janu 9 2014 10.22am

woke up little early today, lord God, thank God I am surviving. this is rough. got muh OT cut today and lots of people are unhappy about losing Big OT Bux, but I am THANKFUL for shorter shifts and less stress. I saw one person say “MONEY > SLEEP” and that was very illustrative, because I think “SLEEP >>>> MONEY” and especially “LOWER STRESS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MONEY”. Dear Lord God Almighty.

Again I appreciate the skills I’ve developed in such a short time. If I had schmoozed at my old job with the Schmoozing Srevice skillz I’ve shown just in the past one week, I might have schmoozed my way into a Decent FT job THERE. been comfortable talking to Department HEads, Manager’s Managers, etc, and kissing A into a sweet FT cushy lifetime job.


And My Eval where I was given a Passing Score on the very first week, when the average for first week is Way, Way below passing, well that Objectively Proves I have GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS TALKING.

call center. just the words bring up that feeling of fear, anxiety, DREAD. I forgot to mention DREAD as part of that mind and sould-killing anxiety, worst feeling in the world by far. DREAD.

call center. phones. callers. phone time. call center. call center. I dread to even think the words. I hesitated using them before, as it might identify me and get me fired for blogging about muh JOB, but that might actually be kind of interesting really. I’m not saying anything BAD about the people, the company, or the managers, I’m just saying the darn call center environment is super stressful, WAY more stress and dread than I’m used to, and it’s taking a while to get used to it, if that lasts more than two weeks, i’m dipping into emergency fund, going to doc, and demanding XANAX.

said that would be two weeks from last friday, jan 3rd. so doc on friday jan 17 if no better. but it HAS gotten better even in one week. that first post where I really started freaking out? that was a REAL SLOW DAY where I was only on phones for like five hours. NOT a BUSY day where I was on phones for TEN hours. And i’ve handled a couple of those without dying.

and to be fair, it’s not pure talking for ten hours. only seven! it does slow down near the end THANK GOD. THANK GOD.

jan 9 2014 942 pm

darn. outta WORK, only 8.5 hours today, not 10.5, meaning, time to PARTY, ie, BLOG haha. no really I should be using this time to squeeze out job apps, so I can interview Next Week, get a job offer Next Week, and then Start the job the following week. should be busting 4ss. because muh current/new job is dreadful. absolutely dreadful. so I can do the fake confidence, i’m even getting moar REAL confidence. but I cannot imagine how Manual Labor could be worse than THIS. the only thing that could possibly be worse is a RESTAURANT. in fact, thhis seems very much like a restaurant, with 900000000000000 very detailed items on the menu, where you also have to do a lot of Cooking in addition to Serving.

maybe i am just butthurt about Training, a diff method of training might have worked better. for example: have new people take calls the very first day, BUT have TWO people take the calls, where the newbie says the easy stuff just to practice saying it, and the seasoned pro jumps in to handle the tech details and gently guide the newbie. and “break in” the newbies during slow times only. and do not let the newbies take calls alone until they have taken at least 100 calls and actually FEEL good and confident and say so.  yep that would have been a lot better.

well this is my punishment for not taking initaive during “shadowing”, where we got like 3 days of watching people take calls, and during a kind of slow time. the REAL go getters would actually take those calls, and have a seasoned person right there to help them. I should have been more gung ho about taking those calls when there was actually someone there to help, rather than sit back and just watch and listen and observe and ask questions, hehehe.

it would have prob been a lot better if I STARTED at a slow time, rather than starting RIGHT BEFORE “peak season.”

heh. this might light a fire under my A to actually start TRADE SCHOOL for electrician or HVAC or welding. I would go to trade school 100 hours a week starting tomorrow if it was chiller than this job.

I UNDERSTAND you ALWAYS have to deal with CUSTOMERS at SOME point on the job. its UNAVOIDABLE. i dealt with customers all the time at muh previous job. but they asked the same 5 questions over and over again, and there was always someone I could direct them to for further help. thats what I really don’t like about the new job. It’s real difficult to get help from others when you really need it, and if you really sh1t the bed on a call, you have no parachute or lifeline. you just have to stumble through and hope the cust hangs up on you rather than berates you for an hour because you can’t help them and you can’t turn to anyone else to fix it for you. you have to stay calm and engineer the solution yourself, and if you’re drowing, no one will save you. That I do NOT like.

YES these IS a way to access help from higher-level people. BUT this method is very shaky and slow because there are so many lower level people that need higher level help for weird stuff, so it becomes a waiting game of us, waiting on them, and then trying to communicate that stuff CONFIDENTLY to the caller.

ok next post.