dec 14 2013, saturday, 356pm.

day off, huge snowstorm, tons and tons of snow, kinda like a serious winter storm, usually don’t get something like this before xmas. weird.

yep back to “normal” every other day posts here, although I think every day gets me moar traffic. Helps more people, hahahaha.

when i have a day off like this and just playing around on the internet, then i type right into the wordpress box. this is the free for all son.

anyway there is an argument that you should not be a christian because its a SLAVE r

So Solly! Closed
So Solly! Closed (Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass)

eligion, you’re always submitting and says sorry lord, sorry, SO SOLLY, I’m such a bad evil sinner, let me be your good obedient slave, I’m so EVIL for wanting to bang 18 yo gurls, SO SOLLY, etc etc, now conquer muh soul

and let me serve this Hambeast and subsidize Alpha Males’ Bastard Kids, and be happy with Sloppy Seconds, because to want more is greedy.

Hehehehe. God sez it’s also ok to be called to a SINGLE life. Of course, you’re not supposed to be banging tons of 18 yo girls, premarital sex, spilling your seed.

Of course, it’s a sin to Jerk Off too, so I figure for the pleasure you get, if you’re gonna spill your seed anyway, it might as well be in an actual grill. but that’s prob a BIGGER sin because you involve another actual person. But HOW MUCH bigger of a sin?

and this is the Slave Mentality that Christianity instills in you!

maybe, maybe. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Indeed, there are SOME sins I almost don’t even WANT to repent for: my unrepentant Racism, my desire to bang bang bang 18 yo’s, insatiable lust, etc.

But while being an Unrepentant Sinner and considering that Christianity is not a Spiritual Blessing but A Spirtual, Soul-Killing PLAGUE or POISON….and then on the other hand, being thankful to GOD for the good things in muh life, like starting a new job, having good health, good family, giving me the energy and privilege to go out and buy new clothes, etc, I like the idea of a Loving God who is comfortable with having a Total Contrarian and Contradictarian like me among his sometime-faithful.

Anyhow, that is why God allows Unrepentant SInners like myelf, so he can punish me by sending me to Eternal Conscious Soul Torture in Hell for All Eternity, to show that he is indeed a JUST God

Christian views on Hell
Christian views on Hell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and not some pushover who just Gives Salvation Away to EVERYBODY. So muh raging lust and racial hatred and jealousy/ENVY towards normalfag successfuls, all muh other big sins, are more tests from God. Or tests from the Devil

more like it!

Heh. I was much more Godly and less Sinful when I was “with” Girl7, I.E. fully in the throes of God’s Love(tm), pre-rejection.

Of course, if it’s truly God’s Love, then SHE has no place in REJECTING it! Some human being saying NO, You CAN’T HAVE God’s Love? NO!

So perhaps it is a fallacy to see that love between humans as “God’s Love” per se.  I mean, if it works out, great, God say smile upon it and say that is Good, but if it doesn’t work out, no big deal, you don’t need another person to luv u in order to get God’s love from God

Of course, God would not be happy if he knew (and He Does!) that I am considering converting to my Racial (White) Gods, the Ancient Proto-Indo-European Pagan Gods like Perun and Veles who value Strength and Honor and Freedom and Racial Purity.

Heh. so this is an example of stuff I think of on muh day off, while I am not REFUSING to get a Masterz Degree, or lusting after young wimmin, or watching movies, or napping, or being a lazy hateful racist glutton stuffing muh face with candy, soda pop, comfort food, pornography, sleep, etc. How DECADENT!!!!!

Heh. in a Christian mood because I just got back from a Communal Penance service, which some Catholics say is NOT a valid form of Absolution, you HAVE to have a one-on-one with your confessor.

Anyway it’s more absolution than I usually get, so what I like to do now is Try My Hardest Not To Jerk Off as long as possible, because I’m convinced that’s the biggest sin I do on the most regular basis. Moreso than me Hating Women or Hating Jews or Hating Successful College Career Normalfag Nonwirgins who are so Atheistic and Sinful they can’t even focus on how their sins and their Worldly Success and SExual Relationsh1ts are driving them away from God, hehehehe. Or myself being a huge lazy decadent gluttonous morally lazy loser SLOTH.

or how Girl7 wasn’t a Decadent Whore, but a Virtuous Woman of God who actually went to Church and read the Good Book and I never, ever knew her to take one single D. This actually makes the whole think more difficult, makes me come crawling to God saying 9000000000000 hail marys.

ehhh in between saying all those hail marys, also go and listen to JAMES TAYLOR.  God put James Taylor on this earth to help you come to God and embrace God’s Will and perhaps even to find Peace In God more easily than by saying 90000000000000000000 hail marys. Now hoping James Taylor has

James Taylor (album)
James Taylor (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

never said or done anything horribly blasphemous or atheistic. or maybe he’s just a decadent hedonistic sinner. just like moi hahahaha but he writes way better songs. HEh God doesn’t want you to like anything but Him, hehehehe. No, I kid. that’s what f4gg0t atheists think.

But couldn’t we do so much more with our lives i

f we weren’t always begging for forgiveness and repenting for all the horrible sins we’re always doing? yes. then we would be selfish 4ssholes doing our o

wn selfish will instead of God’s Will, it makes God mad and sad when we SELF-actualize like that. Life is nothing but God vs. The Self, and you better not be rooting for the self to win.


heh. see this is satan trying to turn me away from god with this SOPHISTRY. I am thinking all sorts of Confused COgnitive Distortions.

wordpress is horrible with inserting those pictures.

anyway, beg to god for mercy and forgiveness and also he will let you ask for strength too. he will even let you ask for A Godly Virtuous Woman to not reject you. but it doesn’t mean she won’t! That is just God testing you, showing you don’t really NEED her, teaching you the difference between a WANT and a NEED.

And that you’d be better off praying for Legit NEEDS, like a Lower Middle Working Class Fulltime Job Job.