

can you play “too conservatively”, and thus slowly lose money, not being able to even cover the cost of the blinds?

also, pot odds.

also, let me officially comment that 36 lovers for lindsey lohan makes her a huge skank, but I would still like to bone her and her huge t1ts.

but I do think more women need to come out and Just Say Their Number. For example, is 36 not really that much about average for an attractive woman of that age? Probably, but then again I think 20 c0x would also make you a filthy wh0re.

10 too. 10 measly cox is too many for a woman to take.