sun jan 19, 213p

so this is pubd the day after vtines day. more like valentines GAY, amirite? heh. the only people who like valentines day are WOMEN, f4ggots, betas, kissless virgins, fedora f4ggots, niceguys, beta orbiters, wimps, unmasculine men, boys not men. GROW A PAIR. MAN UP. hehehehe. Be An 4sshole To Women, so Women can S your D. And Moar!

I don’t HATE women, I just don’t Kiss Women’s A just because they’re Women. Women are often bigger filthy degenerate animals than men! I do not have a UNrealistically Inflated Opinion of Women On Average, I don’t HATE WOMEN, you LIARS!

well, to my political and ideological enemies, they are liars, but to all my fellow wirgins and losers and weaklings, you are muh frands.

just went for nice powerwalk in the freezing cold, good stuff, wish i could do this every day, and i wasn’t so busy working, worrying, and trying to get muh sleep. hehehe. brisk powerwalk is by far my favorite form of exercise, I will gladly go out in the freezing winter. I even bought a PONCHO in case its RAINING. I have a decent pair of sortof boots which have been serving me well doing this. heh. maybe I should go for a huge powerwalk at night after I get done with work. I will have to buy some Reflectors for muh Safety if I’m going to be out at night. Ideally would carry a Firearm as well. Can I Open Carry? if your state doesn’t have Open Carry, then go get a Concealed Weapon License.

“not have a diagnosed mental illness at the time the application is made, regardless of whether he or she is receiving treatment” ; heh what if you are taking Meds for “Depression” at the time the app is made. Or Anxiety. heheheh.

well state laws can be ridic and can prob be gotten around with A Law-yer, however Lawyers are expensive as f00k. This is for a Concealed Carry. I could probably do Open Carry even if I were taking Medz for Depression,which I will not confirm or disconfirm in Jan 2014.  although I might in the future hehehe.


well, at the very least, you could prob carry a sharp f00king Hunting Knife you bought at Walmart. Come On. And I won’t advise to Illegally Carry A Gun, but I will Say most Violent Criminals Prone To Committing Gun Violence are more than likely not carrying their own guns legally!!!

heh. I’m SIMPLY talking about protecting yourself from violent criminals while you try to take a relaxing WALK at Night because you have no time to do so during the day!!!!

well i just went and updated muh res with muh new job, it’s very rough right now, but i am just putting a ridiculous amount of stuff on the res, TOO MUCH really, to make me look qualified (or overqualified!!!) for that coveted $12 an hour low stress FT job.  Like I say, the new additions sound pretty good, and it will look pretty good, but I gotta work on the format a little more, making it look neat. added my “independent study” on there to REALLY beef up the res, ALMOST felt guilty, like I was lying or exagerrating, but at this point in life, I can’t feel too guilty about BSing a little to try to get my foot in the door, just trying to get an interview here, for an Entry Level Job. If I’m ever Looking For Anything UP from an Entry Level Job, then I will be moar selective in what I put on my res, ie, RELEVANT stuff only. But at this point, just about anything and everything is relevant.  To prove I’m smart, reliable, trainable, good with people, not a disturbed maniac, hehehehe.

USE RIDIC WORDS AND BUZZWORDS ON YOUR REZ SO YOU SOUND SMART. for example “variegated” hehehe. just come right out and say you have Superior Soft Skills in Communicating with Clients and Customers. You Can TALK TO PEOPLE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say even blatant LIE as long as the lie can’t be disproven….

BUT, IN CONTRAST, if you lie on your concealed carry application and say you’ve never taken SSRI’s, but you have, then you’ve falsified your gun app and that itself is  prob a crime, and will definitely prohibit you from ever getting a concealed carry at the very least. Not that it’s RIGHT for the gumming to be so invasive! BUT it’s still better than Communism or China or Africa or 90% of the other words countries. Except maybe Switzerland, hehehehe. Yes, every person in switzerland owns like 10 guns.  and they are beautiful and healthy and not fat and probably the swiss franc is backed by gold. (citation needed). I would emigrate there but naturally it is next to impossible to become a Swiss Citizen.

but prob employers doing mere background checks on you might be more lax than the gummint doing a gun check on you, less invasive, and so you were bad with a customer once doesn’t mean you aren’t Great With Customers! You Can’t Prove It! Put the Burden of Proof on THEM to PROVE that you were Horrible with Customers every single time, becuase then they’re bound to find the one or more times you were GREAT with customers!!!!

Lesson Learned: buy A REflective Apron or something with Lights on it that you can wear to be visible to cars on your NightTime Walks, take a sharp knife with you at least for protection, and lie about anything that can’t be proven/disproven on your res.