MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!! HOPE you are spending it in gratitude and/or w your families.

for me it is dec 15 2013 and I am writing this in advance.

so I went to church and saw the big-boned big blond girl which the girl in muh dream was partially based off of, see immediately previous post. I saw her and from 20 feet away muh D had taken notice. that is when you KNOW you are S’ually attracted to the gurl. I wanted to grab her all over and have her sit on muh face for hours and days and weeks and years. she was wearing inappropriately tight pants like all gurls do nowadays, which fetished her bodacious buttocks, which were round and huge, and all I could think about all Mass long was them on muh face.

then I thought, well, I’m a Natural Man, it is just Natural Law for me to be attracted to young healthy gurls, however God gave me the power to Rise Above, so I tried to think of her as a Child Of God, and just imagined me doing wholesome things with her, like hanging out and hugging and cuddling, although I’m pretty sure Making Out is considered a sin punishable by God with an eternity of torture.

So God’s punishing you for rejecting him essentially. This would be like me punishing all those GURLS who rejected me, by an eternity of me raeping them. Seems kinda EVIL and ABUSIVE, amirite? Christians want to submit to an Evil Abusive Slavemaster, eh?

then I figured that couldn’t be a correct interpretation.

I was reading a Catholic magazine the other day that was pretty hardcore and was basically talking about how everything I like, from young girls to music, is a tool of satan, and needs to be rejected if I am to accept God. Then I thought, well, I can’t do ANYTHING, you might as well SLEEP ALL DAY and WAIT TO DIE if EVERYTHING is a SIN that is not approved by GOD.

It’s not like I listen to evil satanic music all the time! So I enjoy a little black metal and death metal! BIG DEAL! I only listen to a lot of music 2 days out of the week or so, and I listen to other types of music during that time too! JEEZ! GET UP OFF ME!

So yeah it IS VERY possible to develop this hostile, passive aggressive, bitter, resentful Relationship with God, because you feel like he’s Demanding Too Much of you, and you have no choice but to be coerced, because He Controls Your Afterlife. But you’re not happy about all your favorite hobbies being MORTAL SINS. Or of you never being GOOD ENOUGH to gain God’s Favor. That you literally need to be crawling on your hands and needs your WHOLE LIFE begging for forgiveness for being a wretched sinner, that’s what your GOD wants out of you. It isn’t enough to be a wretched loser who has wasted his potential and can’t get a good job or a good mate! now you can’t even blow off steam listening to some Metal or thinking about a cute young gurl sitting on yer face! wtf CAN you do? wtf ISN’T a sin? Sleeping all day and just waiting to die?

and you look at the proud european pagans and think, they didn’t live like this! They were strong and proud and they still believed in compassion and morality that was 80% in line with CHristianity, except with just the lame slave parts taken out!

Did you know the Dalai Lama is an evil tool of SATAN who is leading people away from Christ with all his talk of zen and chillness and meditation and buddha?


Even when the Christian God sounds like the BIGGEST DBAG that ever existed, and clearly one of the SH1TTIEST religions to choose….but you don’t HAVE a choice! This is the right one, and that’s that or you’re damned to hell forever! and not a boring purgatory hell, but a painful torturous Event Horizon hell!

THe only way it could be worse is if you were a MUSLIM. It would even be better being a JEW – at least they are rich and successful winners, and are allowed to bang tons of grills.

Of course I may be Interpreting the Christian God wrong. But I can assure you, I have had MORE education/research in Christianism than a good 90% of Christians!!!!

Is it REALL better than being an ATHEIST? Actually probably yes, atheists just suck THAT much, hahaha. Prob even more than Muslims.

Anyway, when I am starting muh new job, I can also assure you I will be saying 9000000000 hail marys to help get me through, that really DOES work, so that is one good thing about the christian god.

but yeah. when you first read about the dalai lama, you say, DAMN, THIS guy gets it, this guy understands, I wish MY religion were more like this, this is WAY better than Christianity. And what is Christianity’s Response to your very valid concern: ignore that guy, he’s a tool of satan meant to lead you astray. and that is a bridge too far for many christians. i mean, we have SOME faith to believe in a god, but HOW MUCH and How Ridiculous of A Faith do we Need to have??

But yeah We Christians have good days and bad days. Nobody STRUGGLES with the faith like christians. because it is not supposed to be EASY.

however I am also obsessed with “Natural Law”, ie, what makes men, women, etc. And sometimes Natural Law does go along with christian and sometimes it doesn’t.

ANYWAY, don’t get too angry if you are not getting along with God too well right now, like I say, it’s not easy, maybe sleep on it and tomorrow will be better, and hope you don’t die and go to hell during your sleep because you weren’t absolved of your mortal sins.

Just be thankful you have a Full Time JOB, and if you don’t, then it’s time to get on your knees and start praying.  WANTS vs NEEDS. A Full Time Job is a NEED, a Cute Gurl is a WANT.

OK next post will prob be less religion oriented.