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but 90% of it is detailed one specific event: GOIN TO KOHLS.

dec 12 841 pm thurs

yep had last day of Underwork today, 3 days off, then start New Lower Middle Working Class Fulltime Job on MONDAY. Yep never had an experience where I left on Great Terms, with proper 2 week notice, saying goodbyes, me giving them cards, them giving me cards, it was very nice, but I was nervous for this actual day, well it’s all over now thankfully, very nice people, thank GOD. very nervous about new job, very worried, but my new mantra is: “JUST LAST A YEAR. JUST MAKE IT ONE YEAR. GIVE IT ONE YEAR.”

Because if you quit a job before one year it is a gap and short hop and shows you have perseverence or stick to itive ness and give up easily hehehehe. Unless you have found a better job of course, with your f4gg0t masters degree.

so I was at muh underjob for FIVE years, when really THREE years would have been much more realistic. Actually ONE year would have been enough, because it was such an underjob, but my excuse THEN was that I was “busy with skool”, and indeed I took like 70 credits of classes: accounting 1 and 2, economics 1 and 2,, business, marketing, programming, Excel, Databases, C++ 1 and 2, Calculus 1 and 2, ASP.NET, Web Dev, Linux, bla bla bla. Was trying to take classes that would theoretically give me Useful Skills. But that was muh EXCUSE for slacking off on muh job search, because I hate skool, but I hate Job Search even MORE.

And that still might be the case! But quite literally this new job fell into muh lap, and I didn’t have to try hard at all, hehehe. However once on the job, I will be trying very hard, and prob slowing down on this blog quite a bit, because I will be busy working and trying to get a promotion hehehe. See when I am getting PAID TO WORK, then YES that is a SERIOUS Motivator. THen I work HARD. I Outperform everybody, I am the Best Employee. But NOT when it comes to Skool or Unpaid Work. Aren’t I so unambitious hahahahahahaha. F00king F4gg0t world for saying you’re a loser who doesn’t deserve a job, when you just want to work for a living and make money, and money is your main motivation for Working. Back in the Good Old Days, that used to be considered NORMAL, and RIGHTFULLY SO.

losing f00kloads on POkerstars. Folding until I get QQ or better, then going all in. last 2 times I went all in on QQ and got beat, lost muh whole 1000 chip stack because they had a Straight, or a pair of Aces. Lessons Learned? Not sure. Don’t go all in unless its AA and AA only? and then they’ll prob still beat you with 2 pair, 3 of a kind, or a straight, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

IDeally I would like to “Double Up” muh starting stack of 1000ish, and THEN get more relaxed and play hands under QQ, actually PLAY a lot more hands. ANd then use muh Huge Stack to muh advantage there. But I can’t seem to get that big first pot!!!

fri 13th dec 226pm

went to KOHLS and bought $200 worth of New Clothes for New Job. Felt bretty good. It was full of minivan momz shopping for crimmus. so i tried something diff today: 2 diff things actually: buoght the dress shirts that are in the plastic bag because those seem Super Professional Work Dressy to my mind; and bought some Dress Pants from the Dress Pants section near the Suit Separates section. As opposed to Regular Dockers or Haggar Khakis. Nope. These are more dressy. Haggar or Croft and Barrow Dress Pants, with a crease and pretty polyestery hehehe. Bought a Dark Navy Blue pair and a Gray pair. IMHO most important colors to have. ALready have black.

ALSO cruised by the Nondressy section and grabbed 3 sonoma items because I Luv Sonoma By Kohls, hehehe. Muh secret was, this time I did NOT go to the fitting room. This makes the trip 3 times as long and grueling.

Now, there IS a benfit to using the fitting room to try the stuff on before you buy it. But Assess the mood you are in. If you are like me and procrastinate on buying clothes, it’s prob best to use the shotgun approach, buy as MUCH stuff as possible, and then if it fits REALLY bad, take it back later and you can grab some more stuff then.

Plus Kohls is bretty reasonably priced for the Lower Middle Working Class Budget and you can get nice pants and shirts and sweaters for under $20 apiece and not look like a slob.

But I am VERY GRATEFUL that I can Afford to spend $20 on a SHIRT. I have been saving though, earmarking funds in a Clothes Account.

Yeah and the Dress Pants were $36 apiece. Good God.  The Plastic Bag Dress shirts ranged from $15 (nice!) to $26 (made sure to buy one Extra Nice one.)

You can prob still bring the bagged dress shirts back as long as you fold the shirt and attempt to put it back in the bag. people return stuff to kohls EVERY DAY.

I also feel very comfortable at kohls, in muh comfort zone, because that has been muh go to store all of muh life, and has never really steered me wrong, such that here I don’t really NEED to go out of muh comfort zone, although going out of yer comfrot zone CAN sometimes be VERY beneficial.

For example, Burlington Coat Factory is a very nice alternative to Kohls.

And many times you CAN find nice stuff at the Thrift Store.

How about, try the “Upscale Thrift Store” with “gently used” stuff, which costs a little more than the Real Poor People’s There But For The Grace Of GOD Go I Thrift Store Stuff.

But yeah. Can’t remember the last time I bought 3 pants (2 dress, 1 very nice sonoma corduroy), 4 shirts (3 dress, 1 sonoma), and 1 sweater during ONE clothes run. and it was all said and done in like 70 minutes ALL INCLUDED: driving to kohls, shopping, driving home. In the ridiculously way below avg cold waether. Now I tried on the sweater and it is beautiful but shoula got the XL instead of the L, hehehehehe. And it is a nice enough design that I might actually go back to exchange it.

then went for a powerwalk in the blistering cold.  only 6 more months of this, hahahaha. should really save up for that LIGHT BOX. TEN THOUSAND LUMENS.

anyway reasonably priced clothes are one thing actually worth spending money on, unlike college or cable tv or cars. you will feeeeel more confident with nice new clothes, that is a FACT, and confidence is PRICELESS. It is like being able to Buy Sexytime with 18 yo qt nonhookers. That kind of Alpha Male Masculine Confidence. PRICELESS.

just downloaded the Google Drive App to the hard drive, so you can sync all your stuff apparently. will it take xml files? json files? only time will tell.

anyway. if i had tried on clothes at kohls it would have taken 3 times as long, i would have got 3 times less the amount of clothes, and i really needed a LOT of new clothes because ALL muh clothes look bad and shabby and old and Not Even Lower Lower Working Class.  Lesson Learned: Just trying buying lots of clothes without trying them on until you get sick of going back to return them. Then you can switch to a phase of trying the clothes on, untill you get sick of that. each phase might last a matter of YEARS.

when you find a brand and style you like, say croft and barrow Classic Style Dress Pants, then just buy multiple pairs off kohls.com.

OOOH perfect day to make a new mix cd! so I Did!

OHH protip: back up your saved mix cd playlists to yer cloud drive. google drive. btw it IS letting me save all sorts of weird files like xml and json and wpl. backups of muh 3 main blogs, muh mix cds throuhout history, muh BOOKMARKS, etc. NICE. really don’t care if Google Employees see it, nothing illegal in there, not planning anything illegal. COME AT ME FEDZ.

Heh. I am remembering a pair of Sonoma Jeans I bought like 3 years ago that were just a little too tight in the Thighs, and then for Jeans I swore off of Sonoma, and would only do Lee, Wrangler, or Levi. Of course I have large thighs and Always like a little extra room.

those numbers on the shirts measure your neck and then your arm length. this is very intimidating and I wish they just said S, M, L, XL, because I usually like to go for an L, even though I am not a Tall Man, but Large accomodates muh belly best. but I do have kind of a large neck too. so I found one brand of shirts that had a little bit of a conversion chart of sorts, so I could find something right between medium and large.

And if you have a Weird Body Shape and Size like Moi, then you can never FIND good looking clothes in the proper size, so perhaps it is best to order online.  Get muh size 37 inch waist and 25 inch leg pants, hahahaha jk.

* Did I mention American Dad is a great Comedy TV show to watch to make U Laff and to Improve Yer Mood?