feb 1 2014; saturday; 8:52pm

YUUUUUPPPP. just got back to the blog. went to church, sat next to the most hyper ill-behaved kids in history which was STILL 90000000000X better than being at WORK, then went immed to grocery store, bought ton of stuff, came home, threw clothes in laundry, started making FAMOUS CHILI, with high-fat hamburger beef, sweet onion, green pepper, hungarian yellow pepper (all out of jalepeno, but this one is spicier than jalapeno it said), “bacon and provolone” tomato sauce, Hot Salsa, 3 tablesp of BUTTER, a pinch of COFFEE grounds, I even threw a little liquid coffee and a dash of COCA COLA in there, even put 1.5 slices of Deli HAM in there, a ton of spices including “garlic pepper” and cayenne pepper and salt and pepper and steak seasoning, two cans of beans, one “hot”, one “mild.”, and of course left all the Fat and Grease from the Beef in there to Marry with all the other flavors and create an especially RICH chili, then once it was simmering, went outside and removed some snow, there was a LOT of snow, did that and got some exercise, came back in, moved laundry to dryer, put in 2nd Load of laund, then decided to EAT the chili which had been simmering at least an hour, and then continue to let the rest of it simmer until I went to bed tonight; it was very good, enjoyed some Code Red with it, a big can which I am still sipping now; letting chili simmer now for hours; put one load of laund AWAY and waiting for 2nd to dry; want to watch GIRLS maybe, and def Moar Gambling.  but should REALLY do my financial spreadsheet for the Month of Feb.

yeah church is still kinda boring, real boring, but i appreciate it a lot more. I would rather be in boring church 40 hours a week than at Stressful Work 40 hours a week, FOR SURE, NO CONTEST.  church is not stressful in the least.

already 9 pm. got up at 2:30 pm hehehehe. 10:10 pm done with all laundry, put it all away, eating mike and ikes, drinking a little coffee, and a little code red.  typing in the blog. finished the financial spreadsheet catchup. famous chili still simmering. prob can take that off bretty soon and go to bred.

heh. just bought a ridic music t shirt off the internet. kinda expensive but i have been meaning to buy this tshirt for like 5 years. really bad4ss, basically just celebrating one of muh fav metal albums which happens to have some great shirtworthy artwork as well.

remember: flush beats three of a kind, hehehehe.

heh. i am getting CLEANED OUT. on lowest stakes. MICRO stakes. the players are pretty good i think, and I am playing pretty bad, rusty. resulting in me LOSING MONEY.  me calling on non top ten hands, then folding after the flop (better than continuing though), getting bad beat on a decent hand, OR, people back off and I win a TINY pot with a GREAT draw like AA, which I JUST got, and scared an otherwise aggressive better off with a measley .10 bet on the turn. come on. and here is a guy that understandably scares ME off with a .5 bet on the flop. GTFO. It’s enough to make you want to STOP GAMBLING. to reconsider the idea of Gambling For A Career. Then you realize it’s way funner than your Job. even when you’re losing money. a real endorphin rush. comparable to drugs or Young Luv with a QT. but where that wears off, the Gambling High does not. You could be a 80 year old derelict gambling in the gutter and still get the same enjoyment out of it as a rich gentleman in monte carlo or something.

wow. i had AQ (suited of course) and kept calling, got a flush, and the guy “got” me to go all in (like 4.00 at that point) and then he BEAT ME with a FULL HOUSE. COME ON. VERY UNLUCKY. THAT SUCKS. I wouldn’t be so butthurt if they gave me a “free” high qual t-shirt for my playerz points or sommat.

yep that’s what sucks about the gambling, is the LOSING. you like to think you’re SMARTER than everyone, and then you get proven wrong. But MAYBE they’re just LUCKY IDIOTS. heh. can’t believe i got so flustered i went ALL IN with FOUR REAL DOLLARS. These are not Play Chips, N166a. Not sure if it’s legal for me to even WRITE about this. fictionally.

sun 2.04 pm feb 2 2014

well woke up close to 2 pm. did not drink nyquil last night thank GOD but went to bed super LATE, like 3 am, after wathcing a movie and listening to some podcast.

had a weird dream about….GIRL7 yet again. in this one I was reading a Modern Career Wimmin Have It All Magazine and there was a huge 4 page story about Girl7 Having It All in her Career, like she was a huge celebrity. talked about how hard of a worker she was, and how many lives she was saving in her career, and advancing quickly in status due to her getting  a masters degree. had an interview with her talking about how she appreciated her Father instilling Conservative Values and Politics in her and a Love of GOD. And how one of her earliest memories was that she knew she wanted to work Overtime, working 80 to 100 hours a week with no break, helping people and saving lives and making a difference, and now she was living that out, and in the top 1% of her Career, well before age 30. there were some pictures of her “Style” over the years and how she might be starting a new fashion trend for women by NOT dressing like a Slut Slob.

So that was weird, I didn’t need that at all whatsoever.

welp time to continue to a new post son.