jan 31 2014, fri, 11.24 pm

gosh darn. finally made it. end of the week. party time. to celebrate I drank 30 ml of Nyquil and am playing low stakes bitcoin poker and wait for the nyquil to take over and do maybe one post at most. do you care, of course not, do I care, well a little bit cuz it’s mah life, hehe.

use the nyquil to sleep till about 3 pm on sat, go to church, was thinking of making a pot of my Famous Chili. so tomorrow, church, laundry, grocery shopping, chili, powerwalk. with a huge amount of sleep to open it up. then some gambling i’m sure will be in there. might watch a movie. update my financial spreadsheet.  darn. GOT to do a powerwalk. actually there will be a ton of snow tomorrow, i forgot. well, better tomorrow than a WORK DAY.

the partying with Nyquil tonight is a GREAT idea if I may say so myself. not as bad as alcohol, and only taking recommended dosage. not as bad as Medicinal MEdicine because it doesn’t stay in your blood for a MONTH and make you UNEMPLOYABLE.  and also doesn’t make you paranoid.  hail nyquil.  but don’t drink more than the recom dose because it will kill you with acetiminophen.

heh. lost srs money on a bad beat. will try not to spend more than $20 a month gambling. already down 4 dollars, hehehe. that is what happens when you play MIDDLING hands, like NON Top 5 hands. period. play premium hands ONLY or LOSE. you will be SORRY you called on AT suited. because it wasn’t AK suited, hehehe.

nyquil plus a nice ten hour workday kicking in. only had 3 hours of overtime this week but it felt liek an eternity. of course it is worse when the job is stressful and unpredictable, as MY JOB IS. I would work 100 hours at my old stressless, predictable job, every day.

2.50pm, feb 1, sat

FINALLY woke up, not quite 3 pm, but close. trick with sleeping on nyquil is that you wake up briefly and then chug a lot of water, then go back to sleep again. nice. anyway i wanted to do that friday not saturday night, so i wouldn’t be all foggy and out of it on sunday rather than saturday. today.

but yeah that really killed a lot of muh weekend. worth it though. i LOVE to sleep. LOVEEEEE.

it did snow, it is snowing, but it’s moar of a sh1tty wintry mix. thinking i will go to church, then go shopping, then put stuff in laundry and start snow removal for fun, exercise, and practicality. erm maybe get the famous chili going because i want it to simmer at least 2 hours.

so after my huge day of work I socialized a bit with some frandz there and by the time i left, i had been there over 12 hours. THEN I went to the groc store AND got gas AND got some pharmacy stuff at the grocery, including the nyquil i later enjoyed to the fullest. then i came home and made a snack and did not have the nyquil until like 11:30pm. the days are just packed to bastardardize that classic calvin and hobbes book title. just packed with stressful work hehehe. but I enjoy the “meaningless” running around, I will make 100 little stressless trips per day to the grocery store if that were my stressless job. got to get out. not worth the money. checking old job for postings….nope nothing in my old dept. but should I email the boss STILL??? I hear they need people……so make a posting.  and of course the posting will be for a PT job. that was the rub, it was a great job, but they NEVER had FT jobs, only PT. and should I take that huge pay cut to go back, when it means a PT job, just for Less Stress? Even when I am slowly getting Better 1 Day at a Time, and haven’t been laid off yet, so I Must Be Doing SOMETHING Right? Not that I’d HATE a layoff either!

3.27 pm ok i got ready to start muh day. leave for church about about 3.37. this time last year i would skip church if i could. now i LOOK FORWARD to going. the LORD has fixed me, thank GOD. he doesn’t even stop me from occasionally doing a Fun Sin like j3rking off to QTs or listening to ungodly music. now i don’t do those things all the TIME of course.

i’m not even SURE that GAMBLING is a sin if you do micro-stakes gambling and lose no more than $20 a month at it, even if you gamble the majority of the days of the week!

ok. church, store, store will be jampacked, got my list, always make a list, come home, start famous award winning chili simmering, put clothes in laundry, do at least 30 to 45 minutes of snow removal. get those processes going. ideally would roll up some cigs in there too. and I have a whole NEW SEASON of GIRLS to get caught up on , well about 4 or 5 episodes, darn. might have to skip a movie this week. just crack open that sweet 24 oz can of Code Red, watch Girls, micro stakes until I Pass Out. But No Nyquil tonight I can assure you. already Shot Muh Wad.

heh. i am going to church without taking a Shower. it is my right.

heat wave today, it’s at least 25 degrees out there. NICE. could take this all winter long.

super bowl tomorrow and i don’t care, i’m going bald and I don’t care.