maybe monday oct 28 or so:

Don’t be a Dishonest Sociopath, make it clear to the 26yos that you’re not looking for a Relationship AT ALL, and if they look like they’re starting to Fall In Luv with you despite that, you must “LET THEM GO” COMPLETELY AND IMMEDIATELY. Both to protect yourself from future ruination AND to score good karma. Win Win.

how do people lose money at holdem? they bet when they should FOLD. simple as that. When in doubt, FOLD. if you lose confidence, that’s your gut telling you to fold. Besides it will be hard to bluff and win if you have that visible fear. So just fold. I suppose if I play more and become more of an expert, I MIGHT move more into bluffing, but it’s basically not gonna hurt the non-expert to FOLD MOAR.

And if you get really BORED of folding, then go ahead and play the occasional middle of the road hand. It should remind of why you’ve been folding in the first place, but if you get lucky on the flop, good for you.

You should be Folding at least 60% of the time, because….well you ONLY want to play like the top 30% or 20% of hands, right? Probably the top 10% of hands! does that mean you fold 9 out of 10 times? how does that math work. I don’t think that’s quite right, but it’s definitely around 60-70% of the time, the large majorty, you FOLD. This strategy has served me in good stead for like one year of sporadic playing, hahahaha.

although if everyone in the hand is conservative that hand, and you get a sweet draw like AA, and then only win like a measly 10 chip pot, that can suck a little. but it’s still better than losing chips!

wed oct 30th 7.38am

haven’t done this in a few days! the ole sleep and productivity report. sunday went to bed super early (7, 730), that was ideal. Monday did the same. TUESDAY did the same. but here’s the thing. tuesday afternoon was real tired after a busy day of underwork and really felt like laying down “for one hour,” shirking muh responsibilities, so I did, of course napped for more like 2 hours, AND STILL went to bed early around 7 pm. don’t think I fell immed asleep though. good news is i can sleep in tomorrow, but I gotta get a lot of homework done between now and then. and how will I feeeeel this afternoon? real hard to say. yesterday the urge to take a powernap was unshakeable, EVEN THOUGH I had been getting to bed at a decent time. Maybe the best time to go to bed for the night is SIX pm.

muh movies and muh game playing (cards) is putting the HURT on muh homework productivity!

thursday oct 31 LIVE POSTING into the wordpress box, TBP on nov 4

well. resched muh weekly stressful task to earlier in the day. that helped a lot. also resched at underwork so I could sleep. me me me me me.

so muh big life lesson for the day is, have pokerstars (or whatever) going on IN THE BACKGROUND while you’re doing productive stuff like blogging or jobsearching or resume shotgunning, SPRAY & PRAY, homework, etc. It will pop up in the foreground when it is your turn and you will have 8 seconds to decide what to do. This is usu enough. and since you shouldn’t be playing more than 17% of hands anyway, of course you’re highly likely to fold anyway.

(more aggressive, experienced, bluff oriented players will disagree, but I don’t like that style atm & I certainly don’t recommend it to muh audience!)

Then you can (hopefully) win Big Pots on Premium Hands (AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AKs, ?????) and make your quota of 211 chips per day in one sweet hand.  AND not be so distracted by the game that you can’t Get Work Done on the Computer.

Was really thinking about what Molyneux said in one of those vidyas before.: that the company is only paying you 37k because you’re MAKING THEM like 100k, so don’t think it’s out of your league.

So next day you go in to your underjob, make that your assignment: think about how much money you are making the company throughout the day. this can be easy or difficult depending on yer underjob. if you’re a server at a godawful restaurant, then you can easily quantify, and add up your checks, say I brought in $500 today, or whatever. Don’t you think you DESERVE at LEAST ten percent of that? 20%?? course I don’t have a sweet Online MBA so I don’t know sh1t about Costing or Cost Of Doing BUsiness or Payroll or Expenses or Revenue vs Expenses or COGS or all that.

heh. just won 150 chip pot with full house. 6’s full of 7’s. hehehe. that’s 3 6’s and 2 7’s if i grok the lingo.

Anyway. Just WATCH THE MONEY that you facilitate the transfer from the customer to your company.

now, if you don’t service a lot of customers, or deal with a lot of cash transactions, but mainly do tasks, try to put a dollar value on those tasks. really think hard about how your company gets its money and how you can quantify that with you being there. IT can be tricky depending on your type of company. for example, if you are a gravy train riding, clockwatching, make work, chit chatting, useless, unionized Public Employee, hehehehehe, making MiddleClassBux for sitting on your fat lazy useless a55 all day and getting Cadillac Health Care and 401k matching to boot!!!!

then get your hands on a Yearly Budget and see how much flows thru your department. Or see how much money your boss’s useless boss makes because she has an Online MBA, hehehehehehe.

Yep. Gambling As A Career has more Honesty and Integrity!

* Wear T Shirts that Show How Smart You Are. LIke make reference to how you took Calculus 5 or Organic Chemisty or say “MIT COMPUTER ENGINEERING” on them, hahahaha.

I Think, for when you’re b4nging 26yo’s, Doggystyle is probably just as good as Reverse Cowgirl. Either Or. Seated Reverse Cowgirl, where she is essentially just Sitting On Yer D, that would be perfectly acceptable too. Any of those will make you feeeeeeel considerably better about yourself, and will improve your jobsearch, your salary, your gambling, your social life, and your mental and physical health.