nov 3 sunday

another lesson learned, be careful of LINKEDIN. I was playing around with it the other day for the first time in months, and then I was reminded of why I hated it: everyone in my Suggested People Do You Know, well, many of them I in fact DID know, and they were all dockers and lawyers and top 1% and not just successful, but SUPER successful. And that sucks.

So, stick to Twitter, avoid LInkedIn. I am following Local Powerful Successfuls like Crazy. People I DON’T already know, hehehehe

I was just thinking, I couldn’t remember My Official ADvice on Drinking for You All. I would say, if you’re a HUGE NEET with NO FRIENDS, then it might be worthwhile to drink so you can become more social and normal and make some friends, overcome the social anxiety.

But if the drinking becomes a Problem, then you have to quit drinking entirely. But BEFORE that point, you MIGHT be able to use alcohol as a TOOL to help you Make Friends. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

Ultimately the drinking did not help me so much, as I was drinking MORE than muh friends, and starting to annoy muh friends with my obnoxious behavior when Drunk. So eventually I did stop drinking and I am very glad for that.

But did Drinking HELP me in forming the friendships in the first place? Actually probably YES. Those first few Good Times that Solidify things, those may well have been alcohol-fueled. heh. what a double edged sword.

So I would say, use alcohol to HELP you FORM friendships, and then quit it as soon as it stops helping you, or you get addicted, get a DUI, etc. Because I won’t lie, Alcohol can take away social anxiety and make it easier to talk to people.

BUT ALSO: there are times when it DOESN’T: when you are RAGING DRUNK and you STILL can’t talk to people, STILL have social anxiety, so you continue drinking until you become an Unlikable MONSTER. Don’t let that happen 2 u!!

* there are still websites where you can Gamble with Real Money in the USA.  They didn’t ALL shut down with “Black Friday” like 3 years ago. Just the biggest ones, and that did scare off a lot of gamblers. but there are still a few left. The one that looks most promising ATM IMHO is  go check it out and form your own opinions.

but be very careful and play like the Feds could steal your funds at any minute. Also I think signing up with a Credit Card can hurt your credit score. So you get some third party “E-Wallet” like PayPal or NeTeller or Skrill and have that be the intermediary between your credit card and the Casino.

WARNING: I am already a PRoblem Gambler by the definition of the gd CASINO, because I am trying to gamble as a source of INCOME, NOT as a source of Entertainment (well, there IS entertainment in there too.) But the reason I LIKE gambling is because it seems like a more REALISTIC way of MAKING MONEY than what I can make at a JOB OR CAREER.

It doesn’t take a genius. What’s better, never making more than 30k a year with Stupid Gay Underjobs or Upper Working Class Bachelors Degree Jobs, or Oops you got the wrong Masters Degree Jobs,  OR……. consistently making over 30k a year – perhaps much more – with Gambling?

Read some “RUle of Thumb” that says that the Highest Stakes Table you should play, is where your total bankroll is NO LESS than Three Hundred Times the amount of the Big Blind.

Well, My Bankroll is like 9000 chips, and I felt real nervous playing at a table where the big blind is TEN chips. This is the Second-Lowest stakes holdem table at PokerStars. So I would advise, just simply play the lowest table you can, for a longass time.

Especially if you’re not greedy, you’re just like me, you’re not trying to get rich, you just want to make more than 37k a year, you just want to make 200 dollars a day. You can easily make that in ONE hand at THE LOWEST stakes tables. No need to shoot for the stars here. Because then you might lose it ALL.

heh. playing the 5/10 blinds table, second lowest stakes, right NOW, been folding 85% of hands, finally played a sweet premium hand of KK. when from like 960 chips (1000 buy in max), now at 1500. so for my purposes, that would be like TWO DAYS OF WORK, and probably enough to cover like a $50 “banking fee” for them to write you a check, and it took like ONE HOUR, while I was playing ONE TABLE, in the background, while writing a BLOG.

* If you’re doing another task, I would say play no more than one table at a time. If you’re trying to WORK, play two or more tables at a time.

* Heh. Something FEEEELS WRONG about ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO GAMBLE INSTEAD OF WORK. Heh. I don’t encourage gambling over working except when you can make more money gambling than you can working, hehehehehehehehehe. big difference.

* OK OK OK that sounds like the mantra of a gambling addict, a terrible EXCUSE. HOWEVER it doesn’t diminish the TRUTH than in 2013, The Economy Still Sucks, The Fedgov is LYING to you about Job Statistics, College is a Bubble, just like Housing and Mortgages, most people should not be going to college because they’re getting useless degrees at an ungodly price, you can make more money as a Skilled Tradesperson than with a Masters Degree, even becoming a Lawyer is not failsafe, plus if you Hate Skool, you’ll never outperform all the Tryhards who are the only ones who turn their educations into a Return On Investment anyway.

Heh. Plus you will fall in luv with Grills and not be able to forget about them 8 years later when you are an old bald fat bad at getting interviews loser, hahahahahaha.

* When you win a nice hand, then on PokerStars use the little icon to Save Your Hand on so you can watch it again later. Bookmark and replay your best wins, then look at them later when you need an ego boost. That is why you fold 85% of the time, to win on Premium Hands like that.

* How about this: just go to the physical Casino and gamble for real money at a live table. I think 48 out of 50 states have legal gambling, it’s not just fricken Vegas. You PROBABLY have a Casino in your local Major City, in other words, or the nearby Indian Reservation. Not hard to find A Real Casino. The ONLY thing that stops me is Social Anxiety basically, to LOOK LIKE A NEWB who’s never played at a live table before, hehehehehe. well that is muh 2014 new years resolution. pretty good one, amirite.

* protip. When you have a dream about a grill you were in TRUE Luv with 8 years ago, and it brings up all that old luv you wish you could just let go of, well, just tell yourself you HAVE let go of it, and that you will only get those uncomfortable feels for THAT DAY ONLY, and by tomorrow, after sleeping on it ONE night, you’ll be back to “normal” and will have gotten over that grill again.

*Protip: something that’s been bothering moi. FORGIVENESS. You say to yourself, yep, I just don’t care anymore, it’s been 9 years, I forgive such and such a grill for breaking muh poor widdle heart. water under the bridge. time heals all wounds. AND THEN you think, WHAT IF this is all ON ME, and there’s nothing I need to forgive her for? Not ONLY should I have not been butthurt at her, but I don’t even need to FORGIVE her for anything, because she never did anything wrong, I just overreacted and got butthurt like a spoiled child??????? so Forgiveness is useless and worthless and Worse Than Worthless, it just shows how you STILL haven’t gotten to the TRUTH of the matter, where it’s ALL ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh, I would say, You’re Overthinking it, and it’s better to Forgive Someone for Something they didn’t do, than to be Butthurt at them for something they didn’t do. Who gives a f00k. You are ten steps ahead of everything. Like you;ll ever see them again. Once again, it’s a situation that exists only in yer mind. Who even KNOWS if it’s all on you anyway. Can’t be. She can’t not be at least a LITTLE bit responsible. She was at least a LITTLE bit of a B, amirite?