nov 30 saturday 3.09pm

heh in a reflective mood here. took a nice brisk powerwalk, listened to stefan molyneux, he insists in “finding your tribe” that most normalfags are “broken” and they don’t even know they’re broken, so when they see someone who’s not broken, their first reaction is to lash out at that person who is “dancing joyfully”, rather than getting angry at the society or whoever broke them in the first place.

well, he has a point, but I hate to think of myself as a Helpless Victim, but to be fair, he’s not saying THAT either, just that Normalfag Society is Toxic, which of course it is!

But he’s talking more about dysfunctional families, and a dysfunctional State and Gummint, etc.

Well, you know My Political Bias is towards The Right. And I think Stefan is an Anarchist Libertarian but not a leftist, so he’s ok with me.

anyway I was thinking. should you want to hang out with Successful Masters Degree Degree Sheeple, or with Loser Deadbeat Trash Sheeple. Probably the winner sheeple rather than the loser sheeple, hahahahaha. But I would rather just hang out with muh self, go to bed early.

i might not always agree with Stefan, but I do like how he always asks The Big Questions.

WARNING: as I do more research on Stefan, his shows, and his critics, I see there is a controversy where Some People say he is a Cultmaster who Wants To Destroy Families, by always making people think they were abused by their families, and should thus separate from their families, because your family MUST be abusive and dysfunctional and you just don’t realize it yet.  And maybe he’s manipulative to his vulnerable young listeners. and always steers people to believe that their families abused them. and it is true that he himself separated from HIS family, and that he “convinced” his wife to separate from her family as well.

So yeah these are valid reservations I have against Stefan, heh heh. I like his ideas about Loving Virtuous People, but I don’t like how he thinks Everything Is Abuse.

Anyway, just to give credibility to myself, to all those who think I’m a HUge Sexist Woman-Hater. While it’s true I very little respect for women, I don’t LIKE women much, I might be incapable of having a Loving Love Lovey Relationship with a woman, and also incapable of attracting a woman Sexually, I am NOT A “Woman Hater” because I DO get along on a Platonic Friendly Basis with some Women. ATM one of my Favourite People is actually A Woman, and we get along Famously in a Social Setting. Such a Nice Person, I wish more PEOPLE were nice like that, I really like Super Nice people. (On the average, most Women I meet aren’t that Nice, and Men have been, on the average, Nicer than Women, in my experience.)

I wasn’t used to Women being That Nice to me, so I thought she might secretly like me at first, but I really don’t think she does, she is just a Nice Person. There was a little bit of awkwardness at that time, because I thought “O GOD, what if she’s in luv with me, because I’m not in luv with her!” And it was ALSO weird that I wasn’t in Luv with her: because she is younger, and very nice and virtuous, and not ugly. However that Physical Spark that is always there In Luv is just not there, Unfortunately.

Kind of like how sometimes you sorta wish you were GAY, because you get along with men so much better than you get along with Women. But you’re just not gay.

Anyway that brief Awkward Phase is over. And I am thankful to know such a nice virtuous person and get along with them so well. For all you haters that think I’m some weird troll who has never Talked To A Woman before, who is incapable of making Friends with a Woman and treating them like Human Beings. Suck Muh D1ck, b1tches.

Anyway I will not invade her privacy any more! If I were 45 years old and rich and really needed to have some Kids right now, she would be the prime candidate for Mother Of Muh Children.

So there’s some Bona Fides for you. Like one of my Political Heroes, even though I believe Men and Women are biologically different, I do hold them to basically the same moral standards as Equal Human Beings, ie I don’t give Women a Pass for Being Women. Women are Just PEOPLE. So if a woman is acting a b1tch, I just say “SEE YA!” simple as that. the only way they possibly get a pass is if they’re 18 years old and bouncing on muh D. And THAT is much moreso the exception than the rule. Even THEN I wouldn’t let them get away with figurative murder.

Here’s another annoying thing about Women: I don’t know if it’s the Michelle Obama Hot Arms Media Hype or WHAT, but Women Need To Stop Showing Off Their ARMS. Many of the women who do show off their arms with sleeveless dresses or whatever, have big fat Thigh-Arms ANYWAY. AND, to add to the ridiculousness, aren’t Women always COLD all the time? wouldn’t you be a lot WARMER if you Weren’t Wearing A SLEEVELESS dress in a cold building in the middle of WINTER?

The ONLY time I wear a Sleeveless shirt is when it’s 90 degrees during the SUMMER and I WANT to get some sun on muh arms as I go for a powerwalk in the blazing heat. Which sounds real nice right now.

But these women are on TV, or going to WORK at their CAREERS! I will wear a Long Sleeve Shirt to Work during the Summer because many/most places have Air Conditioning Anyway.

Finally, you will NEVER see a Man wearing sleeveless shirts in the same settings as these women who do so.