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yeah buddies.

dec 27 fri 2013, 10:01 am. could not sleep cuz think muh health has crossed the line into an official cold. coughing and morning congestion & desperately breaking out the cold pills. got a semi stressful day at the J.O.B. today, assessing us on our skeels, an official end to Training and official Start of Official Serious Business.

Still a bit butthurt that muh job layoff will occur about….well 4 or 5 months earlier than I thought it would, so that IS signif. that is thousands of dollar$. but I am already thinking about how I am gonna handle the job search, and pass that wisdom on to you.

Before, I swore on using a HUGE indeed search query where you used OR OR OR OR to chain together all the job keywords you wanted: entry-level OR administrative assistant OR full time OR or company A OR company B or intern OR technician OR clerk OR assistant OR city of X OR that kind of thing.

Now I OFFICIALLY RECANT, and say, NOPE, just SAVE a SEPARATE SEARCH for each of those 9000 keywords, ie, so you will now have 90000 saved searches, AND have those emailed to you every week. at least your top ten!

will let you know how that plays out. am sure i will be complaining about that in the spring/summer.

great business buzzword: talking about “BUSINESS NEEDS.” mention “BUSINESS NEEDS” in your interview.

file under talk like a smart person.  interesting because Business Buzzwords are not REALLY smart, plus you can be smart but spag pockets, and sound like a total retard when you talk. lose lose.

new years eve. gay day. new years gay. go to a party and creepily hover around the drunkest grill there and maybe you can finally make out with a grill at midnight, hahahaha.

but seriously folks. grills are probably at their sl00ttiest all year on NYE, giving you the Best Chances to Close The Deal.

still can’t get over muh brilliant eureka archimedes flash of genius, when I “discovered” that whether you spend $300 on a hooker for 30 minutes, or $300 on a Grill over several Dates, you will still prob get S out of the deal, so you might as well do it with the Nonhooker.

even perfectly nice girls who don’t deserve you to be a huge D to them, who have never been a big B to anyone, will just let things SLIP OUT, like really personal information, like you can be sitting 10 feet away from them and eavesdropping, and they will tell the people around them that they’ve only known for a few days about how their first Boifran, their First Luv, broke their hart by cheating on them with a string of ten 16 year old gurls. and that piece of personal information is very relevant, and very Explicatory when dealing with that woman. THAT EXPLAINS A LOT! note: this does not mean the gurl is a sl00t or a wh0re and that i should treat her like a piece of disposeable garbage! only a SOCIOPATH or a TRUE WOMAN-HATER would think that!

dec 28 12 am

heh. who even cares about grills. you should be Socially Networking at the New YEars Gay party with other MEN to help get you a Lower Middle Working Class Full Time Union Job. This is about 90000000000 more important than S with the qtest 18yo QT.

but I am here to learn lessons and share them with you. i am very nice and friendly to the people at muh new job, because I want them to be very nice and friendly to me. the beautiful thing is the job gives us a lot to talk about. the talk only goes into Other Topics when we are outside Smoking, and I will try to have no more than 2 cigarettes on an 8 hour shift, which i do not think is excessive. and those talks are brief and friendly as well, like talking about their previous jobs, or skool, or their kids. nobody wants to be a D to you, everybody just wants to get along.

so whats the worst case scenario. I get my planned layoff, but then DON’T get invited back, and get to collect 6 months of Unemployment Benefits, where about 3 of those will be a reaaaaal sh1tty small check every week, the other half should be signif better. So you think 6 months should be enough to find a new job amirite? especially now that muh res is 90000x stronger from this new job, armed with moar reference letters, much better people skills and tech skills. so what if you get 10 interviews and no job.

well, I said my next ace in the hole was a friend of mine. and also reaching out to more friends and beating the drum saying “HEY I REALLY NEED A JOB BAD, PLEASE HALP ME”.

also organ/tissue transfer. also oil. also north dakota. any sort of Manly work where they take multiple felons and heroin addicts and alcoholics and Men with Salty Language. so what do YOU do. you make nice with the boss, show him that you’re smart, capable, and not on drugs, and enjoy your new freedom of speech on the job. and don’t start using drugs! the boss/owner will prob promote you and you’ll say why haven’t I been working Manly Jobs every since I was 15, why did I ever go to college, hehehehe.