I am certainly no Family Law Attorney in any state, so I cannot comment on the ins and outs of Common Law Marriage. It’s very possible your Common Law Wife could steal all your stuff after you’ve been Going Out for X years, even though you’re not legally married.  So be sure to check the Common Law Marriage laws in your state, and get a legal separation right before the due date. If she really LUVS you she’ll do this for you. doesn’t mean you actually have to get separated, just something that shows in the eyes of the law you’ve been separated for at least a little while. I dunno. Ain’t no Lawyer, just want you to be aware of Common Law Marriage Laws.  Because the Woman who’s stayed with you for 10 years while you’ve refused to Marry Her has her Common Law Clock ticking and will CLEAN YOU OUT at the stroke of midnight, hahahahaha.

Gold has gone up 1866% in the past 20 years. Silver has gone up 384% in the past 20 years. just wanted to remember that.

nov 13

I mean, Silver is stll pretty risky because it’s always up and down, some years it’s up, some years it’s down, i’m just saying that over the past 20 years it’s performed better than savings accounts, CD’s, probably most 401k’s, etc etc.

Heh.  I wouldn’t recommend you take ALL your gambling winnings and invest it in silver. Gold would actually be the better investment IMHO. Buy some silver, buy some gold, buy some land, have a little in your 401k, of course I am paranoid that The Gummint will eventually engineer a way to STEAL YOUR money that You’ve put into your 401k. The way they freeze people’s savings accounts in Argentina.

The Successful Master Entrepreneur has FAILED more times than the Beginner has even TRIED. So say Management/Entrepreneurship Motivational Gurus on the Internet. It really does sound good. Maybe it even is true in a number of cases. There are some people who are extraordinarily persistent and resilient and who bounce back from failure and rejection more quickly and easily than others.

I have been mixing ACV in with muh water bottle, prob stop doing that actually, very concerned about the constant bombardment of acid on muh teeth enamel.

Prob go back to choking it down all at once. some say 1 Tblspn AVC and 10 Tblsp water. ok.

and then of course rinse yer mouth out with water right after. some “doctors” say you’re supposed to buy their special xylthol gum which strengthens your tooth enamel against acid erosion.

had a resume problem recently, had a good lead on an interview, sent in the res where I KNEW for SURE it would be looked at by the manager. It looked fine in LIbreOffice which I use because Office Ain’t Free. When I looked at it in Regular Office, even thoguh I’d saved it as RegOffice file, one line was off re margins. You prevent this by ALWAYS SNEDING A PDF. hope this does not disqual me fer the job.

But About that, that was a Golden Parachute Guardian Angel Lead delivered to me by Social Network, where I was offered a Sweet Employee Referral. Like TRAINING or HIRING FROM WITHIN, I thought this was one of those Good Old Traditions that THey Just Don’t Do Anymore, to society’s downfall.

But no, THE LORD was watching out for me today, so I apply for it, send in a res, then get a request to send in the res directly to the manager, and what do I do, I send a DOC file with one line jacked up, instead of playing it safe and sending a PDF. Heh. My FEAR OF SUCCESS leading me to sabotage myself AGAIN.

GOT to get some serious work done tonight. meaning: NO ZOOM poker. only Nonzoom, where I play one hand a minute and do productive stuff the rest of the minute, hahaha.

I hated skool back when I was in High Skool, but I still managed to get it done well enough to get admitted to a Highly Selective University!

I didn’t hate it much Less; maybe I just had more energy and felt younger, which I def was. Also, I took for granted that a “Boring Cubicle Job” awaited at the end of it all. I WISH. Not sure where I got that fantasy from. The idea of the “Unemployable College Grad” or “College Barista” was not really around yet.

ANYWAY. It would be sweet to get that job because a. Full Time b. Huge Increase in Pay, like 50% Increase! c. rumors that More Than Full Time Is Available.

Though it is the type of Job Job my peers at the Highly Selective Univeristy would be ashamed to have, I would be thrilled to have it because it’s Full Time and pays 50% better and rumor is the manager is nice. good enough for me!

Mainly it’s just so you can tell people, strangers and family and women, that YES your job is FULL TIME, you’re not Underemployed PART TIME like an underachieving LOSER DEADBEAT who DOESN’T WANT TO WORK. You’re doing Your Share, Carrying Your Weight, Working FULL TIME.  That’s a VERY important distinction. doesn’t matter if you can still make more money Gambling. Then Gamble during your off time. Buy sh1ttonnes of SILVER and GOLD.

But yeah I have heard rumors of people choosing to work 80 or even 100 hours a week. And others who chose to work 40. Heh. I might try 100 for 1 month.

See, in the Old Days, I wouldn’t NEED Graduate School because I would eventually get promoted to Manager WITHOUT an MBA or a Masters of Management or Masters of Business INformation Systems because because could see by the way I walk and talk that I’m a SMART GUY and that would be enough. But DEM DAYS IS GONE.

So Now I REFUSE to get a Masters Degree unless someone makes it DAMN CLEAR that it is actually WORTH the time and money: psst, hey you, get this masters degree and I guarantee you’ll get this job which pays 100% more.

Ten Years Ago, companies would actually PAY FOR YOUR MASTERZ DEGREE!!!!!

now, you pay at LEAST 30k for a masterz degree where it’s a BIG QUESTION MARK as to whether it will make you back that 30 grand.  LET ALONE an INCREASE of money past the breakeven point. Esp considering the two years of time and stress and study that went into it. You gotta monetize that. That is valuable time you could have used to make thousands of dollars GAMBLING!!!!!!!!!!

f00king balllicking f4gg0ts. they can lick muh ballz and suck muh D. let THEM waste 50 grand on a mastez degree that gets them nowhere.