fri feb 14 2014 1051p

valentines gay, i don’t care. just got out of ARBIET MACHT FREI. my biggest first world concern is, should i drink some NYQUIL tonight or not.  then sleep till 3 pm. i almost don’t want to do that. unless i had a three day weekend, which i do not.

big news this week was even more people got laid off, and i was fully expecting and prepared to get laid off today or yesterday. i was HAPPY about it. PLEASE, i prayed, let me get laid off. LAY ME OFF. and I went in there chiller than I’d ever been before. it was bretty good.

and i did NOT get laid off. i watched tons of people around me get laid off but not me. even started slacking on my performance a bit to see if that would help. i dreamed of the time off, the unemployment money, the looking for a Better Job, (which i would not expect to find a chiller job for the same pay, but i would be willing to take a 10% pay cut at LEAST).

then i thought heck so they will lay me off when i am finally starting to get the hang of the job and not hate it as much. learning curve is brutal, takes at least three months to fully get it, and most new hires did not last two months. and then i don’t get laid off. heh heh. the LORD is REALLY trying to teach me a lesson and boy am i taking it to heart.

it’s not like I WON’T EVER get laid off either. we all know it’s coming, we all knew that going in.

anyway. so now i party. playing my cards OF COURSE right now. not socializing tonight but that is ok, i am having 90% as much fun here by myself gambling and blogging and listening to music.

but when you Work For A Living, you got to get stuff DONE on weekends, liek chores and errands and laundry and grown up stuff. laundry this week. DAMN glad I don’t have the WORK of a Wife and Kids. those men NEVER get to relax. at that point I would LOVE to work overtime just to get away from that.

so now, nyquil or no. i’m actually leaning towards no because i don’t want to be dead all of saturday, which is what it will do. and it would be nice to enjoy a powerwalk tomorrow. damn. i “can’t” even powerwalk anymore. well of course i could, if I didn’t DEMAND my 9-10 hours of sleep. demand it because muh stressful job takes every bit of energy i can muster. so normally i come home, eat a snack, get right into bed, try to sleep from 1030pm to 9 am.  but its more like 12a to 9a so i can then Think About Work, and how awesome it would be to get laid off, what a gift that would be.

then i think of how HORRIBLE that sounds, of all the people out of work who would LOVE to have my job. of all the people at my job that were laid off and didn’t want to be. just because they weren’t fast enough of learners, or they called in sick one too many times. I am not really a fast learner anymore either in muh old age, but i have managed to hang on over here. actually gaining real confidence at the job so that it gets easier.

but even if i can deal with the stuff, i don’t like the fast pace. just one after the other. and with laying so many people off, my workload then goes up, everyones does, to pick up the “slack.”

well, there is still a decent chance i could get laid off next week, and yes that would make me happy.

but then i think of the likelihood of finding another job. Do you know how hard it is to get a $12 an hour Fulltime job without a STEM degree or Trade Degree? Impossibru!

so, get a Trade Degree. was thinking electrician might be the least dangerous trade, but I could be wrong. I’m looking for the combo of Least Dangerous * most job openings.

so i could get laid off, celebrate and be happy for a few weeks, and then get into bad habits of watching too many movies, blogging too much, sleeping too much, not job searching enough, and also finding jack sh1t on the job search and getting quickly discouraged.

but then i could wait to get rehired at my “sucky” job. AND sign up for electrician skool.

saturday feb 15 2014, 1.19p

i am taking a wicked #2 right now, that’s how decadent and degenerate i am. did NOT do the nyquil, stayed up til like 3.30 am (so late!) watching youtube and playing cards and just indulging muh interests and not thinking about Arbiet Macht Frei thank GOD.

got up around 12p, and gained 3 hours from not drinking nyquil. started laundry.  played moar cards, listened moar music, internetsed moar. no nyquil was a great idea. might even get to take a shower before going to CHURCH which i am also looking forward to.

not doing great on the cards, might blow thru my monthly budget of $20 in two short weeks. just bad luck, bad beats, getting killed on great draws by morons and or they clam up when i get premium hands, so i win a whopping.10. jeez.

huge bitcoin crash  over the past week, buy buy buy!

ehh enough about me. hope all you other lazy losers out there are doing ok. technically it is better to have a horrible stressful job that you want to get laid off from, that makes you vaguely think of K’ing yourself just to get out of it, than to be an unemployed lazy loser. Fulltime Employment of Any Kind Cures Lazy Loserness.