Puppy Linux 5.2.0 Lucid Puppy
Puppy Linux 5.2.0 Lucid Puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tues dec 3

If you are privileged enough to go to a large university, JOIN CLUBS TO BANG QTs or at least make friends and get JOBS. I really regret not joining The Ethnic Club for Muh Ethnicity. I still get emails and it looks like a ton of fun. If you’re German or Italian or Greek or Russian or Ukranian or Nigerian or Chinese or Pakistani or English or Irish or Scottish or Polish or Belorussian or Albanian or Macedonian or Bosnian or Turkish or Indian or Japanese or Korean or Armenian or Azeri or Kazakh or Mongolian or Iraqi or Irani or Syrian or Jordanian or Lebanese or Saudi or Bahrani or Egyptian or Gazan or Hungarian or Czech or Slovak or Slovene or Croatian or Serb or Swiss or Austrian or Sardinian or Corsican or Andorran or Castilian or Catalunyan or Libyan or Morrocan or Kenyan or Senegal or Haitian or whatever, if you’re privileged enough to be a Large State University,  they WILL have groups for that, like FUN SOCIAL GROUPS where you eat X food and meet cute X gurls and can practice speaking Xish. God damn I was an idiot for not even THINKING about joining the X group. See, you screw up in college then you still find NEW things to regret 10+ years later.  DON’T SCREW UP IN COLLEGE. DO EVERYTHING RIGHT, OR IN 10+ YEARS YOU’LL BE READING OR WRITING A BLOG LIKE THIS, KIDDO. BEING A BIGGER LOSER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

Heh. If I could go back and Warn Myself 10+ years ago how much of a loser I was going to become….I simply wouldn’t have BELIEVED it! I’d have said, NO WAY, I’d at least have a Full Time Soul Crushing Cubicle Office Job and not be a BASEMENT DWELLER!!!!!


Women LIKE it when you turn your head and whistle and say


short, simple, effective for mating.

still using f.lux computer brightness utility for working on the computer at night, i hope. APP OF THE YEAR 2013.

Dell Latitude D630 Refurb off, purchase of the year 2013. tech boiught it in dec 2012 but I have no idea how I lived without this. despite being “A REFURB” it has worked very nicely for a full year. paid about $220 for everything, shipping warranty etc. you might say that’s a ripoff but IMHO it wasn’t. Now when I run Spotify AND Visual Studio AND have 9000000 browser windows open AND f.lux AND dropbox AND SQL Server open AND LIbre Office AND PokerStars, it can get a little SLOW, but at least it doesn’t crash hardly EVER. IMHO Spotify is the slowest. Installed Puppy Linux but hardly ever use it. Would prob use a more mainstream LInux like Ubuntu or Fedora or Mint. Or maybe not, not a huge Linux geek, but I will learn Linux to make more than 37k a year, hahahahaha.

should come up with year end 2013 best pro tip magic bullets of the year too.

wed dec 4, 745am

yes sir, yeah buddy, here at muh slow time, thank GOD we get slow time, hope I get slow time at muh new job. So weird, such a big deal, I give thanks to GOD but still not enough. Have never HAD this experience. Course the last time I “got a new job” was FIVE years ago, for the first time in life, found a job I could get comfortable in, and boy did I ever. too comfortable, that I stayed FIVE years, hahahaha. But that’s a big improvement over when I was a Young Moron. Would quit a job after a bad week, then be Unemployed for A Year. Yep a LOT has changed for the better in the last five years, never forget, instead of whining about what a big loser I am with a crappy job. 5 years ago I was drinking like a moron, had NO job, the only good thing was I was YOUNG, and now I am OLD, but I didn’t use that youth to muh benefit.

And now I am getting a better job and very thankful for that. since I am not a career minded person, I HATE CAREERS, I got this one simply by listening to GOD and my Guardian Angel, and it all worked out really much more EASILY than I had EVER imagined. THANK GOD. THIS is why I am not an ATHEIST. My faith is not super STRONG, and I get super bored at Church, at stare at 18 yo gurls IN church lustfully,  and break all SORTS of commandments and commit all SORTS of Deadly Mortal Sins, and I am not a “STRONG THEIST”, and indeed could still be an AGNOSTIC, but at least I know when to give THANKS when thanks is due.



I have had at least 5 other bretty serious business blogs, all of them were great, and they all paved the way for THIS. They were all the right place at the right time, until they weren’t, and this one seems to be the Most Right Place at the Most Right Time. This Is PEAK BLOG for moi.

I still plan on doing my Political Journalism Blog at the same time as this one, and have done a couple posts here and there since I started UFMLL in May 2013, but this one is moar important. Because I can directly help myself and Losers Like Me, to become Winners. Maybe at that time, another blog can become moar important, like a Journalism Blog or a Career Blog or whatever. But NONE of those are as important to SAVING LIVES as this one!!!!!!!!

Yes I still whine tonnes about muh own first world problems. I have ALWAYS done that. But what I have NOT done, amazingly, until NOW, is try to direct that whining and re-word it so that it can become an Action Plan of Magic Bullet Points to help me, help others, help any human being to become a better person, more haaaaappy, more successful, less lazy, more peaceful, more winning, more alpha, more masculine, less emo, less angry, less sad, etc.

On of the Game guys, possibly Roosh, says you shou;dn’t take advice from people who haven’t DONE IT THEMSELVES. Don’t take weight lifting advice from Chubby Women at Planet Fitness.

He has a good point, however I’m not giving Weight Lifting Advice, beyond telling you just to DO IT period because it’s GOOD FOR YOU, plus I’ve got much of a Babby Steps approach. I do a Babby Step, YOU do a Babby Step. I am absolutely not at the destination yet. I am still a Huge Loser. But if I can become a little bit less of a loser every year, anybody can, then so can you. Now I didn’t become a loser overnight, it was many years of bad decisions and bad choices that build and compounded to make me a huge loser, yep in high school I had a lot of potential, and indeed it will take a long time of breaking the bad habits and bad attitudes, and slowly compounding the good actions and good choices and good attitudes, to steer muh self back, to catch up, and to finally become a healthy happy normalfag.

But if I can do it, from being the Single Biggest Loser The World Has Ever Known, then you can too. One Babby Step at a time.

(yes I know it’s spelled Baby, but “BABBY” is so much more hilarious)

If I could turn this into more than an anonymous blog I would. If I could get paid 40k a year for the next 30 years, I would take this show on the road and talk to people, talk to rooms of people, be the next Richard Simmons. Wonder how much he makes.

But again, right now I make more money at muh Loser Job. As soon as I can make more money doing this, this will become my CAREER, and that would be a CAREER I would enjoy whole heartedly.

I thought of getting a Masters Degree in Counseling because that’s sort of related to this, HOWEVER, the job outlook for Masters Of Counseling is sh1tty, there’s no jobs, they’re all part time 8 bucks an hour jobs, plus I HATE school, and would be just an average student, and could never score a Fulltime job there, plus the pay is sh1tty, AND you are handcuffed by A Marxist Nanny State, and I swear I could do more good trying to help people in my Unlicensed, Unprofessional, Richard Simmons, Dr Phil, Matt Foley, Tony Robbins, Cesar Millan, Joyce Meyer, Oprah Way. I can always HIRE counselors once I get rich, and I would be sure to make THEM Full Time!

Or I would hire Masters of Leadership Science and Motivation, it would be just as good. Masters Degrees are a Dime A Dozen (yet cost 50 grand to “earn”)