wed dec 4

heh just got a call from muh alma mater alumni office, i’m surprised they don’t have a note next to my name that says “HUGE LOSER who makes less than the part-time 18-21 year old working at the call center, call him just to make fun of him and urge him to K himself for being such a huge loser and disappointment.” anyway they are pretty aggressive.

anyway point is, THINK ABOUT joining the alumni association for one year just to see if it’s worth the $50 or whatever outlandish fee because it gives you the MAGIC LEADS, the SECRET LEADS that you have pay for, which don’t appear on indeed, and then will propel you to a Better Job. If it doesn’t, cancel the membership, and next time they call back, ask them for their manager, THEN ask the manager for THEIR manager, then b!tch THAT person out because they’re not providing value. But don’t b1tch out the poor PT student, or their even more pathetic manager. Always go to the boss’s boss, NOT the First Boss. The Boss’s Boss is the one in meetings and golf courses and lunches and making 100k a year and nice suits. The Boss is just a poor slob, a FT version of the PT slob, running ragged, doesn’t have the time or money to buy nice suits.

good job, the nice mid 30s filipino man on jeopardy just won enough money to pay off his student loan……and he’s a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP.  When I was an arrogant 18 year old, I would have thought that reflected poorly on him. Now as a Wise Cynical Old Man, I think it reflects much more poorly on The College Career Cult and the Grim Jobs Truth, because I can see he is a smart and capable guy. POSSIBLE MANAGEMENT POTENTIAL, hahahaha. He might make in the 40k’s some day! But a Masters Degree would certainly help. (hmm he is VERY autistic but he has been married twice he says, so he’s probably banged at least 2 women hehehehe. i would say he is autistic, but NOT socially anxious. Socially AWKWARD, sure, but he doesn’t WORRY about it. GOOD FOR HIM!!)

F00king F4gg0ts. Not HIM, but the administrators of the College Career Cult System.

heh funny asian guy just won final jeopardy, categ asia, what is the longest running european colony in asia, for 440 years, ending in 1999? i was torn between hong kong and macau. 2 others put hong kong, got wrong. asian guy put hong kong, crossed it out, then put macau, got right, won like 15k, big wager, total winnings 66k, 3 day champ, heh pretty soon and he’ll be able to pay for his masters degree outright, and with a few pay-for-unpaid-internships, he might have a shot at customer service manager!!!!!!! but he was clearly overjoyed when he won, I was happy for him too. carlos. great guy. customer service rep in austin tx.

Magic Bullet Protip: If you get a very oily face and forehead, try to wash your face every 4 hours with a teensy drop of soap. I know Experts Say Dial Hand Soap is bad for skin, but I think one tiny little drop – NOT a big whole squirt – is ok. just enough to get all the ridic oil off your face. It is ESPECIALLY useful to do this on your Lunch Break at Work, or halfway through your Work Day. Escape to the Bathroom and wash your face with a TINY ONE DROP of soap and then you won’t look all Oily for the rest of the day. I guess you can buy little Wipes for this, but One Tiny Drop of Soap works just as well. Should not irritate your skin too much.

fri, dec 6, 3.22pm

FREE FOR ALL!! typing right into wordpress box. listening to jethro tull hehe. day off. cold day today, one of the coldest so far. but still went for powerwalk. put on longjohns, scarf, winter coat, glovemittens, hat of course. played a sit n go tournament, “hyper” speed, start with 9 players, pay out to final 3. 100 chip buy in, 3rd place 160. might be getting better at placing in these. in hyper, the blinds increase every 2 minutes so I don’t last much more than 10 minutes. here I lasted about 40 minutes, abs ridiculous. placed 3rd hehehe. never placed 1st.

going ape on spotify, really making use of the Queue feature to queue up only songs I really want to listen to now.

finally sat down and made 20 cigarettes because I was all out. Heh. I smoke like 10 cigarettes a WEEK, not a big deal.

drank plenty of coffee.

when I woke up in the morning, “escape from new york” was on tv. I prob coulda slept another 2 hours but decided to turn on tv at 9 am, it was on AMC from last night, and now they were playing this movie, (there is a point to this anecdote), which I believe was a SIGN FROM GOD. (point.) Because I put the movie in muh netflix queue last night because I had never seen it &want to right that wrong. Was half asleep this morning and heard this GREAT music on the TV, which turned out to be the opening theme music for Escape from NY.

great tune, I guess it has its own fame separate from the movie, had never really heard the song either, but it’s def a goodun, possib written by john carpenter himself, I know he is a bit of a composer and I think did the Halloween theme as well.

Watched about the first 20 minutes and then decided to “get productive” doing those things mentioned above.

looking forward to dinner with old friend, very thankful that we get along so well, and for a very long time. maybe 15 years.  thank GOD for that.

went to 2 of my favorite guys on youtube and decided to show support by just sitting there and “liking” video after video until I could stand it no more.  Not sure if this will be noticeable or meaningful to them!

all right, the free for all anecdotes are over, im at 1000 words. moral of the story, lesson learned: always be on the lookout for SIGNS FROM GOD. And go out to dinner with your old skool frandz at least….once a month? well at least once every TWO months definitely.

use the Queue feature on spotify. Go through your list of starred songs, newest first to oldest, right-click, “queue”, and it will play just those songs.

also if you get some vacation time for the Holidaze, use it to Clean Your Room a little. Might be starting to get a little cluttered since Spring Cleaning. I mean just THROW SH!T away into garbage bags. Just throw stuff into the TRASH. You don’t need most of this stuff. and then vacuum the the 8 months of dust off the floor hehehe.

and if you buy crimmus gifts off the internet and get them mailed in, ummmm try to get that finished real soon. actually by the time you read this on dec 12, uh yep, I would hate not to be done Shopping, you should finish everything TODAY, AND buy Expedited Shipping. Way to Procrastinate, hahahaha.