sat jan 18 2014, 10.24a

ok just got up from previous round of marathon posting. muh “edible” is completely worn off, I feel pretty good, DEF could have slept another 2 hours, but wanted to be a tryhard with muh chores, including: laundry, grocery shopping, maybe a haircut, make 20 cigs, go to dinner with fam at 4 pm, hopefully do all muh chores today, oh yeah, and go for a HUGE powerwalk in there. HUGE. HAVE to. really WANT to.

had a dream where I was at muh Job, hehehe.

listening to classical music now. might switch to gregorian chant (monks) or hildegard von bingen (church music), might stick with classical. but do want to squeeze in as much music as possible todaym when i have a chance to enjoy it, and cut back on the poison tv. just weather channel. cold as hell and light snow. well, not cold as hell, like 20 degrees, that is a heatwave compared to -20.

yep just put the Darks in the Laund which justifies me writing a little bit and neckbearding on the net, drink muh large coffee, etc.

sorry for the narciss, but this blog ebbs and flows. i need to get out the narciss and then once in a while i come out with a huge Inspirational post like a couple posts ago, really hit the stride. its all part of the process. ebb and flow.

heh no time for a nap on muh day off, too much to do. should REALLY do some good job search today to actually send out apps for Chiller Jobs.

“But JOBS aren’t SUPPOSED to be CHILL. That’s not what A JOB IS.”

Well, my prev job was chill as f00k. I concede these jobs might be few and far between, but they are out there. but you will prob have to Schmooze and Kiss A and Buy Dinners  and Make Phone Calls in order to get them. WELL WORTH IT.

maybe go to your local pawn shop or gold/silver shop and ask about silver, see what THEIR premium is. ok so “premium” is just the price above “spot” or regular market price. and all sellers are going to add a premium, just a MARKUP like any seller does, and for mail order will include shipping, insurance, etc, extra charges to keep themselves in business and make a profit, etc. fine that’s understandable. but as the buyer you still want the lowest premium.  provident metals might be a good one for online??? sm metals? apmex is a great selection and service but pretty high premium it seems.

junk silver? I do not not recommend this! would like to talk to a trusted silver expert though. so you can buy one ounce of 90% silver coins….but is that one TROY ounce, which is like .12 oz more than an ounce ounce? I guess metals are SUPPOSED to be sold as a troy ounce, and it will be troy ounce but still say just “ounce” on the coin, which is why I’d prefer to buy rounds that say “TROY ounce” right on the round.

worst case scenarion: junk silver is about 90% silver, not 99.9% silver like “nonjunk” pure silver. so you buy 1 nontroy ounce (or is it troy?) of 90% silver…..then you should be paying like 89% the price you would for a 999 silver round troy ounce right??

got to read zero hedge moar!

yeah as I say you can get phd’s in currency and finance and money and it is pretty mathy and that is good. now say the rothschilds or bildbergs or whoever have secretly hoarded 99% of the silver in the world and the outside world doesn’t even know it EXISTS, then they could dump it and drive silver way down. thoeretically.

some people say that is whats happening with gold, but not with silver.

anyway. I am moderately interested in silver and bitcoin right now, but certainly not well informed on either enough to be an authority, or to want to invest large amts of money. just little. i mean i go to the casino sometimes too, and this might be a better bet than the casino.  plus it gives good FEELS to look at your little pile of silver and hold it; or to see you bitcoins in the wallet and watch their value increase, hopefully.

should we trust coinbase? I don’t even. tbh I just did a (SMALL!!) Bank Account Transaction with them because I trust them enough not be be able to drain my bank account. why? because they received a 25 million venture capital grant and have founders/developers from HYPSM? Yeah I guess, hehehe. and i can always transfer to a different WALLET if I don’t like their Wallet system. still learning this. should take a class in, hehehe.

does JUST what that url implies. NICE.

WARNING: though liberty metals looks good from there, and i’m sure they are great people, there is a HUGE shipping fee, HUGE, that essentially makes them not worth it for online buyers. but def stop in their store if you are in scottsdale! or san diego! tldr: that above website does not take into account shipping, which, IMHO, IS part of PREMIUM aka “above spot.” still trying to teahc myself this stuff.

if i were opening up my own online silver shop, which is not a terrible idea, i would tell the custo RIGHT AWAY how much the shipping is, just include EVERYTHING in the premium, in the price, ALL INCLUSIVE, so you know in 1 sec just how much you’re EXACTLY paying for 1 troy oz of silver. 22$? 26$? more like it, hahahaha. I would make the “hidden fees” right there on the first page, not make you sign in just to tell you you have to buy $100 minimum, or pay 10$ for shipping, or 3% extra for CC or paypal; NOTE: some places you can save by buying with bitcoin, hehehe.

buy yeah silver and Precious Metals can simply be a Welcome Distraction from worrying about your Job or how you may be a Huge Loser. Then you can become a Silver Expert one day and have a chill job doing that.