jan 9 1001pm

yep. was thinking BOOT CAMP would be EASY compared to this, because even if they’re MEAN and SCREAMING at you to do stuff fast, they’re at least telling you exactly what to do. I think. like make the bed super tight, shine your shoes, etc. unless the military sucks, and that’s why people leave the military, hehehe. there are a number of veterans and ex-military at muh job now. why didn’t they just stay in the military? wasn’t it better than this?

the people here are DESPERATE because they have KIDS to support and huge huge crippling DEBT to pay off, that’s why they are angry when their overtime gets cut, and I understand that. but thank GOD I do not have KIDS or Super Crippling Debt, thank GOD, I am not that DESPERATE., thank GOD, that’s why I became a believer, because my situation in life is really GOOD, and I SHOULD be thankful.

Dunno. I CAN handle some stress. just not this much. been handling it OK so far, but now I’m worried about when I will snap.

just about any job seems better. well…. hehehe there ARE a LOT of really sh1tty stressful jobs out there, and EVERY job is stressful in its own way.

I was worried when I started my previous job, nervous. But I SWEAR I wasn’t THIS nervous, for so long, and I built confidence quickly because the tasks were simple and straightforward. and the customer contact wasn’t nearly as stressful, and finding answers to their questions was easy.

makes me even reconsider going to GRAD SKOOL for what my old job was, just to work in that type of place again, however, that job market SUCKS, and tons of people get that grad degree, but no job, because the amt of jobs is shrinking. so, no grad skool then, hehehehe.

FUNERAL HOME. that’s another MAGIC BULLET. I actually KNOW a guy who has a FT Funeral Home job, and he has not quit after a few months hehehe. he helps out around the funeral home, drives the hearse, drives the bodies to from the morgue, helps embalming, etc, prob stands around with a suit during the services, don’t think he is heavily involves with the “sales” or “customer service” portion. i mean either you have the power to haggle prices for the funeral or you don’t, right??? I should be pumping THIS guy to get me in at the funeral home!!!!!!

and DEF setting up a funeral home indeed search!


not sure if I can suggest that you go to GRAD SKOOL in “Mortuary Science”. I guess if you can get in on a good job, then go ahead.

what else.  yep also muh job is noisy and there’s too many people in the office. it just looks and sounds overwhelming. couple that with the calls and damn.

CALL CENTER. a very unique kind of hell.


was also thinking it would be great to be a Maintenance Man. I got real friendly with a Maint Man at my previous job. Real friendly. Great guy, and he did not seem to HATE his job or be STRESSED OUT all the time. he would get overtime, but doing straightforward maint tasks like plowing the parking lot after a snowstorm or setting up for an event. not really ANY customer contact to tell the truth, just walking around and doing little stuff and chit chatting with everyone in the departments.  i would do his job for less than they are paying him, hehehe. theoretically. I want him to keep his job till he retires, he is a good man, good man with a family, children.

f00000k. SO should have gotten an ENGIN degree and not a gay f4gg0t455 useless “social sciences” degree. come ON, I was a stupid angsty KID, I didn’t KNOW any better!!!!!!!!!!!


I’d clean disgusting sh1t out of a toilet as long as I had gloves. I’d buy my own f00king gloves! buy my own gloves, uniform, mask, I don’t care!

who gives a sh1t if those jobs are loser jobs and no woman will want you. I don’t WANT a woman. I have never wanted a woman LESS in my life. I just want a Low Stress FT Job, hehehe. Dear God.

midnight shift warehouse stocking job.

gas station clerk.

go to indeed and just search “full time.” period.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK. you can learn ACCOUNTING for Gods sakes. I got in A in 3 accounting classes. not hard.

heh. when you are DESPERATE to GET OUT of your current job, amazing how that will make you WANT to JOB SEARCH. before, I was not really motivated to job search, because I was not DESPERATE to GET OUT. I LIKED my job, I just knew I “had to” get out of it because it was a total loser job, but by GOD I LIKED it, so I didn’t TRY real hard to get a diff job.