i forgot where i read that, as an example of a horrible life philosophy. and i completely agree. and then a friend and i made a huge joke out of the phrase, it is a great turn of phrase. but think of it in reference to short-term hedonism, or self-destructive behaviors that give a high, like drugs, alcohol, gambling, casual sex, etc.

sat feb 8 2014, 7.25 pm.

sitting here on sat night, listening to dissection “the somberlain” album, playing bitcoin poker, just about to grab a cold can of code red and really go hogwild. bitcoin is “crashing” right now, ie you should buy when it finally hits bottom. but when will that be? i just bought $10 worth just for lulz.

had a chance to work overtime last night, but I said NO, I would not do 30 minutes more of work for a HUNDRED dollars an hour, i refuse. well, i didn’t SAY that, I just snuck out and then afterwards went and socialized with the people I knew there. that was very fun and we stayed up late just socializing and playing with computer and youtube and music and eating snacks and chit chatting, very nice social time w very nice people, and I was thankful to do that.

put the kibosh on my plan to come home, drink nyquil, do a little gambling, then be asleep by 11pm, and sleep till 3 pm.

instead I got home around 2:30am, drank HALF a dose of nyquil (am still Sick), and slept till about 2 pm. did some more nice email writing. wanted to go for a nice powerwalk before church but didn’t happen. instead went AFTER church. was starving then and ate some din. and now here i am. partying.

so i should be able to survive thru 40 more days of work right? how many exact Work Days? around 45.  then mandatory layoff. survive sentence of 45 days. how do. realize you won’t get beat or killed or raped like you would in prison. give thanks. the end. the worst is that you will be verbally shamed&shunned.jpg, or laid off and paid welfare. the end.

welp. just got cleaned out by f4ggots on poker. now transferring my Month of February Gambling Budget of $20 over. I PROMISE YOU I will not add any more money until March. $20 a month is the rule.

which is WAY less than I spent on Alcohol, when I used to drink! Sh1t you can spend $50 in one night at the BAR on yourself EASY! (i would often sneak my own cheap booze into the bar, and then drink the cheapest beer they had at the bar, while drinking my sneaked in stuff in the Bathroom. Nice idea, eh?)

ahh there’s muh money in the bitcoin casino. looking for computer “equalizer” so i can fiddle with settings and “re-produce” albums that I wish had a slightly different production. like on a certain metal album, turn down the drums, turn up guitars, turn up mids, etc. do not have a EQ on muh sound card, i don’t think.

of course we would all bang the black haired woman on the “prospectors” show on the weather channel. absolutely.

trying this thing called cex.io where you buy Gigahashes which mine bitcoins. I think that’s what the GHS do. and then you make money that way. buy buying into a pools of miners mining bitcoin with their powerful mining hardware. cuz i know buying your own hardware is very expensive. but would like to dabble in tiny amounts. and if i can make a profit of even 1$ a month, why the hell not? will let you know. just dabbling now with $10 to start. is there a bigger reward if you invest more? is it less risky if you invest more? maybe. who knows.  i am prepared to lose $10 here. just waiting for the damn transaction to go through with the confirmations.

get a f00king bachelors degree at age 42 finally from online university so your wife and 4 year old daughter can be proud of you, and if you’re REAL lucky you can get a fulltime job an make TWELVE dollars an hour. but odds are you won’t. and that’s why you graduated from COLLEGE. that’s why MILLIONS of Adults are finally graduating from COLLEGE, and achieving their dreams of have a less than 50/50 chance of getting a TWELVE dollar an hour fulltime job. But Probably NOT. Thanks College!

heh. won a sweet 6 dollar pot with a good flush, think i had AK suited in the draw. good hand to play, good win, good pot, PROB could have gotten MORE.

get rich on bitcoin, buy gold and silver with bitcoin.  i think. no, buy low and sell high w bitcoin, then immediately turn around and spend that usd on silver before silver price skyrockets; OR win huge amts of btc in btc poker and use winnings to buy gold and silver.

that’s my advice. or get an Engineering Degree with a Minor in Math and internships starting in summer 1 or even summer 0.

or participate in something creative that makes you feeeeeeeel real good. i am jealous of musicians that can do this. i would have been a GREAT musician, if i had musician level musical talent. but it was always too much WORK. but i still might become a PRODUCER because I know what SOUNDS good. but of course music production is a HORRIBLE career choice, even worse than Musician career-wise!

so i bought .52 ghs on cex.io a few hours ago and i have already mined .00000035 btc. yes it cost me about $10 to buy that .52 gigahash.