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yeah buddies.

dec 27 fri 2013, 10:01 am. could not sleep cuz think muh health has crossed the line into an official cold. coughing and morning congestion & desperately breaking out the cold pills. got a semi stressful day at the J.O.B. today, assessing us on our skeels, an official end to Training and official Start of Official Serious Business.

Still a bit butthurt that muh job layoff will occur about….well 4 or 5 months earlier than I thought it would, so that IS signif. that is thousands of dollar$. but I am already thinking about how I am gonna handle the job search, and pass that wisdom on to you.

Before, I swore on using a HUGE indeed search query where you used OR OR OR OR to chain together all the job keywords you wanted: entry-level OR administrative assistant OR full time OR or company A OR company B or intern OR technician OR clerk OR assistant OR city of X OR that kind of thing.

Now I OFFICIALLY RECANT, and say, NOPE, just SAVE a SEPARATE SEARCH for each of those 9000 keywords, ie, so you will now have 90000 saved searches, AND have those emailed to you every week. at least your top ten!

will let you know how that plays out. am sure i will be complaining about that in the spring/summer.

great business buzzword: talking about “BUSINESS NEEDS.” mention “BUSINESS NEEDS” in your interview.

file under talk like a smart person.  interesting because Business Buzzwords are not REALLY smart, plus you can be smart but spag pockets, and sound like a total retard when you talk. lose lose.

new years eve. gay day. new years gay. go to a party and creepily hover around the drunkest grill there and maybe you can finally make out with a grill at midnight, hahahaha.

but seriously folks. grills are probably at their sl00ttiest all year on NYE, giving you the Best Chances to Close The Deal.

still can’t get over muh brilliant eureka archimedes flash of genius, when I “discovered” that whether you spend $300 on a hooker for 30 minutes, or $300 on a Grill over several Dates, you will still prob get S out of the deal, so you might as well do it with the Nonhooker.

even perfectly nice girls who don’t deserve you to be a huge D to them, who have never been a big B to anyone, will just let things SLIP OUT, like really personal information, like you can be sitting 10 feet away from them and eavesdropping, and they will tell the people around them that they’ve only known for a few days about how their first Boifran, their First Luv, broke their hart by cheating on them with a string of ten 16 year old gurls. and that piece of personal information is very relevant, and very Explicatory when dealing with that woman. THAT EXPLAINS A LOT! note: this does not mean the gurl is a sl00t or a wh0re and that i should treat her like a piece of disposeable garbage! only a SOCIOPATH or a TRUE WOMAN-HATER would think that!

dec 28 12 am

heh. who even cares about grills. you should be Socially Networking at the New YEars Gay party with other MEN to help get you a Lower Middle Working Class Full Time Union Job. This is about 90000000000 more important than S with the qtest 18yo QT.

but I am here to learn lessons and share them with you. i am very nice and friendly to the people at muh new job, because I want them to be very nice and friendly to me. the beautiful thing is the job gives us a lot to talk about. the talk only goes into Other Topics when we are outside Smoking, and I will try to have no more than 2 cigarettes on an 8 hour shift, which i do not think is excessive. and those talks are brief and friendly as well, like talking about their previous jobs, or skool, or their kids. nobody wants to be a D to you, everybody just wants to get along.

so whats the worst case scenario. I get my planned layoff, but then DON’T get invited back, and get to collect 6 months of Unemployment Benefits, where about 3 of those will be a reaaaaal sh1tty small check every week, the other half should be signif better. So you think 6 months should be enough to find a new job amirite? especially now that muh res is 90000x stronger from this new job, armed with moar reference letters, much better people skills and tech skills. so what if you get 10 interviews and no job.

well, I said my next ace in the hole was a friend of mine. and also reaching out to more friends and beating the drum saying “HEY I REALLY NEED A JOB BAD, PLEASE HALP ME”.

also organ/tissue transfer. also oil. also north dakota. any sort of Manly work where they take multiple felons and heroin addicts and alcoholics and Men with Salty Language. so what do YOU do. you make nice with the boss, show him that you’re smart, capable, and not on drugs, and enjoy your new freedom of speech on the job. and don’t start using drugs! the boss/owner will prob promote you and you’ll say why haven’t I been working Manly Jobs every since I was 15, why did I ever go to college, hehehehe.



dec 24, 11:53 am

ok i swear i will start wrapping presents in about…30 mins. just researching unemployment benefits. bennies. where muh got dam welfare check, first of the month, hehehehe.

muh new job does deal alot more with the manager speak and buzzwords, which is great in my opinion, because I can just spit those back at them, AND recycle them in muh resume. I have been there 1 week and could ALREADY make a MUCH more impressive Resume Entry for this job, than I could for being at muh old job for 5 years, and struggle to come up with anything impressive. New job looks a LOT better on paper, in other words, which help permanently strengthen muh res, GOD willing.

would DEF bang kyla grogran on the weather channel. good lord. every inch. holy crap. would just go hogwild on dat bod. even if she is old! she has kept herself in VERY good shape.

was at the grocery store and saw a gurl from muh old job, and she had left that job months before I did, and I always thought she was nice and cute and SORTA regretted not Sacking Up and Asking Her Out To A Nice Dinner Date, because she could have sat on muh face ALL day, and prob would have even been fun just to make out and cuddle with. Nice, cute, pleasant, and potentially VIRTUOUS gurl!

So I had just exited checkout and the store was PACKED and I noticed her about 10 feet in front of me, took a second to recognize her, she didn’t see me because I was sort of behind her. Basically I had to immediately decide whether I was gonna dash up to her right then and there and immediately Ask Her Out or Get Her Phone Number in a Crowded Supermarket Parking Lot on Xmas Eve Eve. I hesitated for 2 seconds and the gap increased, and she “got away.” However then I vowed that if I ever saw her AGAIN, then I WOULD dash in, close the gap, and do an Blatant Masculine Charming Ask.

but yeah. nice, cute, potentially virtuous, young, could somf all day, but much skinnier than muh preferred “big girls”, but don’t think it would be a dealbreaker, hehehe.

Lesson Learned: If you see a gurl like this and have a split second of indecision, THAT will be the Dealbreaker. Just Run Up To Her and Ask Her Out on a Date Right then and there IMMEDIATELY. Time is SO of the essence. Who cares if your delivery sucks. Here, anything is better than nothing.

It helps if you got along ok with the person before, hehehe, and I did.

Life Lesson: Dress Pants look a LOT more dressy and professional and adult and grown up and Successful and Winning than Non-Dress Cotton Khakis, esp w no crease.


you can buy them from kohls for $36, which IS expensive as f00k, but hopefully you can make them last 2 or 3 years, and you don’t need 5 or 7 pairs, just 2 or 3 at the very most.

However, know that Young Women and Teens spend way more than $36 on one pair of JEANS.

later. 7:07 pm. went to xmas mass on xmas eve afternoon, get it over with, didn’t want to get up early on xmas, hehe. the mass was packed. muh church is not great for Big Masses because the people really squeeze in a little too close. but mission accomplished.

muh big secret is, I have been saving a small “magic brownie” to eat at just the right time. at that time I will prob write/blog LIKE A MADMAN, write 9000 posts at once, because my mind WILL be RACING for HOURS. so I was toying with doing that tonight, in an hour or two. obviously need to have the next day off.

i am 99% sure they will not drug test and I am 99% sure a number of people there are regular Medicine Takers.

like I have specifically talked to people who said they were never drug tested.

so that is really the only thing that would make me legit paranoid.  i had orig said that I would not do it till I had been working in the job 1 month, so middle of january. not I want to try it after 1.5 weeks, hehehe.

YEAH, I really should do that. now leaning towards that. but there will be some intense writing around then, I can assure you. I think that’s the only think I CAN do when muh mind is racing. that and Exercising. Take Medicine, Exercise, and Write.

Yep in hindsight I wish I had dashed up to that girl in the parking lot. actually I could have gotten to her before she left the store, so we would not be talking outside in the freezing cold. because lord she was really cute, really nice, could SOMF ALL DAY, lord the things I would do to every inch of her little body.



wed dec 18 2013 2pm

writing right in wordpress. first blogging since started new job. gotta leave bretty soon. will get 10 precious minutes of blogging. used to have a real slow chillaxed job where I could go to google drive and blog without getting fired. now drive is blocked. course I am PLANNING on being on edge for at LEAST THREE MONTHS until I know the lay of the land. the ins and outs. just the ADJUSTMENT is stressful. going into muh third day here.

first day I say no less than Twenty-Five Hail Marys before going in. on the drive over, in the car, etc. First day went bretty good. had introductions. i know you hate intros too, but I did a decent one, go and do likewise: I announced straight up that I was Kind Of Shy and that it takes me a Little While to get comfortable with New People, but once you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m really a nice and friendly guy, but if at first I seem a little weird, it is just because I am nervous and shy at a new job, don’t take it personally. I said all that in a non spag pockets way.

Then I gave a polished, WHITEWASHED version of muh history, what job I had before, what I am “going to school” for, ie “computers.” Over and done in 20 seconds and everybody thought I was normal, and maybe just a little shy and nervous, like I had just said. and then they went around the room and forgot about me, hehehe.

Heck there was one or two people in the class of new hires that had a MASTERS DEGREE. Couple people with Bachelors Degrees, lots of people Working on Bachelors Degrees, some useful, some not, heck one lady with a Masters Degree had it in something Useful and Interesting that I usu associate with 60k and up jobs, real solid Middle Middle Class Jobs!!! and here she was at MY job, a Middle Middle Working Class Job at best. Maybe Lower Middle Working Class.


You got Working, Middle, and then Upper? Bourgeois? Elite? Heck you and me will NEVER be in that class, so it is irrelevant. (Actually I think Upper Middle Class would count as “Bourgeois” for my definition: Successful Lawyers, Successful PhD‘s, Medical Dockers, etc.)

But I focus mainly on Working and MIddle Obv. Each of these is divided into Three Thirds: Upper, Middle, and Lower.

Lately I’ve taken to dividing THOSE thirds into thirds just to be Super Ridiculous.

Hence, Lower Middle Working Class, or MIddle Lower Middle CLass, hehehehehehe.

saturday dec 21

well finally had a day off. damn getting my BODY used to this schedule is a big challenge. And it also is a big challenge LEARNING the job because they are making us learn A LOT. A LOT more than I did in muh previous job. orders of magnitude. at least 3 or 4 times more, at least. I thought I was getting paid a LOT, and indeed it is a big increase, but now I think Gee, I should be making at least one more dollar an hour if we’re expected to do all this! It seems very hard and complicated and potentially stressful. I know right away that I do not want to be there more than a year, unless I am getting a decent raise or promotion.

Now it might be difficult to find a chiller job that pays MORE, heck it WILL be difficult to find ANY job that pays more, but here’s the good news:

On the first day I was crapping muh pantz and saying 900000000000000 hail marys. day 2 I was still nervous but not as much. day 3, still nervous, but even better than day 2. by day 5, I felt the best I had all week. Confident and Happy. I still said a few hail marys mind you! but being able to improve on a DAILY BASIS has been very “empowering.” if a huge loser like ME can do it, ANYONE can, so can YOU!

nonetheless I have been using a few tricks to Play It Smart, and I will Share My Secrets Here:

I have been doing a lot of what I’ve said here before. I look for really nice people and just get them talking. Also, remembering people’s names is huge. in a classroom of 30 people we all have name cards and I have memorized 90% of the people’s names in 5 days. I will smile at them and say something like “Hi, Name, How Are You Today?” and 90% of the time, that is enough to get a great response out of them. I will sit there an say mm hmm, mm hmm, yeah, yes, ok, absolutely, sure, mm hmmm, and the other big thing is to stare them right in the eyes, which I have never been good at, but I convinced myself it is the secret to success on a new job, and indeed it has helped tremendously. they won’t suspect you of being a Weirdo if you’re looking them dead in the eyes! even if you are just saying mm hmm over and over again.

best of all, after a few mm hmms you do eventually come up with something to say or a question to ask!

I also brought in a bag of candy on day 3 and began passing it out. say would you like some candy, name, and 99% of the time they will say OH THANK YOU, (your name!) or ask your name if they don’t know it.

we stay bretty busy, so the socializing conversations don’t need to last long.

and you can always talk about THE NEW JOB that is NEW for ALL OF YOU, heck I haven’t mentioned muh personal story at all.

other people will come forward with tons of personal details. I am using a word document to take notes during the training, and I am ALSO TAKING NOTES ON THE PEOPLE: their names, ages, where they’ve worked before, do they have any kids, what’s their education, just anything and everything about them, and about 80% of that is coming from them unprompted, I don’t even have to THINK about it.

I am also getting good info about people just LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE AROUND ME TALK about themselves. take more notes on that. into muh notes it goes.

so def do all that, ESPECIALLY if you have a CLASS of a bunch of new hires, I am thankful I am in that situation, rather than being Just One New Guy. But this is a HUGE office is all I’ll say. I guess being The One New Person wouldn’t be so bad if there were “only” ten people in the office/team/crew. and you could absolutely use these same or similar tactics.

Also wearing muh new non crappy clothes helps too.

It has also made me more productive. like one day I made muh yearly doctor’s appointment, or did errands, and even on muh WELL DESERVED DAY OFF, I got a TON of IMportant Personal Stuff Done: wrote great email to old friend, went SHOPPING for xmas and went to KOHLS to RETURN one thing and buy 2 MORE clothes, a nice sonoma poplin shirt, and a nice pair of sonoma pants, both $20, which I felt was a pretty good deal for the quality of the stuff. KOHLS IS A MAGIC BULLET.

I admit, $20 is a lot for a SHIRT, but when you never buy clothes and really need clothes like moi, it becomes a better ROI!

it was the saturday before xmas and it was bretty packed with people, but I did not stand in the checkout like for more than 10 minutes. I even made polite small talk with the cute 18 yo girl at the register, which is a DIRECT RESULT of me talking to more people at muh new job this week.

It is good to get thrown into a swim or sink situation, BECAUSE that’s actually a misnomer, you will actually probably SWIM. the odds are 90% in your favor that you will swim and not sink, EVEN IF YOU ARE NERVOUS.

and the trainers have anticipated and acknowledged that some of us will be nervous as we start doing the actual job, which does involve a lot of talking to people, unfortunately.

but now i am seeing it is EASIER to talk to people and I am GETTING BETTER AT IT.

I even talked to a CUTE GURL for a minute, hehehe.

So yep. learn everyone’s name, USE everyone’s name, be nice to everyone, say hi how are you, pull their talk string, say mm hmm mm hmm and keep them talking, use Solid Eye Contact, when somebody teaches you something, say “THANKS NAME! I Appreciate It Buddy!” and just be a Real Nice Guy.

AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD I actually Emailed one of my Internet Heroes like I was thinking of doing. I actually feel a little nervous about this because I wrote kinda a long email and not the best email, however hopefully he’ll take it the right way. I was offering to donate money to him as a little gift for him doing so much good work over the years, so I wanted to give him a little Tip for the holidays, something to buy lunch or a drink. I will report back on how this turns out. I also said that in the future I might like to talk to him on the phone, because that WOULD be a great idea, I just don’t want to do it right now. So I said to him, how about in 3 months or so.  Still waiting for a response, told him to take his time, take a month, take 2 months to get back to me, no rush.

so do stuff like all this. think of ways you can be nice to people.


Statue of Sigmund Freud in London, with the Ta...
Statue of Sigmund Freud in London, with the Tavistock Clinic in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Let me give You a post that is not all Religious Angst. I gotta take a break from all this Religion, it’s too STRESSFUL and makes me too ANGRY, hahahaha. Give me something Peaceful. Like Nuclear Winter, hahahahaha.

yep it’s still dec 15.

anyway, to close that Religious Phase, we’ll just say that God Loves Us All and wants the best for us, he doesn’t get off in a weird abusive way with us being SLAVES to him, there’s a HUGE difference between being an unwilling SLAVE and being a willing Servant.  ANYWAY. will now move on to The Secular. aka Luv and Work.

Should probably try to do something Social and Fun at least once per week. For Socially awkward and anxious people with no friends, this is much easier said than done! or if you’re a workaholic working 100 hours a week and the only thing you do in your free time is SLEEP because you’re EXHAUSTED and you’d rather SLEEP than see any of your frandz, should you be privileged enough to have any.

yep just REAL nervous about starting new job, don’t want it to be HORRIBLE because I don’t want to have a Meltdown and get fired, or be “forced” to quit, when job searching is my #1 least favorite thing. It LITERALLY took me OVER THIRTY YEARS to find THIS job, hehehehehe.

but yeah. it takes me years and years to find a new job. first a few years of trying and failing, then a few years of not even trying any more, hehehehe, then GOD intervenes and by a MIRACLE I get a new job, after years and years.

Work And Luv, Luv And Work, sez Freud. Important Things. Don’t Agree With Alot Freud and I think he was a horrible person, but he got that one thing right. If you’re a loser at Work and at Luv, it is REAL hard not to feeeeeeel like a loser in LIFE.

anyway. point is, of those two things, work is a NEED and love is a WANT.

also, don’t get GREEDY over what KIND of love you want. You already GET Pure Life-Sustaining Luv from God and hopefully your FAMILY, and now you want MOAR LUV from some 18 yo pure Big Boned Curvy QT? Don’t get GREEDY! If you get love from your FAMILY, you’re LUCKY ENOUGH!

All righty then.

Anyway I tell all these ridiculous and boring stories not to be NARCISSISTIC, but to Learn the Lessons myself, and to Teach The Lessons to Other Losers Like Me. We can all Learn From My Mistakes. I could prob learn from Your mistakes as well!

What do you do if you Vomit on your Boss your First Day at a new job? you say solly solly SO SOLLY and buy them a new shirt, give them all the cash in your wallet (bring cash), you say PLEEEEEEASE forgive me. Not the end of the world. They can’t FIRE you for VOMITING on them.

I don’t think being Married to an Aging Woman is impossible as LONG as you met her when she was young, and you can say, DAMN am I Glad I got to Enjoy her bod when she was young and beautiful, well just take comfort in that it’s the same person, she has just gotten old, just like I have.

HOWEVER, if you meet the woman when she’s like 40, then I don’t think this is possible so much. You NEVER got to enjoy her when she was young and beautiful. But 9000000 other guys did!

Heh. Yes I was thinking about if I were to marry the Big Boned Blond gurl at church. Yes she’s “ONLY” about 18 right now, and that’s exactly why she makes muh D go HNNNNGGGG so strongly!

But I am Smart and Mature and Realistic and Reasonable enough to accept, that after 20 years of Wedded Bliss, she wouldn’t look as good at age 40 as she did at age 20! But I would be OK with that, because a. I myself am aging too and look older and older b. I was there with her all those years. So I wouldn’t necessarily Dump Muh Waifu just because she Got OLD!

Welp, will be seeing the Doctor for the first time in 1 year, try to give us a Lesson Learned. Cuz I finally ran out of my kleptocrat Big Pharm Mind Medz. My prescription expired 1 year ago, and I was on such a huge dose of Paxil, like 40 or 60 mgs a day; and then I swore off meds, that they were designed to kill us and enslave us and make us docile Tax Livestock, and I only took 5 mg a day; then I started taking 20 mg a day in August 2013 when I saw Girl7 and got really Crushed; and now its Dec 2013 and been doing 20 mg a day, I figure might as well stick with it, plus maybe GOD was workign through those Big Pharmacists who invented the drugs, and something about the Lowest Effective Dose was prob closer to 20 mg than 5 mg!

So now I see the doc, will tell him all that, and MAYBE try to switch to a different SSRI or SNRI (???) like Prozac after I tell him that certain SSRIs work differently on diff Neurotransmitters, and different Neurotransmitters are connected to different behaviors or symptoms. For example, anhedonia is related more to neuropinephrine and lethargy is related more to serotonin (CITATION NEEDED), and I am still very lazy and pessimistic and no energy. so switch me from paxil to prozac and we’ll see if that helps any.

also DOC, give me the rx for like 6 months, not 3; OR make it so I don’t have to pay $100 for an office visit in 3 months, and you can just rewrite the prescription when the pharmacy calls you in 3 months, and I don’t have to pay to come in. hehehehe.

When you are Over 30 years old, is it acceptable to go up to 18 year old girls in Church, who are there with their Mother and Father and Siblings, and go up to their Father and say “SIR, I’d Like to Date Your 18 Year Old Daughter, and I’m kinda a 30+ year old Loser, hehehehehe”.  Well, I’d argue it’s Not Necessarily UNAcceptable. IMHO it’s better than the 18 yo gurl going to some sleazy drunken drug induced party with artists and musicians and then she ends up having Drunk Party Sex with some guy she doesn’t really know how old he is, and he turns out to be 30+.  WAY Better than that.

First MAgic Bullet Protip in DAYS: * To Help Chapped Dry Lips in the winter, just use plain old fashioned VASELINE. Get a container, put it in your room, put a little bit on before you go to bed. No need to bring fancy Burts Bees or whatever with you everywhere. Get on $3 container of VASELINE and it will last you 2 YEARS at least.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!! HOPE you are spending it in gratitude and/or w your families.

for me it is dec 15 2013 and I am writing this in advance.

so I went to church and saw the big-boned big blond girl which the girl in muh dream was partially based off of, see immediately previous post. I saw her and from 20 feet away muh D had taken notice. that is when you KNOW you are S’ually attracted to the gurl. I wanted to grab her all over and have her sit on muh face for hours and days and weeks and years. she was wearing inappropriately tight pants like all gurls do nowadays, which fetished her bodacious buttocks, which were round and huge, and all I could think about all Mass long was them on muh face.

then I thought, well, I’m a Natural Man, it is just Natural Law for me to be attracted to young healthy gurls, however God gave me the power to Rise Above, so I tried to think of her as a Child Of God, and just imagined me doing wholesome things with her, like hanging out and hugging and cuddling, although I’m pretty sure Making Out is considered a sin punishable by God with an eternity of torture.

So God’s punishing you for rejecting him essentially. This would be like me punishing all those GURLS who rejected me, by an eternity of me raeping them. Seems kinda EVIL and ABUSIVE, amirite? Christians want to submit to an Evil Abusive Slavemaster, eh?

then I figured that couldn’t be a correct interpretation.

I was reading a Catholic magazine the other day that was pretty hardcore and was basically talking about how everything I like, from young girls to music, is a tool of satan, and needs to be rejected if I am to accept God. Then I thought, well, I can’t do ANYTHING, you might as well SLEEP ALL DAY and WAIT TO DIE if EVERYTHING is a SIN that is not approved by GOD.

It’s not like I listen to evil satanic music all the time! So I enjoy a little black metal and death metal! BIG DEAL! I only listen to a lot of music 2 days out of the week or so, and I listen to other types of music during that time too! JEEZ! GET UP OFF ME!

So yeah it IS VERY possible to develop this hostile, passive aggressive, bitter, resentful Relationship with God, because you feel like he’s Demanding Too Much of you, and you have no choice but to be coerced, because He Controls Your Afterlife. But you’re not happy about all your favorite hobbies being MORTAL SINS. Or of you never being GOOD ENOUGH to gain God’s Favor. That you literally need to be crawling on your hands and needs your WHOLE LIFE begging for forgiveness for being a wretched sinner, that’s what your GOD wants out of you. It isn’t enough to be a wretched loser who has wasted his potential and can’t get a good job or a good mate! now you can’t even blow off steam listening to some Metal or thinking about a cute young gurl sitting on yer face! wtf CAN you do? wtf ISN’T a sin? Sleeping all day and just waiting to die?

and you look at the proud european pagans and think, they didn’t live like this! They were strong and proud and they still believed in compassion and morality that was 80% in line with CHristianity, except with just the lame slave parts taken out!

Did you know the Dalai Lama is an evil tool of SATAN who is leading people away from Christ with all his talk of zen and chillness and meditation and buddha?


Even when the Christian God sounds like the BIGGEST DBAG that ever existed, and clearly one of the SH1TTIEST religions to choose….but you don’t HAVE a choice! This is the right one, and that’s that or you’re damned to hell forever! and not a boring purgatory hell, but a painful torturous Event Horizon hell!

THe only way it could be worse is if you were a MUSLIM. It would even be better being a JEW – at least they are rich and successful winners, and are allowed to bang tons of grills.

Of course I may be Interpreting the Christian God wrong. But I can assure you, I have had MORE education/research in Christianism than a good 90% of Christians!!!!

Is it REALL better than being an ATHEIST? Actually probably yes, atheists just suck THAT much, hahaha. Prob even more than Muslims.

Anyway, when I am starting muh new job, I can also assure you I will be saying 9000000000 hail marys to help get me through, that really DOES work, so that is one good thing about the christian god.

but yeah. when you first read about the dalai lama, you say, DAMN, THIS guy gets it, this guy understands, I wish MY religion were more like this, this is WAY better than Christianity. And what is Christianity’s Response to your very valid concern: ignore that guy, he’s a tool of satan meant to lead you astray. and that is a bridge too far for many christians. i mean, we have SOME faith to believe in a god, but HOW MUCH and How Ridiculous of A Faith do we Need to have??

But yeah We Christians have good days and bad days. Nobody STRUGGLES with the faith like christians. because it is not supposed to be EASY.

however I am also obsessed with “Natural Law”, ie, what makes men, women, etc. And sometimes Natural Law does go along with christian and sometimes it doesn’t.

ANYWAY, don’t get too angry if you are not getting along with God too well right now, like I say, it’s not easy, maybe sleep on it and tomorrow will be better, and hope you don’t die and go to hell during your sleep because you weren’t absolved of your mortal sins.

Just be thankful you have a Full Time JOB, and if you don’t, then it’s time to get on your knees and start praying.  WANTS vs NEEDS. A Full Time Job is a NEED, a Cute Gurl is a WANT.

OK next post will prob be less religion oriented.