fri jan 17 2014 1134pm

yep on the third post IN ONE NIGHT here. friday night, party night, and THIS is muh party. BLOGGING.  thats how you know im for REAL.

sorry for the typing sloppiness, just about letting it flow, getting it all out quickly, typing FAST to get it all, and also not trying too hard!!

so you’re with me on this journey. coming for a ride with me on this buggy. a man’s attitude goes some ways. the way his life will be. heh like the shining, I should watch that movie soon too.

the edible. ok I ate it at about 930 and now it’s 1130. def cottonmouth but barely any “buzz”, starting to think I should have ate 100% instead of 50%!

well damn I think I might!!!! i guess it would be best now.

heck. I don’t drink anymore and never really plan to, but this I could see self doing. maybe. I just don’t want to PUKE or anything like that.

but it would also be nice just to be “rid” of it…. ok gonna do it. 1144pm okay I ate it like 5 minutes ago. 1140p lets say. Yeah the taste. it def TASTES like Medicine, kinda gross actually, cuz even though the smell is technically good, it also carries with it The Noids. forever assoc with That Smell. ANYWAY yeah pretty sure I am Still Peaking and with this, I Def will be Peaking a bit higher, who knows when. stomach is gurgling. drank a bunch of water. def cottonmouth have I said that, hehehe.

can only listen to so much METAL before switching to Chill Nighttime Jazz. Not saying any form is superior, I’m a bigger Metal Fan, but in 2013 and 14 I appreciate Chill Nighttime Jazz like none other, listening to the station on the drive home is a Huge Blessing Gift From GOD, and not a decadent degenerate hedonistic pleasure like drugs (heh) or Sex or Pr0n or any of that Poison, hehehe.

the stuff was at least a month old so it was crusty and tough, but I was expecting that. I’m just glad it wasn’t Moldy. So I chewed it with a mouthful of water to soften it up. again, you don’t eat it for the taste.

but I really like the IDEA of Edibles. also I have never done this with the full intent of WRITING WHILE doing it, so, cross that one off the bucket list. A Dream Achieved, hehehe.

and Last Time I DID IT was….october…about 4 months ago. There I smoked one huge lungbusting Toke and was immediately BLAZED for like 3 or 4 straight hours, hit hard and fast with the anxiety and freaking out, then after 4 hours, chilled the f00kout.

i think right now might be Peak Fedora, there are a lot of internet searches about Fedoras this week. might have been a Mainstream Media article about Fedoras and the Dorks Who Wear Them. I know there was a Feminist Fedora-Shaming Article but i can’t imagine that as mainstream, unless it’s like HuffPo, which of course I despise. That’s Not Journalism! That’s Not Editorialism! That’s not Professional Writing! That’s F00king GARBAGE! I will take My Own Blog ANY DAY over that CESS! God damn talk about f4gg0t losers that don’t want to WORK! Like to see them get a REAL job, down in the trenches of Real Proles! Working Class Losers Racist PROLES! But they get Cushy Nowork Careers because they went to the Right Skools and sucked the Right D’s. I’m not even being a Bitter Hater. I’m just Stating the Truth, with a little bit of Rightfully-Had Indignation! In a Fair World! But the world isn’t fair! and then all of life is dealing with, adapting to, Life’s Not Fair. you find your own way to deal with it. to cope.

OR you turn into a huge morally lazy loser with occasional K Yourself thoughts, and then you found This Blog, or Wizardchan, or r9k. The Ahole of the Internet, the bottom of the barrel worst losers of life.  Well out of all those, Mine is the best because it will Save Your Soul and Help Us All.

heh need that jazz stream to load now, hehe. but yeah i am thankful to be here doing this, finally getting the writing plug unplugged, get a serious stream going. prob have one more post left now!

12a exact. nice. ok note to self, new rule is 1 month from current date, for scheding posts in advance. do one every other day until 1 month in future. THEN start “filling in blanks.” after a few days, have a new 1 month in advance date. see what i mean. because I don’t have time to write any more, so I now just do like 3 or 4 posts on friday night and slowly leak them out hahaha. obviously. that’s why i put the date and time. not trying to BAMBOOZLE anyone, but ALSO do not want to publish more than 1000 word posts, because 90000000 word posts DO NOT SAVE LIVES!!!

Solid Gold Stuff there, yall kids better listen!

did i give an Official Recommendation to Bitcoin yet? I would say spend a LITTLE just to have some FUN. I have spent ABOUT $40 so far to get myself to about .04 BTC. nice round number.

NOW, it would have been much better to buy a TON before Oct/Nov 2013, when BTC went from like 50 dollars to 900 dollars. good god what a big jump. and has stayed super high ever since. and then I guess it will go back down this year. and THEN I will buy moar. maybe 60$ more! but only when it goes back down, hopefully (??) down to where it was. heh. how do these market fluctuations work. shoulda had an economics major in there. alongside the Math and Engineering Double Major. Math + Elec Engin + Econ TRIPLE MAJOR. F00ok minors.  well actually there, you could prob have econ be your minor I guess, in a pinch, if pressed. If stressed, hehehe.

also I kinda want to read up on some BTC right now and also play a little CARDS, darn, haven’t done that in FOREVER.

update 144 AM wow late: yep did just that. looked on ebay for silver. trying to find best silver dealer. LOWEST PREMIUM. LOWEST PRICE ABOVE SPOT. pretty sure Apmex is Not That Silver Dealer, although they are i guess reliable and really fast shipping!

also the stuff never really kicked in too hardcore. just the slight tingling. no stress. heh. maybe that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to feel like. Or maybe it wore off in potency after just sitting around unrefrigerated for a month, hehehe. Not bad though. better to be underwhleming than overwhleming.

so i bought some silver thru apmex, big above spot premium. also semireluctant made a small BTC purchase with coinbase, which had a much smaller “premium” than going thru Virwox and The Old USD To Lindens To BTC Swindle, hehehe. But I don’t trust Coinbases Wallet system so will move the BTC from Coinbase Wallet to Blockchain Wallet. But use Coinbase for the actual buying of USD to BTC.  Want to buy no more than $50 if (*when ahahaha) it goes below $700 in……3 months, hahahaha.

very tired, def time for bed. all partied out hahahaha.