mon nov 4 2013 8.10am

ended up looking a little a facebook last night. Protip: DON’T DO THAT, especially if you became a loser in college and everyone you went to college with became not just successful, but SUPER SUCCESSFUL. Oh look, so and so’s at harvard now, so and so invented a new ipad, so and so’s on the front page of the new york slimes, so and so won a nobel prize, so and so’s a successful artist with their own gallery, they are making a good living being a stupid ARTIST before age 30, so and so is on the cover of Time, so and so Just Saved The World, so and so is giving Activist Testimony in front of the US Supreme Court, so and so completed their PhD at Oxford and was immediately appointed full tenure professor at harvard, so and so is in the wedding announcements of the New York Slimes, she’s marrying a Billionaire Doctor Entrepreneur Lawyer Activist Professor Artist, etc.

So if your Facebook Time is like that, just quit facebook already.

So my Negative, Pessimistic Worldview and Bad Attitude is what makes me lazy, makes me NOT want to WORK for anything, and the bad attitude can be summed up as: Everything in life is a SCAM: Skool, College, Jobs, Careers, Women, Housing, Money, Loans, Job Search, Mate Search, Marriage, etc. So you gotta find a way to Scam The Scammers.

I compared it, of course, to my new favorite thing, texas holdem nolimit. It’s a Gamble. So you should fold 85% of your hands. Just fold em. Don’t Participate in the Scam until you get the Sure Thing, then go All In and hope to Double Up. But most of your time, 85% of the time, you will be saying, look at thsi sh1tty hand, f00k this sh1t, I FOLD, I PASS, I’m gonna sit this one out and not throw my money away. I’m not gonna put a huge bet on this skool, this job, this woman, this plan, unless it’s a PREMIUM HAND, a SURE THING. And it’s clearly not a Sure Thing!!!

I see the College Career Cult Tryhard mindset of Leadership!! Internships!! Networking!! Trying and Failing until you succeed!! Extracurriculars!! Busy Busy!!! etc, it’s not for me, I can’t play that game, I’m too old and too tired, no energy for that. It’s one thing if you’re 16 years old and Believe in that God, but I’m not and I don’t.

So now I try to find hacks and shortcuts and counterscams to scam the scammers: Gambling As A Career, Alternatives to College Cult, Oil Industry, North Dakota, Gold, Silver, Skilled Trades, Entrepreneurship, Destroying The Very Idea of Internships, going your own way, etc.

Or, “networking” with Powerful Local Entities on Twitter, hahahahaha, and becoming a Master at Business Buzzwords so you can become good at getting interviews, good AT interviews, and then Score A Decent Job Already, and then try to just Coast in that for the rest of life, because U never liked skool & u never liked work.

So what DO you like? Women, Drugs, gambling, movies, music, vacations, sleeping, eating hahahahahahaha.

So either you have Career Ambitions or you Don’t. I Def don’t. So how do you GET Ambitions? I would say, by experiencing a little success somewhere, and then saying, hey that feels good man, I’m gonna continue going down this path and get some MOAR SUCCESS. (see MOMENTUM) But I would argue, without that initial taste of success, you don’t develop that deeper ambition.

tues nov 5 2013

* To lift your mood IMMEDIATELY, listen to the following MUSIC RIGHT NOW:

Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES): First stage music, where you’re wakling thru the tropical sunny landscape ****

Dragon Quest 8 (Ps2) : walking thru the world music

Zelda Link To The Past (SNES): whole darn soundtrack on youtube

Super Mario World (SNES): that one with the real lively ragtime type piano, often in the Sky Treetops stages

had that SMB2 music pop into my head early in the morning for no real reason, other than yesterday I listened to the dq8 and link2past music. Started whistling the SMB2 music. It worked wonders.

* Whistle ridiculously cheerful music in the morning, dance a stupid little dance, do it until for like an hour until you feeeeeeeeel haaaaaaaaaappier.

* Make a Mix CD with those songs and listen to it in the Car on your Morning Commute.

* Play a little Game with your Commute: try to get from home to underwork without ever coming to a complete stop. This will involve driving under the speed limit when you are approaching a red light.

* you can play this game whenever you are driving really, just be aware you can get PULLED OVER if you drive too slow.

* Because driving slow is better for your car than driving fast like a Leadfoot Tailgatin’ Woman, and avoiding using your brakes helps your brakes last longer.

Last night as muh mind was filled with worry and regret and sadness over what a loser I have become and how I have no ambition in skool or career or wimmin and hated everything and thought everything was a stupid scam and a lie, it came to me: yep this is muh Religious moment, muh Come To Jesus moment. This is that rock bottom where you get down on your knees and beg the LORD for some relief from this DESPAIR. So I sorta did that, and felt a little better. You do it too.

Also, deep heavy breathing does work wonders. Whenever you’re getting emo, simply take 5 super deep slow breaths, you will see a noticeable difference.

* since I am all about Paleo Lifestyle, it’s amazing I haven’t mentioned INTERMITTENT FASTING by now. look that up and see what a good starting procedure is. surely once every two weeks wouldn’t kill you. We Amerifats simply EAT TOO MUCH, and of crap food to boot. Paleo Man wasn’t eating this much, he probably ate HALF as much or less, and they never got cancer, heart disease, diabetis, hypertension, inflammatory disease, autoimmune disease. So FAST every once in a while. Couldn’t hurt, especially if you need to lose a little weight anyway, heh heh heh.