mon dec 2, 846am

yep back to muh underjob. nice quiet morning, slow period, 2 weeks I will be at muh new job. This is a REAL big deal. Let this be Eternal Empirical Incontrovertible PROOF that

good things CAN happen to Old People (title)

So I went to bed at SIX pm last night, because EINSTEIN GOT TEN HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT, and etc etc. Then I think I might have passed out for 30 mintues but by 8 pm was awake again and then was awake till like 12 am just thinking and worrying, now that sucked, but often I can Learn Some Lessons the next day out of those sleepless nights. Sometimes I worry about how I’m just so f00ked up compared to Normalfags, and have lost all interest in Skool and Career and Women, and think everything is a SCAM, and just want to watch movies, maybe donate to a few Conservative Causes, and just Give Up on it all.

Actually yesterday I was thinking about what a GREAT IDEA I had: record yourself talking into a recorder for 20 to 30 minutes, and then send THAT to people: old friends, new friends, people on the internet whose blogs and vlogs and writing and lives you admire. Like I’ve been meaning to write a Fan Email to my Fav Youtube Guy, a Conservative Political Commentator I’ve enjoyed for YEARS, who is just a Regular Working Guy and not a professional journalist thank GOD. So I’ve watched all 900000000000 of his videos, His Ratio of Pros to Cons is HUGE, unlike Stefan Molyneux, where I do really like some stuff SM says, but I really DON’T like other stuff. This other guy is just SOLID GOLD and I LOVE him, he is my TRIBE, I SHOULD write to him. I would DONATE to him but he doesn’t have a Donation Button! (The only other guy I would also donate to does not have a donate button.)

Nothing serious, just $20 at Crimmus as a way to say Thanks For The Years Of Awesome Work, Buy Yourself A Lunch On Me, and Don’t Give Up What You’re Doing.

ANYWAY BACK TO MY GREAT MAGIC BULLET, Email the person 20 minutes of you talking. This is a LOT easier than slaving over an email, you can say a lot more, and a lot better, they can get a much better idea of Who You Are, AND, as the Coup De Grace, it’s nowhere near as stressful as a Phone Call or Interview. SUCH A F00KING GREAT IDEA, GREAT JOB UFMLL.

And then I got all excited to try that with the next person to write me an email and then me stressing for weeks abotu emailing them back. and being too much of a whimp to call them like a normalfag.

but I think emailing them your 20 minute speech would be unique and they would remember you positively. Because you don’t sound like an awkward spaghetti pockets when you talk to YOURSELF, which is basically all this is.

Which reminds me, this is what I hate about news shows and talk shows, is that people are always interrupting each other all the time. this is SO ANNOYING. follow like Roberts Rules of Order, give the person 5 minutes to speak, and THEN cut them off, and then address their points in YOUR 5 minutes to talk. Point Counterpoint. I HATE sh1t where you have 5 people all screaming on top of each other.

DEFINITELY the Magic Silver Bullet Of The Month right there. I wish I could get stuff THIS good more often. EMAIL A MP3. Of course, reduce it down to like 32 bitrate, and make sure it’s loud enough. I KNOW there’s gotta be something on that IPHONE you’re paying $100 a month for that can do this.

Official logo
Official logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Employment TRUTH. Tissue Transfer Technicians. Say Degree Preferred but NOT NECESSARY, WILL TRAIN you how to cut a dead guy’s eye out. Kinda gross, but not as bad as CUSTOMER SERVICE, RESTAURANTS, or RETAIL. And once you get good at it, you can open your OWN Tissue Transfer BUSINESS. In the meantime, you can make enough to live in a safe and fun neighborhood with young attractive people and sow your wild oats, maybe even find a nice wife after you sow your wild oats, and the gurls will actually go out with you because you’ll be making well OVER 37k a year to start. you will make a ton of friends who live right down the street, they won’t be annoying, and they will Stop By when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Here’s another tip re Lying To Your Family Over the Holidays: if you just work part time at a Hospital as an Orderly, tell them you work FULL TIME at a Hospital as a Medical Assistant. Not too big of a lie not to be believed, in other words. If you work as a Part Time Dishwasher Busboy in a Restaurant, tell them you are a Full Time Restaurant Manager. Base your LIes in the Truth, and simply stretch the truth a little! (I’ve already used this Magic Bullet before, but it’s def a good one!)

OK, here’s a Real MOderate and Reasonable Life Theory that WILL give you some much-needed Comfort:

Most Men go through a Wild Oats Phase where they just want to bang bang bang bang bang. Now, after they bang a few QTs, it stops becoming an obsession for them, and by late 20s early 30s, they are ready to settle down monogamously for the most part.

BUT If you NEVER get those Wild Oats out of your system, it can cause considerable anxiety, like it does for moi. But I am Optimistic that it is Much Better LATE, than NEVER, and that one can still Catch Up.



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