Heh. Now that you’ve made the big shift from 18yos to 21yos, you’re finding that 21 yos aren’t so easy to pull either. Interesting Learning Experience, uh? That’s because they’re still in the prime of youth. Women in the Late Twenties will be easier to pull than Gurls in the Early Twenties. A LOT easier. However, as soon as a Woman hits 30, then it’s tick tock, they get the Baby Rabies and the Marriage Rabies, so you have to be extra careful of really shady Entrapment Tactics. They don’t want to Party any more and have No Strings Attached Friends With Benefits like you do. Heck they might even PRETEND they want FWB just to Entrap you at that point.

So your new task is to find wimmin in that sweet spot of they’re definitely past the prime of youth, but the reality hasn’t dawned on them yet fully, so they still want to Party and Play, and will do FWB and NSA and give it up easy. Maybe ages 26, 27, 28 are what you’re looking for. Yes. 26-28.  PERFECT.

Once you use them as Training Wheels and Practice Girls, you can Improve your Game and start pulling 25yos, 24yos, 23yos, and you can see where this is going!!!

Because the sooner you Sow Your Wild Oats, the sooner you can move on with life. And some poor men never get this out of their system. So they never move on. And the GOAL is to move on, so you no longer have to be a decadent degenerate sex addict, can focus on other things, like Career and Family and Children and Religion.

If you MAKE $100 a day gambling, that’s $36,500 a year. 365 days a year, $100 a day. That does seem a bit challenging. Obviously a Good Gambler can do this, and more. Because they wouldn’t make Gambling Their Job if it were easier to make more money at a Nongambling Job. However, to the Beginning Gambler, $100 a day seems difficult. Because this is NET GAINING $100 every single day. Sitting Down with $500 and Leaving with $600 every single day, WITH NO NET LOSSES. “Just” to make 36.5k a year, and remember r9k determined that 37k a year was the cutoff for Being A Loser In Life. Roughly $18 an hour.

And obviously you don’t want to play 7 days a week, that’s no fun. Probably 4 days a week would be ideal. and with 2 weeks vacation a year. Or maybe a European style vacation of 4 weeks. So, 48 weeks times 4 days per week, that’s 192 days of work per year. eh but what about chrimmus and new years, that’s like 2 weeks. and thanksgiving. 1 week. round it up to 8 weeks of vacation a year. 44 weeks times 4.  = 176 days of work a year AHHHH that’s better. 37k per year divided by 176 days of work per year, = you gotta make $211 every day. heh. Sit down with $500, leave with $711. No Losses. To Not be A Loser In Life, AND to have quite a generous amount of Free Time, way more than the Average Gainfully Employed American Workaholic Normalfag.

Heh. So I play texas holdem no limit at where they start you off with 500 chips. That’s what I’m basing this all off of. Can I start with 500 chips and leave with 711 chips.  And GOD FORBID I make ONE stupid big bet and lose ALL muh chips.

So it takes nerves of steel, really. It’s amazing You couldn’t apply those Nerves of Steel to Trade School and then make WAY more than 38 k a year! Or talk to 27 year old wimmin and get them to not SOYF, but you to give them a good rogering from behind. Because by that age, no way do you want them to sit on your face. No longer nice and fresh.

OK. I forgot that if you sit down with 1000 chips, you can use your Fat Stack to win more pots, and prob have an easier time getting your daily quota of 200. HOWEVER you still can’t lose any, because you’re dipping into “past winnings” and you can’t lose that.

So where am I getting this magical 500? Because that’s what starts you off with.

So what if you choose to start every day with 1000 or 2000. I BET it would be a lot easier to win your daily quota then! Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway. The take home point is, you can easily WIN OR LOSE your ENTIRE daily quota in ONE hand. So you streeeeeeeeeeeetch this out into Eight Hours of Very Conservative Play. When in doubt, FOLD.

It’s funny. cuz gambling can be EXTREMELY stressful and EXTREMELY frustrating….. But it seems less frustrating and stressful than Nongambling Work because the punishment or reward happens In Real Time. You can watch your money grow…or disappear.

I suppose you could do the same by having a little APP which shows you how much money you’re making per second at your job. That would be a great app, actually, keeping your employees motivated.

Note: but the gains can be tremendous. You could go from $500 to $1000 in one hand and not have to work for 4 more days.

and it’s thrilling. it makes you forget about the outside world, and that alone can be rewarding enough.

Or I have just got the Degenerate Gambler Bug in me, and things could get REAL bad if I let them. I used to drink too much too. Smoke too much w33d. And now….gamble too much? it fits.

Annnnnnd I just went from 540 chips to 411 chips. That kind of thing is real soul crushing. So in this case, I absolutely HAVE to win 89 chips AND the 211 ON TOP OF that. See how quickly you can dig yourself a huge hole? And I’m Real Conservative Player!!! Of course, in that hand my single opponent won like a 375 chip pot, much of that my chips. Now I could easily win the 300 chips I NEED in one hand, is all I’m sayin.

So What would you rather do with your life, Gamble at the Unholy Casino, or Gamble at the Regular Casino?

ok. back to 513 pretty quickly. i still can’t quit for the day, i GOT TO get to 711. But I would LIKE to quit, because now I’m glad to “break even”, I don’t want to GAMBLE any more!!!!!

(I’m not really gambling, with real money, of course.)

In other words, I cannot wholeheartedly RECOMMEND Gambling as a Career Choice, as much as I’d liek to be able to. But as College gets less and less attractive, Gambling will continue to get more and more attractive!!!