might have already had a post with that title, heh.

10.58pm, jan 24, 2014, FRIDAY

YEP made it thru another week. turns out friday is not very slow, indeed it’s actually one of the WORST/busiest days of the week. NICE. GIMME MOAR.

BUT…the new hires at muh jerb are seemingly being held to a higher standard, because they are looking to lay off anyone and everyone, especially newer people. If you are not performing super high quality right away, boom instalayoff. Quite honestly I would be surprised if I were NOT laid off soon, like in the next 2 weeks. and I honestly wouldn’t MIND it.

So when you get a tough question on some really weird sh1t, not only do you have to pretend you’re an expert on the matter and be cool and cofident….ok now there is a level of higher pay grade “supervisors” who have been there longer, level 2 if you will, and you can ask them for help. But if you ask them for help TOO MUCH, then you get laid off, because you’re bugging them, and should be learning faster, and utilizing the other static literature resources, instead of asking an actual person. because you’re new and aren’t picking it up fast enough, aren’t getting over the learning curve fast enough, BOOM, layoff.  If you struggle, layoff. If you struggle and ask one of these people for help instead of searching for the needle in a haystack, boom, layoff.

Heh. Pretty sure I WANT to be laid off! And I think my previous plan of letting muh performance slip might just WORK, ie, they would be QUICK to lay me off rather than turn up the pressure on me and force me to quit. because they’re laying SO MANY people off right now. I assume they will be paying them Unemployment rather than saying they were FIRED for GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Because they’d rather Lay people off for Minor Negligence.  just hope that doesn’t show up in a background check. because this stuff is kinda hard and it Just Takes Time to Learn. if you’re not a Superfast Learner…..layoff. they will not keep you around just to abuse you.

so i had a decent day thrusday and a pretty rough day friday. first call of the day was loooooong, MUCH longer than they want. at least 3 superiors were aware and watching me. ton of weird sh1t one after the other. the caller was nice thank god, but now I’m learning it’s not really the callers you have to be most worried about, it’s your superiors thinking you’re asking them too many questions.

and of course they can see exactly how long you’ve been on a Call, so if you go over x minutes you get a message IS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT? and where I thought that may be Courteous Concern, like How May I Help You, it might also mean, you better get this solved fast so you can move on to more calls, oh now you’re asking “Stupid questions” to your superiors, duly noted, now you’re fired.

so it was a super busy day friday and they offered overtime, meaning you could stay past your closing time. this happened last friday too but I scurried off at my normal time, i just wanted to get out of there; and said well maybe next friday I will do it, just to make a good impression. so that indeed happened so I decided to stay an extra hour at least. but had a couple of more long weird calls during that time. so me doing overtime looks good, but me taking a long time looks bad. 70% of the people that were hired in at the same time as me, are GONE. I will DEF be next. after today, I am sorta EXPECTING to get laid off next week. And I wouldn’t terribly MIND.

I could PROBABLY go back to muh old job, which of course pays not much more than Unemployment prob would. But I would Kiss The Ground there. I would be an EVEN BETTER employee than I was when I was there, because I have already picked up Great New Skills from new job.

WHAT IF I couldn’t get the old job back. well, then just collect unemployment, make about as much money, and have even moar time to search for new job.  but just BEING Unemployed makes you look bad to Employers, hehehe, in other words, getting muh old job back would help me in finding a new job from there, better than being Completely Jobless.



Heh or WHEN I get laid off I can just go to trade school. not sure the best. Kinda like electrician because I have a Frand who is one. but is Welding, HVAC, or PLumbing Signif less “risky” than electrician? dunno. dunno even how to ANSWER that question. and who can you trust to answer that question correctly. answer: not an electrician skool, hehehehe.

f00k this gay earth.gif, hehehehe

felt pretty bad about eating that MEdicinal Edible 1 week ago, because how am I gonna pass a DRUG TEST for 1 month, hehehe, just 1 month flushed down the toilet. how do medicine takers get and keep jobs. don’t take that medicine. just go to the doc and get an rx for powerful, addictive benzos, hehehehe.

wanted to make some cigs tonight but honestly too dam tired. drinking coffee at 11pm just to get some writing in.

nontheless i am THANKFUL to the LORD for this CHARACTER-BUILDING TRIAL. really getting put through the ringer here. while it would be humbling to be laid off for being “incompetent”, it is very important to remember that the people who have BEEN there a year or more were under the gun LESS when they were first hired in, ie, they had more of an allowance for screwups. meanwhile, us new hires in late 2013, we screwup, we’re gone. the old timers were given a good cushion to Learn. We are not.