mar 4 2014, fat tuesday, 11.07am

welp i was DENIED my unemployment bennies because my old, chill, fun employer, who I was employed by during most of my Base Period, is somehow EXEMPT under the State Unemployment Act. Period. Thus I get nothing. Well the real reason is that I did not MAKE enough wages during muy base period, because those wages were simply not COUNTED because of an EXEMPTION.

Was NOT expecting that. So I went ahead and did muh tax Return to get a little bit of money at least.

So really that SUCKS. Even just ANY money, I was thinking I would get like $100 a week, which is not enough to live on of course, but it’s something, rather than NOTHING. What a Crock of sh1t. f00k this state. I’m moving to North Dakota RIGHT NOW. I blame the Unions. And the Marxists. Where’s MAH Welfare Son.

I’ve actually become LESS racist. While I agree that “Wh1te N4t1on4l15m” is a valid and “suprisingly” reasonable ideology, and I am Well Aware of Certain Ingroup Favoritism, and perhaps ANY and EVERY group has a right to show ingroup favoritism, but if a member of an outgroup wanted to come live in my country and play by the rules and not hurt anybody, I’d probably let them!

I still want my ingroup to show favoritism to me, however, and I will show favoritism to them.

But of course, your “ingroup” can almost be whatever you want it to be: race, class, sex, Sexual Orientation, educational status, classic identity politics, right?

Heh, Lazy Losers, that’s muh Identity Politics Ingroup.

But yeah. I knew I wasn’t going to get a LOT of money, but I thought I was going to get SOME money.

THank GOD I do have an Emergency Fund, but STILL. Its the PRINCIPLE of the matter.

had no idea sh1t was getting so crazy in ukraine. now that I actually have time and energy to read/watch/pay attention to World News.

Bullying. What’s the deal with bullying. just another example of Marxist Infiltration and Subversion. Who CARES> Bullying has been around FOREVER. So teach your kids how to HANDLE it, don’t create 9 Billion Dollar Govt Agencies to Stop The Social INjustice of Bullying. No. Outsource that work to the Home and the Family.

Cigarettes Are Bullies. That’s my favorite new one. No Cigarettes are Not Bullies, and who cares if they were. If you don’t want to get cancer, don’t smoke 3 packs a day, idiot.

I still Smoke a little bit more than I’d like, I swear I’ll quit by 40, I swear I’ll never smoke more than 5 cigs a day, I have not smoked a cig in DAYS after getting laid off from muh stressful job. was planning on using this layoff time to cut WAY back on the cigs, like smoke 1 or 2 cigs only 1 or 2 times a week, so like 5 cigarettes per WEEK for example.

The perfect Resume and Cover Letter is already THERE. In the MARBLE. I just CHISEL it out.  (ripping off something Steve said in American Dad)

local IBEW has an electrician apprenticeship program but they only accept applications ONE DAY A MONTH, which is strange. naturally I found about that the day after they did it for the month of march, near the start of the month. first monday of the month. so I would like to go there in april. 5 year program, hey I got 5 years.

And I fully Truly Believe that Trade Skool is less a scam, and more useful than College or Grad Skool. I can get behind it Ideologically, in other words, really believe in what I’m doing, and think of it as a Good Bet rather than a Stupid Bet.

So what if when I’m 40 or 50, 18 year old gurls want nothing to do with me, heck they think 30 year old guys are old and creepy unless they’re huge handsome celebrity alpha males. well not a big deal, I just bang the youngest women I can pull, and not have children with them unless I can pull a REALLY young one, ie, 18. but WHAT IF I never do?  can’t think that way. continue to work on my game and improve until I CAN pull the 18 year olds.

or 19 year olds, that would be ok too by that point.

anyway, if you think college is a scam and that trade skool is not a scam, then don’t go to college, and DO go to trade skool is the main take home point here.

So what do you do if TRADE SKOOL turns out to be a bad deal?

Well, at least you can say you tried it, and you probably learned SOME skills while there, and it doesn’t COST as much as college, AND you still get SOME Real Actual Skills, like a month worth of how to Fix Wiring, that you damn sure didn’t know before.

AND if trade skool doesn’t work out, all the MORE justification to move to the Next Step, either go to North Dakota or Take Up Gambling As A Career.

luck is turning a bit with the cards. now I play with smaller buyins, and two tables at once, just to get more hands in.  if I get a top 3 hand, I am pushing harder preflop and being gen more aggressive. this is working out better for me than…..i dunno. the second table and the SLIGHTLY bigger preflop bets are really not a drastic change from what i was doing before. except then i was losing and now i am winning.

i think the idea is to have a time component, like, it’s a Good Sign if you are Winning X dollars per HOUR. an Hourly Win Rate. and you want to maximize that, obviously.



mar 3, 228p so instead of jobsearching i am blogging, heh. well I did no less than FOUR hugely productive things today that would have taken me FOUR DAYS in my lazy loser stage. Also another good thing to put on the list along with Get My Resume Done, is to Clean Room – just THROW stuff away, get a head start on Spring Cleaning, becuase Cleaning is a great and simple way to Not Feel Like A Loser When You Don’t Have A Job.

I went on linkedin and thought, oh jeez, this is what i’m getting myself into now, I hate these f4ggots and the f4ggy career-loving way they TALK, and this is the talk you gotta talk to get a FT Upper Working Class Career Job, and I thought, well, I’d rather TRY to FAKE that TALK, than go back into muh sh1tty job. Fine, I’ll talk their f4gg0t talk, I’m smart enough, I’m just as smart as those f4ggots are. I just don’t worship their False Mammon God of Career. I do what I have to do to Get By. OLD SKOOL. F00K YOU, MAMMON.

Another thing would be to get a haircut. it is always good to take care of your appearance, I don’t care who you are. I really let myself go with shabby clothes and etc. I said I was going to wait to get a haircut because I am gonna shave it all off because I’m going BALD, and didn’t want to do that till the official start of spring, but F00K IT, I’ll do it this week and just wear a damn winter hat on my bald head.

Getting a Masterz Degree is still For F4gg0ts. There is NO WAY Mammon is gonna force me into getting a Masterz Degree unless he PAYS for it and then pays me MOAR for getting it. I worked Alongside people with Masterz Degree at my JOB, where you only needed to be an HS graduate. F00K that. Gambling may not be a great Career Choice, but it is a better ROI than a MASTERZ Degree! which is also a LOSING BET.


heh. i am redoing my res in a superridiculous way, to include as MUCH info as possible about my entire working and education life, making huge faux pas like including every job, going back to high school, having size 8 font, having .4 inch margins, having very little white space, to produce basically a one-sheet-of-notes “cheat sheet” you bring in for an exam, to CRAM and SQUEEZE as much info on one piece of paper as you can. probably go over like a LEAD BALLOON, which is still slightly better than My Old Resume, hehehe.


don’t believe the MEDIA, don’t believe the GOVT, don’t believe your PARENTS, don’t believe your SKOOLS, don’t believe ANYBODY except WINNERS and the Fittest who have Survived this environment, Youngish people who Are Surviving Now and actually KNOW Accurate, Current, Truthful Information, and can give ACTUAL TRUTH rather than ASSUMPTIONS and GUESSES and Truths which were once true but are now false, like get a bachelors degree, get a masters degree.

no. get a stem degree or go to trade skool.  being that i am sick and tired of and hate skool, i think trade skool is looking the best for me. pref one where you’re actually working on stuff ASAP, AMAP. (As MUCH As Possible) so that the Skool is as identical to WORK as possible.

I heard a real life anecdote about an Electrician Apprentice making $12 an hour. chump change you say, but I’d take that for a chill job, plus, they make like $25 an hour after 4 years, hehehe, and can EASILY raise a family on that.

Looking for a Charismatic Red Pill Visionary who is less Cultish than Stef Molyneux, less Atheist than him, and More Job/Career Advice oriented. although Stef does do that a fair amount.

lemme make it clear, that even though i hated my job, i didn’t necessarily hate the callers, my coworkers, or even the management.  and i DID “meet expectations”, I didn’t purposely do a shoddy job. It’s just that it was really really really hard to do an above average job because they way they measured you was so strict and stupid.  If you BLATANTLY slacked off, you got Fired, or laid off IMMEDIATELY.

I really DID Do My GodHonest Best, in other words. I wasn’t a LAZY SLACKER while I was there on the clock. I had a GOOD WORK ETHIC.

6.15 pm went for a brisk powerwalk in the 10 degree weather. Two A Day. not bad. I LUV powerwalking, it is my preferred form of exercise, jogging is for f4ggots and women. f00k them, and f00k jogging.

it is better to BE hateful and angry and SAY IT, rather than bottle it all up and become “depressed.” So you have a lot of anger. An Unhealthy level Of Anger. It is better to express that anger in Nonviolent or verbal ways, than to Bottle It Up and Not Express It. That’s why I call everyone b1tches and f4ggots and wh0res and k1kes and c0cksvckers and cvnts and cvmchvggers and piece o sh1t and losers and failures and tell them to get cancer and get raepd up the 455 by daddy or bubba or n166erdix, etc etc etc. gotta express the anger. and I’m not saying to peoples faces, where I would get my 4ss beat. it’s all good.

there are probably beta males out there where they have a fetish to bang lena dunham, she is their ideal woman, their WAIFU, they jerk off constantly to her Blobby Body Nude Scenes and write Fanfic about Romancing her.

Yeah there is too much Media Attention on Her Body and I suppose I would bang her too just to be ridiculous, but she certainly isn’t my Ideal Woman.

Came in w 10 chips, got AK suited, some jackass was betting big, I called him, WON (he had AQ suited i think) and I won a 4 chip pot and now have 14 chips, this is HUGE, and I should prob walk away while I am ahead for the first time in a long time (albeit still WAY in the hole.)


sun march 2


i know exactly ONE woman over the age of 26 that still looks good enough to Commit to. And I did meet her when she was in the prime of youth, so I still remember that. I looked at her on FB and wondered why she didn’t put her career down, if career was so important to college women. also she was not slutting it up in the pictures or acting like a drunk retard. in other words, heavy lesbian suspicion. i do have a tendency to go for asexual, unrealized lesbians.

so i thought about how I could contact her to try to get some action. I think she still lives in muh state but PROBABLY lives a real long way away, like over an hour drive one way. no thanks! Not convenient. Anyway I would be impressed if she were not a Worshipper of the Career Cult. jeez. they ALWAYS put at LEAST their prestigious Grad Skool down, if they don’t have a prestigious career yet.

But yeah. I kinda liked her, I suppose I still do, she has potential to become Girl8. God forbid!

Or the other thing is, look for a Woman who is open to the idea of HOMESCHOOLING. Usually you say HOMESCHOOLING and people look at you like you’re INSANE. Well, they’re STUPID because only an IDIOT would not think Homeschooling is the greatest idea ever! So look for a Woman who at least says “yeah, that’s not a bad idea, I don’t mind that.” She doesn’t have to be a gung ho homeschool activist, just not think it’s a stupid idea. because it’s a GREAT, BRILLIANT idea.  But then I thought, how the hell would I Homeschool my kids if i didn’t have a Wife who supported the idea?

I used to think I wanted to be a Single Father with a Hired Womb to make babies, but then I shifted and now believe two parents are best for raising healthy successful reasonably happy WINNER children.

Been hearing a lot of talk about gay adoption and two gay parents. I really am easy on the gays, I identify with their “outsider” status. and indeed two winner gay parents could probably raise better children than two loser straight parents, or one loser straight parent. fine. this is not really a gay rights blog though, i don’t care. also I am unsure at how prevalent gayness actually IS. gays say ten percent, antigays say like two percent. I can’t believe it’s MORE than ten percent, and I do not support SUPER gay agendas that promote all sorts of sex-positive debuachery and perversion entering the mainstream, making gayness and perversion in general appear to be Normal and Super Prevalent.

Just give me two Rightist, somewhat Prudish gays, I’m fine with them raising kids!

Heh. I would be a better Politician than a Political Activist honestly, but we can all see I am quite interested in the Political. this started a few years ago, I never used to be this Political. but it’s fun, it’s GREAT, I’m glad I did, you should give it a try. preferably toward the right. I have been both a leftist and a rightist and I can ASSURE you that the RIGHT is MUCH better. I was leftist simply out of conformity and youthful ignorance and I just didn’t KNOW any better. Unfortunately, many leftists never progress past this phase.

I said this was not a political blog, well OK, I think it might become MORE of a political blog! like my old one! But I still WELCOME leftists losers, I want to help you become winners! Just that along your Journey to becoming a winner, you may just discover that The Right is for Winners, and The Left is for Losers!

mond march 3 12.06 pm

normally i am at ARBEIT MACHT FREI right now, wishing I was a jobless bum. unemployed. laid off. and now here i am, thank god almighty, free at last.

but i want to make sure to carry over some good productivity habits, such as not sleeping in. i got up at my usual working time and started getting ready promptly. pretend like i’m a responsible abult and not an internet neckbeard neet virgin lazy r9k lazy loser.

i ate breakfast and immediately went straight to the unemployment website and submitted Muh Unemployment Claim. It took about an hour and was very tedious like a job application, and sucked, BUT it was still way funner than working. do this all DAY rather than working! didn’t have to talk anybody, and could do it from the comfort of my home, nice and relaxed, listening to the classical music station like a civilized gent.

then I went for a powerwalk in the 7 degree cold. It was very cold but nice and sunny, and I bundled up well, and listened to one of muh politcal heroes, and even though it was SO cold, it was still way better than Being At Work. I would powerwalk in the 7 degree cold ALL DAY. sunny and chill and relaxing.

in other words, I am very THANKFUL, and EVERYTHING is better than Working.

SO I want to run with that mindset and do actually productive things, like job search (funner than working!) and contact friends I haven’t seen in a while, and make an appt to see Muh SHRINK who I have not seen in about 3 months, too busy working. And I can knock all that stuff off in ONE DAY, if I just sit down and DO them, the same way I would take CALL after CALL after CALL after CALL.

blogging is fun but not super productive. so, just to SET A GOOD EXAMPLE, I will send muh shrink a text right now to try to set up an appt for this week or next week………DONE. I did it. just composed a two-msg long text and sent it, watched the screen to verify “sent successfully” (crappy phone, sometimes doesn’t.) YAY GOOD 4 MEEEEEEE.

immed after: wrote AND SENT the email to the guy I wanted to. DONE. SUPER PRODUCTIVE and NONLAZY.

immed after. 1.06pm. AND sent a text to another old frand I had been meaning to Hang Out With. DONE. SO PRODUCTIVE. NOT A PROCRASTINATOR. NOT A LAZY LOSER. SO MANY BIG TASKS DONE BEFORE LUNCH.


sat march 1 2013, 3.11pm

day off, but I DONT have to go back monday. NICE. really maybe all i needed was a 3 or 4 day weekend, hehehe. fear is the mindkiller, fear is the soulkiller. if i could just go in there and not give a f00k, not be afraid, just CHILL OUT.  then I might get called in if my “quality” slips, but I got called in for that ANYWAY. so best just not to CARE about it.

CONFIDENCE is what kills FEAR. If I REALLY TRULY felt like a BOSS, banging prime of youth QTz, I wouldn’t care if I had to take call after call after call after call.

So by that logic, banging prime of youth QTs gives a man confidence? Well, it’s not the only possible source of confidence, but you can’t deny that banging prime of youth qts WILL give you considerable confidence. you cannot possible prove it does not.

heh maybe that’s my libido coming back. i guess that can’t be a bad thing. I just looked at the FB pictures of the prime of youth (or close to it) QT at the job I wanna bang the most, and thought it would be very fun, and confidence-building, to bang her.

bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. banging qts. like this terminology dont ya.

its ok because i have female friends i get along with just fine and whom i DONT want to bang, thank you very much.

PROTIP: LISTEN TO LOUIS ARMSTRONG. i am on spotify listening to louis armstrong albums. he is a TOTAL boss, AND will uplift your feeeeeeeeeeeeelings and emoooooooootions.


I met a real life person who mentioned Ajahn Brahm and I said HELL YEAH, and then HE said HELL YEAH, another person who’s heard of Ajahn Brahm, yeah, the guy is a total badass, I said, and he agreed. So get in on the big secret here. I had a post about Ajahn months ago, and then made the mistake of NOT watching ALL his vidyas on youtube. The guy is truly a GIFT FROM GOD and I should give him the retroactive Most Inspiring Man Of 2013 Award.

But my catholic religion says that buddhism and ajahn brahm is a tool of satan leading us away from jesus and into hell. but does it REALLY say that? well, I DO prefer Traditional Conservative Catholicism. but I don’t like if it says that about my man Ajahn because he is ON POINT.

Ajahn had hit me deeper than any Christian type lately. But to be fair, I haven’t been seeking out decent christian inspiration. they’re probably out there, and they probably don’t even discourage you from listening to ajahn. i dunno,

so yeah i am a unique snowflake. I am a Raging Far Right COnservative, with a penchant towards Far Right Catholicism and Pre-Vatican2, but I DO like Ajahn brahm. go figure. like him quite a BIT, thank u.

GO LISTEN TO AJAHN RIGHT NOW. THE GUY IS AMAZING. I LUV HIM and if he were moar famous he could Save A Lot of lives with his Teachings. Buddhist Teachings. he is not a Cultmaster or anything.

take a day off of your stressful job to bang prime of youth QTs and listen to louis armstrong and ajahn brahm. the end.

also been looking for a good “cuban” tango salsa latin style thing. the “buena vista social club” is pretty close to what I want. need more stuff like that. and not like pop singer latin pop. but serious musicians with souls.

so with Poker, you got to wait and wait and wait and wait until you get a great hand and then can win a huge pot. but during that waiting, you’re slowly but constantly losing money as you pay the blinds, call only to get a bad flop or bad beat….you’re losing money faster and moreso than you’re making money. i don’t know if i’m playing too many or too few hands.

maybe my ideal job would be to be a Music Producer, because I am a nazi about music production, but i’m NOT really good at WRITING music. But I do know what SOUNDS good. both in terms of composition AND production.

or i get creative ideas like doing a remix of an album/songs I would like to have a different produciton; or how about this, Mix a Live Recording in with a Studio Recording to make it a bit rawer, hehehe.

or remix the live recording to make it sound better.

anyway you absolutely can NOT make a living doing this, it is not merely a horrible career choice, it’s not a career choice at all. this is a HOBBY that by DEFINITION you must do for free, because only .00000000000000001% of Music Producers do it for a LIVING. You have better chances of getting into HARVARD and entering the Elite 1% THAT way.

so, it’s also possible that women only APPEAR and SEEM Slutty because they are brainwashed by The Media and Elites, so they act and dress slutty and don’t slut-shame; but they are Really not themselves sluts because they simply don’t (yet) have the High C0x Count required to BE a slut.

Now obviously time is not their friend here – as time goes on and they get into the late twenties, they will have racked up enough c0x to be an official (old) slut. I’m talking mainly about YOUNG women – the only women worth committing to long-term.

(men always think Long Term on everything; Women always think Short Term on everything)

ANYWAY, point is, if a young 18 yo QT seems like a Slut, there’s a chance she’s really NOT, she just doesn’t KNOW any better, but she hasn’t ACTUALLY taken Manny C0x yet. you can tell when she does because then she’ll be REALLY crazy and have that dead-souled 1000-C0k Stare.

So here’s where YOU step in with your strong, traditional, masculine hand and say “NO WAY, BABY, that sh1t’s BAD. Don’t Do That.” and then steer her away from actually becoming a slut, and towards being your faithful, loving, traditional wife.

the end. wow I write better when I am Laid Off!

Also, Bookmark Websites Often, and backup your bookmarks to The Cloud often.


fri feb 28 2014 11.19pm


yep I am now officially laid off from the Worst Job Ever. it’s not a real JOB unless you are sh1tting your pants, scared sh1tless every day, thinking that K’ing yourself would mean you wouldn’t have to go to this living hell ever again, hehehe.

i suppose unemployment may get old after a week but my god. I put in for a half day on muh last day to see if they would give it to me, they did not. (note: of COURSE this is not PAID time off! you sacrifice your pay so you can get a few hours off.) the notion of 4 hours of work STILL scared me. becuase you never know what kind of weird, crazy, strange, unexpected stuff you will get next. and that you are getting judged by your supervisors when you go ask for help. and that you sound like a virgin when talking to the callers trying to explain things you don’t really know. it is all a very nerve wracking environment, every day.

so i usually start to calm down a LITTLE about 60% thru the day. thursday was pretty rough, and friday today was pretty rough too. Got a rough call in first half but good news is I handled it well. last call ever was a f00king abortion that lasted an hour, but thankfully the caller was nice.

heh. at this point i would RATHER be a JOBLESS BUM than WORK THERE hehehehe. i could not say the same about muh old Bumjob.

however it is a signif achievement for me that I WITHSTOOD and did not quit, hehehe. survived till my scheduled layoff without having a MELTDOWN or a BREAKDOWN. but it always felt like I was close, it was just a matter of time, just one bad call or one bad day away from it. did not like that at all. did not have that at old job.

and the people were mainly NICE, and even the CALLERS were mainly OK, none of the callers were really mean or godawful, the meanest ones weren’t that bad.

was talking to a ncie guy there and he said compared to another CALL CENTER he worked, this place was EASY and FUN. other place was a health insurance place where he talked to people dying of cancer and their parents and children dying of cancer, and he had to deny their claims as they died of cancer and bankrupted their families, and so they would get mad at him and scream and tell him they hoped him and his family died of cancer. that kind of sh1t. jeezum crow. pretty bad, amirite? and nothing even 1% close to that here. yet i still freaked the f00k out for almost 3 months straight.

but it was a good experience overall. got to face muh fears and get better at stuff, and a good res builder.

but it was still insufferable, and part of my PENANCE. for being a jackass from ages 18 to 26. so i figure I will pay karmic debt, penance, sentence, for 8 years to make up for those Bad 8 years, thus, Life Will Totes Suck and I will be a Huge Loser up till Age 34.  it’s only fair.

(getting close to revealing my age. won’t say how close I am to that. I could be older.)

heh now i can focus my mind on more important things, like the decadence and degeneracy of western civilization and how it is being poisoned by marxism and banksters.

the good news is i still don’t give a damn about women. the job has been the nail in the coffin for my libido. which is good, now i can focus on more important things, like finding a better job, or breaking lifetime even in gambling.

i honestly still cannot recommend Gambling as a good Job Choice…..let alone Career Choice. Though I got fake rich on poker stars, playing with more serious stakes is much, much harder. 9000000000X times harder. I will be lucky to break even.  when ideally you would MAKE more than you do at a JOB. FAT CHANCE.

so, might as well try to Get A Job. is the Lesson Learned.

heh. i thought that muh job sucked SO bad, how bad does it suck. it sucks SO bad, that I would rather get a job being the UNDERLING of one of the Gurls I used to be in love with, Girls 1 thru 7, a fair number of them became Successful Professional Career Women: Lawyers, PhD’s, Masters Degrees, Academics, Administrators, Solid Middle Class. they would not be caught dead being a MANAGER at my current job, that would be beneath them. They don’t MANAGER, they ADMINISTRATE and COORDINATE and DIRECT.

I would rather have THEM be my MANAGER, and have to face THEM every day, provided the job was chill. plus I could watch them get OLD (most have already gotten there), it would be a reminder of what a huge BULLET i dodged, I could watch them torment their husbands and children, and let them berate me for not being ambitious, I would just smile and say ok baby, now pay me a nice middle working class wage while you earn your middle middle class wage, i don’t give a damn, I’m a MGTOW, I’m living the dream.

then i will work for them till I’m 50, save up some money, and start having kids with 18 year old women. 3 kids, possib w 3 diff 18 year olds.  while my Female Bosses are divorcing their husbands, pressuring their kids to get into harvard, and secretly knowing I have the right idea. by that time i will be working from home, homeschooling my kids, and Prepping for Doomsday, hehehehehe.

not to mention enjoying my young female friends!


sun feb 23 2014 11.53a.

yes. very peaceful sunday morn. could not even sleep past 11.15 or so. got up, started drinking coffee, got a nice social engagement coming up today, very thankful. now listening to music and gambling for about an hour. set up my failproof gambling wins and losses spreadsheet. the goal is very simple: to come out ahead rather than behind. for All Time. To have Net Wins rather than Net Losses. So I recorded how much I put into the site for All Time, and compared that against my current Bankroll, to see that my All Time Performance has been to LOSE $30. great.

will also set it up so…well let’s say I start MAKING money, I would rather keep it in a blockchain wallet than leave it in this sites wallet. if i start winning SERIOUS money, then I would transfer it back to USD. of course then the FEDs might wonder about my strange bank account activity.

me me me me me I’m as bad as a WOMAN. And Women are so Messed Up because they have no outside interests other than themselves, and in some cases, their careers, or left-wing political pseudoactivism and pseudointelligence.

well my response to that is, it’s hard to get a Survival Job in 2014. very hard. I just got laid off from my Middle Working Class Job, and finding another one could take a while. What’s the secret. schmoozing with managers, that’s the f00king secret, so go schmooze with managers.  and if you can’t talk to people without pooping your pants, there’s your major malfunction right there, NUMBNUTZ. hehehe. Social Anxiety. Crippling. Turns you into a Morally Lazy Loser.

Heh 2014 will mark the Ten Year Anniversary of the last time I had proper official PIV S’ual Intercourse. Haven’t thrown the D in a V for TEN years. Around year 5 i really started to get worried. but now at year 10, i don’t even really care, other than ten years SOUNDS like a REALLY long time.

but other than that, it’s smooth sailing. my libido has gone down, I only feel like Jerking Off like twice a week, I am fully aware of what Pretty Young Women will turn into in TEN years, ie not very attractive.  you realize you are old, and the old women your age are just NOT ATTRACTIVE. You are not Attracted to Women as Much.  Let ALONE Loving them or going BATSH1T CRAZY over them like you did Ten Years Ago!!!!

You are much more concerned with Practical, PRagmatic things, like Working For A Living, Making Enough Money to Survive, being a Respectable Adult, etc. Enjoying your True Friends, if you Have Any. I am thankful that I do!

So what do you do when THEY get married and have kids? Well you can still hang out of course, unless their wife is a real demon, in which case you should be trying to keep your friend from marrying them. and you can play with the kids and be the Cool Uncle and they can vicariously be like your own kids. then when you are 50 and stable you can have your OWN kids with an 18 year old QT.

to some people this sounds perverted and creepy. well let them think that. each man must essentially go his own way, and my way is to get with an 18 yo girl when i am much older. this does not mean there is anything wrong with getting with an 18 yo gurl when YOU are 18 too. more power to you. that is just not the plan the good LORD has for me. the LORD is not done with me yet.

just like some people prefer less freedom and other people prefer more freedom.  in theory i like the idea of as much freedom as possible, but in practice i like to be Taken Care Of, and prob wouldn’t mind being a Slave to the Right Master, as bad as that sounds. Well, it’s SECURITY and STABILITY is all I’m talking about. Would be nice to have a balance between Freedom and Security.  Freedom to get a middle working class job, security to keep that job till you die. with minimal interference from gummint and single momz, hehehehehehe.

spotify jazz genre radio, give thumbs up and down to “improve” the station, and it’s not too bad son.

heh. i am INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR because I know how to appreciate JAZZ. and you can guess what I wear on muh head. heh. that’s all i need, is fedora atheists jumping on the jazz bandwagon. they prob already are. i really don’t care, i don’t actually know any fedora atheists other than the memes on the internet, which are damn funny.

you know how to make friends? how to Get Along With People? JUST AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THEY SAY. Oh yeah I AGREE, you’re Absolutely Right My Man, I KNOW, doesn’t that suck when that happens, I agree 110%.

even if you don’t. YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACTUALLY AGREE WITH THEM!!! just make them THINK you do. then that person will say, this person agrees with me, I like them, and it’s much more important for people to like you than for you to like them, because if they LIKE you, then they won’t F00K with you. and that is VERY important. You can’t disagree with ME that not being f00ked with is awesome! and that’s why it DOES matter somewhat what other people think of you, because if they like you, they won’t f00k with you or give you a hard time, and they will just leave you alone if you want to be left alone, and will do favors for you like get you a job or women or good deals if you want them to.



friday feb 21 2014 7:30pm

well muh frandz, it finally happened, I got LAID OFF. knew it was coming. I really expected it to happen LAST week. the fact that I lasted THIS long proves that I am a BOSS at muh job. but they are looking to lay off EVERYBODY. I was hoping for it as past posts have proven. still have one week of work left. previous people they just kicked them out the door immediately. one week left. and today i also got off early and was able to come home and watch jeopardy for the first time in months. this is sweet. very happy. though we’ll see how happy i am after a month of joblessness.

good news then is that i WILL get hired back in a few months because i performed well. so guaranteed a job basically. just don’t know exactly WHEN.

IDEALLY would like to find a Chiller FT Job before then though, AND perhaps go back to my old crappy PT job maybe if I don’t like collecting Unemployment, hehehe.

hoping to show off muh new people skills in interviews and really shine up muh res very nicely.

or i can just go back to skool, get a masterz degree in brand ambassadorship hehehehe. internet technology marketing analysis systems. or go to TRADE SKOOL. welding, electrician.

so say something interesting already. this blog has got real boring but now I predict it will get better. again. so i can get back to Helping YOU.

However I was just starting to get USED to my job and it was becoming slightly less stressful, because I was getting real knowledge and confidence.  this is ESSENTIAL when you have to TALK TO PEOPLE ALL DAY, being nervous really hinders your ability to listen to them and Try To Solve Their Problems.

i also have a possible Gift From GOD regarding a SWEET FT Job I would luv to have, but not gonna JINX it, will say moar if I am rejected there. The odds are Not Great, but it could happen.

ok here’s a protip for ya: buy a bag of egg noodles at the store, and then add those to your cans of soup that you make to make your soups more noodly and Substantial. Warning: May Make You Grossly Obese. and sometimes too many noodles can overwhelm the soup. just put in like a handful and let the soup simmer for 10 minutes until the noodles get soft.

protip 2: watch The Cleveland Show, it’s actually pretty funny. i look forward to watching Cleveland Show and American Dad on Adult Swim every single day after getting out of muh grueling stressful job, to relax and take the edge off. King of the Hill too if I get home early. GREAT cartoon lineup on adult swim right now. prob won’t last long as they continue to do their insulting stoner bullsh1t like dr steve brule. john c reilly is degrading himself, he actually is a good actor.

heh you know you dislike your job when rather than make decent money at it, you choose to go home early at the expense of not getting paid, just because you want free time to neckbeard on the internet for a few more hours, and not get paid decent money.

it is also a not-so-subtle sign to the management that you do not like your job, hehehe.

next day, sat 2 22 14 1 pm. welp i drank a full nyquil dose and still could not sleep past 1220pm or so, which was pleasantly suprising. now making a fresh mix cd (must do at LEAST once every 2 months as a record of your musical life), chilling out.

drinking coffee and playing cards and will take a powerwalk and go to church and treat self to a Comfort Dinner, maybe “Chinese” food today.

yes when you get a day off, you thank the lord for the chance to sit around and do nothing. no homework, no chores, just sitting around neckbearding on the internet. no wife, no kids, no housework. well for a few solid hours at least. more tryhard f4gg0ts would be working on their MASTERZ DEGREEZ right now. SUCKERS.

heheh there is at least one guy AT my current job, on my current pay grade, who DOES have a Masters Degree. Real Nice Guy. But I feel SORRY for him that he cannot make his masterz degree pay off, and I tell myself I do not want to be in HIS position.  real nice guy, and real smart, and does his job real well, he is nice to me and i am nice to him and he is very likeable.  but he works this ridic job because he’s got an infant child to support, he doesn’t have a choice.

won a decent pot (came in with 4.00, left with 7.00) with the rightfully awesome hand AA, where I rightfully raised preflop. the guy I showed down with had KK.  lesson learned: if you raise preflop with KK, you may well get beaten by a guy with AA.  i should step the f away from the table NOW. or soon i will be losing it all and spending 40 bucks a month on gambling instead of 20!!!!! and have crossed the rubicon into official Gambling Problem Territory! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!

sat 534 pm. skipped out 60% of the way thru church cuz it was boring, the sermon uncharacteristically lame (for the “turn the other cheek” gospel of tolerance and diversity and forgiveness), and i was starving, so got some “chinese” takeout and just gobbled it down and it was f00king rediculously delicious and i gave thanks to GOD. Sesame chicken, fried rice, extra soy sauce of course, nice greasy egg roll, and a QUART of egg drop soup, with a bag of “soup noodles”. No I did not eat it ALL. I ate maybe 57% of it all. but it was SOOOO GOOD.  I had been LITERALLY waiting all week for this delicious meal.

treat yourself to a nice meal like this once a week after a long hard godawful week of WORK.