sun march 2


i know exactly ONE woman over the age of 26 that still looks good enough to Commit to. And I did meet her when she was in the prime of youth, so I still remember that. I looked at her on FB and wondered why she didn’t put her career down, if career was so important to college women. also she was not slutting it up in the pictures or acting like a drunk retard. in other words, heavy lesbian suspicion. i do have a tendency to go for asexual, unrealized lesbians.

so i thought about how I could contact her to try to get some action. I think she still lives in muh state but PROBABLY lives a real long way away, like over an hour drive one way. no thanks! Not convenient. Anyway I would be impressed if she were not a Worshipper of the Career Cult. jeez. they ALWAYS put at LEAST their prestigious Grad Skool down, if they don’t have a prestigious career yet.

But yeah. I kinda liked her, I suppose I still do, she has potential to become Girl8. God forbid!

Or the other thing is, look for a Woman who is open to the idea of HOMESCHOOLING. Usually you say HOMESCHOOLING and people look at you like you’re INSANE. Well, they’re STUPID because only an IDIOT would not think Homeschooling is the greatest idea ever! So look for a Woman who at least says “yeah, that’s not a bad idea, I don’t mind that.” She doesn’t have to be a gung ho homeschool activist, just not think it’s a stupid idea. because it’s a GREAT, BRILLIANT idea.  But then I thought, how the hell would I Homeschool my kids if i didn’t have a Wife who supported the idea?

I used to think I wanted to be a Single Father with a Hired Womb to make babies, but then I shifted and now believe two parents are best for raising healthy successful reasonably happy WINNER children.

Been hearing a lot of talk about gay adoption and two gay parents. I really am easy on the gays, I identify with their “outsider” status. and indeed two winner gay parents could probably raise better children than two loser straight parents, or one loser straight parent. fine. this is not really a gay rights blog though, i don’t care. also I am unsure at how prevalent gayness actually IS. gays say ten percent, antigays say like two percent. I can’t believe it’s MORE than ten percent, and I do not support SUPER gay agendas that promote all sorts of sex-positive debuachery and perversion entering the mainstream, making gayness and perversion in general appear to be Normal and Super Prevalent.

Just give me two Rightist, somewhat Prudish gays, I’m fine with them raising kids!

Heh. I would be a better Politician than a Political Activist honestly, but we can all see I am quite interested in the Political. this started a few years ago, I never used to be this Political. but it’s fun, it’s GREAT, I’m glad I did, you should give it a try. preferably toward the right. I have been both a leftist and a rightist and I can ASSURE you that the RIGHT is MUCH better. I was leftist simply out of conformity and youthful ignorance and I just didn’t KNOW any better. Unfortunately, many leftists never progress past this phase.

I said this was not a political blog, well OK, I think it might become MORE of a political blog! like my old one! But I still WELCOME leftists losers, I want to help you become winners! Just that along your Journey to becoming a winner, you may just discover that The Right is for Winners, and The Left is for Losers!

mond march 3 12.06 pm

normally i am at ARBEIT MACHT FREI right now, wishing I was a jobless bum. unemployed. laid off. and now here i am, thank god almighty, free at last.

but i want to make sure to carry over some good productivity habits, such as not sleeping in. i got up at my usual working time and started getting ready promptly. pretend like i’m a responsible abult and not an internet neckbeard neet virgin lazy r9k lazy loser.

i ate breakfast and immediately went straight to the unemployment website and submitted Muh Unemployment Claim. It took about an hour and was very tedious like a job application, and sucked, BUT it was still way funner than working. do this all DAY rather than working! didn’t have to talk anybody, and could do it from the comfort of my home, nice and relaxed, listening to the classical music station like a civilized gent.

then I went for a powerwalk in the 7 degree cold. It was very cold but nice and sunny, and I bundled up well, and listened to one of muh politcal heroes, and even though it was SO cold, it was still way better than Being At Work. I would powerwalk in the 7 degree cold ALL DAY. sunny and chill and relaxing.

in other words, I am very THANKFUL, and EVERYTHING is better than Working.

SO I want to run with that mindset and do actually productive things, like job search (funner than working!) and contact friends I haven’t seen in a while, and make an appt to see Muh SHRINK who I have not seen in about 3 months, too busy working. And I can knock all that stuff off in ONE DAY, if I just sit down and DO them, the same way I would take CALL after CALL after CALL after CALL.

blogging is fun but not super productive. so, just to SET A GOOD EXAMPLE, I will send muh shrink a text right now to try to set up an appt for this week or next week………DONE. I did it. just composed a two-msg long text and sent it, watched the screen to verify “sent successfully” (crappy phone, sometimes doesn’t.) YAY GOOD 4 MEEEEEEE.

immed after: wrote AND SENT the email to the guy I wanted to. DONE. SUPER PRODUCTIVE and NONLAZY.

immed after. 1.06pm. AND sent a text to another old frand I had been meaning to Hang Out With. DONE. SO PRODUCTIVE. NOT A PROCRASTINATOR. NOT A LAZY LOSER. SO MANY BIG TASKS DONE BEFORE LUNCH.