mar 4 2014, fat tuesday, 11.07am

welp i was DENIED my unemployment bennies because my old, chill, fun employer, who I was employed by during most of my Base Period, is somehow EXEMPT under the State Unemployment Act. Period. Thus I get nothing. Well the real reason is that I did not MAKE enough wages during muy base period, because those wages were simply not COUNTED because of an EXEMPTION.

Was NOT expecting that. So I went ahead and did muh tax Return to get a little bit of money at least.

So really that SUCKS. Even just ANY money, I was thinking I would get like $100 a week, which is not enough to live on of course, but it’s something, rather than NOTHING. What a Crock of sh1t. f00k this state. I’m moving to North Dakota RIGHT NOW. I blame the Unions. And the Marxists. Where’s MAH Welfare Son.

I’ve actually become LESS racist. While I agree that “Wh1te N4t1on4l15m” is a valid and “suprisingly” reasonable ideology, and I am Well Aware of Certain Ingroup Favoritism, and perhaps ANY and EVERY group has a right to show ingroup favoritism, but if a member of an outgroup wanted to come live in my country and play by the rules and not hurt anybody, I’d probably let them!

I still want my ingroup to show favoritism to me, however, and I will show favoritism to them.

But of course, your “ingroup” can almost be whatever you want it to be: race, class, sex, Sexual Orientation, educational status, classic identity politics, right?

Heh, Lazy Losers, that’s muh Identity Politics Ingroup.

But yeah. I knew I wasn’t going to get a LOT of money, but I thought I was going to get SOME money.

THank GOD I do have an Emergency Fund, but STILL. Its the PRINCIPLE of the matter.

had no idea sh1t was getting so crazy in ukraine. now that I actually have time and energy to read/watch/pay attention to World News.

Bullying. What’s the deal with bullying. just another example of Marxist Infiltration and Subversion. Who CARES> Bullying has been around FOREVER. So teach your kids how to HANDLE it, don’t create 9 Billion Dollar Govt Agencies to Stop The Social INjustice of Bullying. No. Outsource that work to the Home and the Family.

Cigarettes Are Bullies. That’s my favorite new one. No Cigarettes are Not Bullies, and who cares if they were. If you don’t want to get cancer, don’t smoke 3 packs a day, idiot.

I still Smoke a little bit more than I’d like, I swear I’ll quit by 40, I swear I’ll never smoke more than 5 cigs a day, I have not smoked a cig in DAYS after getting laid off from muh stressful job. was planning on using this layoff time to cut WAY back on the cigs, like smoke 1 or 2 cigs only 1 or 2 times a week, so like 5 cigarettes per WEEK for example.

The perfect Resume and Cover Letter is already THERE. In the MARBLE. I just CHISEL it out.  (ripping off something Steve said in American Dad)

local IBEW has an electrician apprenticeship program but they only accept applications ONE DAY A MONTH, which is strange. naturally I found about that the day after they did it for the month of march, near the start of the month. first monday of the month. so I would like to go there in april. 5 year program, hey I got 5 years.

And I fully Truly Believe that Trade Skool is less a scam, and more useful than College or Grad Skool. I can get behind it Ideologically, in other words, really believe in what I’m doing, and think of it as a Good Bet rather than a Stupid Bet.

So what if when I’m 40 or 50, 18 year old gurls want nothing to do with me, heck they think 30 year old guys are old and creepy unless they’re huge handsome celebrity alpha males. well not a big deal, I just bang the youngest women I can pull, and not have children with them unless I can pull a REALLY young one, ie, 18. but WHAT IF I never do?  can’t think that way. continue to work on my game and improve until I CAN pull the 18 year olds.

or 19 year olds, that would be ok too by that point.

anyway, if you think college is a scam and that trade skool is not a scam, then don’t go to college, and DO go to trade skool is the main take home point here.

So what do you do if TRADE SKOOL turns out to be a bad deal?

Well, at least you can say you tried it, and you probably learned SOME skills while there, and it doesn’t COST as much as college, AND you still get SOME Real Actual Skills, like a month worth of how to Fix Wiring, that you damn sure didn’t know before.

AND if trade skool doesn’t work out, all the MORE justification to move to the Next Step, either go to North Dakota or Take Up Gambling As A Career.

luck is turning a bit with the cards. now I play with smaller buyins, and two tables at once, just to get more hands in.  if I get a top 3 hand, I am pushing harder preflop and being gen more aggressive. this is working out better for me than…..i dunno. the second table and the SLIGHTLY bigger preflop bets are really not a drastic change from what i was doing before. except then i was losing and now i am winning.

i think the idea is to have a time component, like, it’s a Good Sign if you are Winning X dollars per HOUR. an Hourly Win Rate. and you want to maximize that, obviously.