fri 1 24, 1129 p

yep can’t do a full post here. too tired. drink coffee and crash. very cold day, super cold and then very windy on top of it, made Smoking Outside really difficult. and when you have a Super Stressful Job, SMOKING is a MUST. You’re an idiot if you DON’T smoke.

too wiped out to even listen to music, just watching family guy filth in the bg, dam this show is filth. gimme american dad all day instead. DONE with fam guy.

so anyway, if i get laid off, I must not take it personally, because they WANT to lay ALL the new people off, they are looking for ANY reason, plus the people there NOW were given MORE CHANCES when THEY started, THEY had it EASIER than WE do. Period. Fact. Yes that is the way the Business World works sometimes, I guess that’s fine. it will mean I get this weight lifted from muh shoulders hehehehe.

My advice to You is, move back in with your Family, bonus points if they are Above Water on their Mortgage, then when they die, you remain in the house, and one day, you will prob own the house, and then just stay there until you neighborhood Goes Bad as many neighborhoods inevitably do. see how that works?

it is all very interesting. Bourgeois Middle Class people never live in neighborhoods that “go bad”. In a way I am Middle Class enough because when my childhood neighborhood started to go bad, we had the Middle Class Privilege of being able to Move Away from that. Many people do not have that privilege.

I won’t even discuss How or Why Neighborhoods Go Bad, just that they DO, and this makes life unpleasant for the people who live there. PERIOD.

so then you try to find an affordable neighborhood that won’t go Bad for like 30 years. some neighborhoods never go bad, and the home values go up instead of go down.

for some people, Renting probably IS a better deal than buying. instead of the Ideal of Home Ownership being the American Dream. because it’s not owning a home, it’s being a Debt Slave for 30 years, a huge albatross around your neck, a TRAP, worse than a wife, hahaha. DON’T GET SUCKERED INTO A MORTGAGE.

heh. unless you are sure your house will be worth MORE in 30 years.

My fam was/is Solid Upper Working Class, Lower Middle Class, Union Jobs, etc, classic live within your means, save, fiscally conservative, don’t take out huge loans, try to pay your house off, etc, and I really appreciate those values, that ethic. because it guarantees me a house to live in for the next 30 years hehehehehe, a place off of the streets. and muh current neighborhood might just last another 30 years before it turns into a “GHETTO” hehehhe.

“calling a neighborhood a GHETTO is RACIST!!!!”

again, not even gonna get into that. I AM a little racist, I don’t care if saying that is a little racist, if the nieghborhood were full of poor law-abiding minorities it wouldn’t be a ghetto, it’s when they are poor AND belligerent.

i have reached the age where I don’t care anymore about being a racist. SO BE IT. there are more important things in life, like finding a decent job, finding decent mates, finding a decent home.  who cares if you’re so RACIST that you don’t want to live in a GHETTO. caring about that BS is for 20 year olds and collegefags.

When the Going Gets Tuff, the Tuff Get RACIST.

Imma Racist And I Don’t Care, Imma Racist and I Don’t Care.

Heh. Getting Laid off would give me plenty of time to make my Documentary about Job Searching and Surviving in 2014, for people who Aspire to be Upper Working Class.

Maybe the more reasonable thing is to Aspire to be Middle or Lower Working Class? well, muh current Godawful Job is prob Middle Working Class. And it’s already hard as hell to hold down THAT job.

so i guess lower working class would essentially be Working Poor. Aspire To Be Working Poor. working at walmart, minimum wage, several low-wage part time jobs. and this is clearly the way Jobs Are Going.

nothing really profound there, and this not prounfound realization drive many people to become COMMUNISTS, and I almost went that way, and I don’t want to go that way again. No Sir. The Right is Right for me. Of course I can still be a Strict Rightist and be against CRONY Capitalism, right?  well, I am becoming more of a Nationalist anyway, I believe that a country should look out for the best interests of its citizens, ie, keeping wages high in the nation. BUT without minimum wage laws. so how then. how to Stimulate Job Growth In Your Country. I dunno, I don’t have an MBA hahahaha.

Well not taking out huge loans to buy a house and go to college would be a great first step, that most average people could easily take, that would involve no gummint intervention whatsoever.

or maybe just work for your family business. Your Father can’t fire you, hahahahahaha. but he can pay you nothing. but you can prob get in on his business health care and live at his house, hehehe. Not really sure, did not come from an Entrepreneurial Family. But some people do. Like First Gen Immigrants who come over and start a business and have kidz. Good for them I say. Maybe. But I would rather instill that work ethic into Muh Fellow Americans. or just muh self, hahaha.

maybe i just have a horrible work ethic and THAT is what makes me unable to hold down a Middle Working Class Job, hahahaha. just don’t have the Right Attitude for SURVIVAL. just a morally lazy loser, hehehe. no that can’t be, that is what I am fighting against, and helping you fight against, so we can call survive on this gay earth, in this super ridiculous Working World.