thurs march 6

get a large White Board and then write the things you have To Do on it, so you don’t forget, and can update and erase the list as necessary. put it on the wall in your room.

good gamblers MAKE money. Bad gamblers LOSE money. People with Gambling Problems lose a LOT of money. Right now I am Losing Money, and about to cross the rubicon of losing more money than I would really like; losing money FASTER than I like.  On Micro Stakes! This is like 5 and 10 cent blinds! max buyin of 10 dollars!

fri march 7

ok new plan, just move back to one table, because i like to play around on internet, and two tables is too distracting, and that distraction translates to stupid bets and losing money.

got social plans for two days in a row, good lord, i am thankful not to be a friendless neet virgin. anyway use your friendz as your job counselors, tell them everything about your job search, get them to tell you everything, and come up with some ideas that may help you get a new job. because you spend 90% of your life at your job and less than 10% with your friendz. you see your coworkers much more than you see your friends and family.

i cannot believe this is because of the free market or capitalism; one should be able to have capitalism without excessive “corporate greed” and superrich plutocrats. although many of the superrich ARE entitled to their money.

I suppose Family Business would be the ideal solution, just like Homeschool. This would be the logical next step after homeschool.

found a place locally that sells silver bullion, try to check it out over the weekend, little further away than I would like, would like someplace only half as far away. but prob worth checking out once just for the curiosity.

looking back to one mere week ago, I cannot believe that I used to do what I did. staying busy, taking calls like a madman, running around. now I can barely get out of bed and accomplish one task, any of these tasks being simple and fun and nonstressful, 9000000000x times less stressful than any one task i used to do many times a day at my job.

in other words, i am fully reverted back to being an EXTREMELY lazy loser, in only one week!

does anything really matter, hehehe. i should be adding value to the world, not navel gazing and Talking About Myself all the time. talk about scientific research, talk about how to Create Jobs. Be An Ideas Man.

How to Pull Pvssy. Tell Women to Get Over Here and Sit on Your C0ck. (i like how the 0 looks just like an o!)

Also: Bend Over For My C0ck. Or, Suck My C0ck NOW.

Hey Baby, Wanna get F00ked?

Or, Sext me a video of you spreading your Buttcheeks. Wanna see your face in there too.

that sort of thing. just try it.

remember a woman cannot be both a Good Girl AND a Filthy Wh0re whenever she wants. And if a woman wants to be a Filthy Wh0re sometimes, then she should be giving some of that up to you. It’s not Women being Filthy Whores that I have a problem with; It’s women being Filthy Wh0res and saying, NO, YOU can’t have any of this, AND you can’t call me a Filthy Wh0re, AND you have to approve of me being a Filthy Wh0re to OTHER men, AND you have to agree that I will be very marriageable after all those c0x.


In other words, in an ideal world, Beta Males like Us would have EASY ACCESS to Slutty Women for Easy Sex. Just call up that Slutty Girl, she gives it up to ANYONE.

Well if you knew even ONE slutty (and attractive!) gurl, you would have done that YEARS ago! But you don’t KNOW any of the Known Sluts! The only Women you know, if ANY, are Completely Hideous Hambeasts, that you could NEVER get it up to!

heh. just needed a break from talking about jobs and careers. and myself. heh.

ANYWAY. perhaps my DREAM is to sit in the bed and play poker and look at the internet and listen to music. that sounds GREAT actually. with a midday nap of course, and a powerwalk every day, and a new 18yo qt erry night.and the ones i like i will call back on the reg.

what can i teach you. i guess i like teaching but i would not want to be A Teacher, F that S.  I still like the idea of being a Tutor, but that’s like for Lazy Teachers, and there’s no FullTime Tutor Jobs, and if there were, they would be viewed as losers. Tutors get such a bad rap, Tutors are NOT losers. TEACHERS are Losers. Suck Mah D, Teachers. I would LOVE to bang a young woman teacher straight out of Undergrad and in her first Teaching Job. Or more likely, a Subbing Job. Unless they went to Harvard. Bang them too. Bang Bang Bang. Hey, they can obsess about their careers all they want, but that doesn’t keep them from being The Ones Who GET Banged.  The Men who Bang You don’t give a DAMN about your career, they only care that you’re young, hot, and spreading.

Heh. My Anti-Woman writing is GREAT, I gotta do more of that.

I don’t HATE any woman, even the slutz; I just have no respect for young hot women who slut it up. and even less respect when they don’t include ME in their slutting it up. Weak. Gay. Go F00k Yourself.

There are even some women I LIKE; such as the Blessed Virgin Mary; and I’ve had a few actual female Friends in my life. It does kind of suck that there’s no real Public Well Known Women who are good Role Models, that I could just mention as examples. There are more cool Male Celebrities than Cool Female Celebrities.