oct 13th or so:

OK, so you’re in the Bottom 1% of weird, awkward, neet, virgin, weak, omega, lazy Losers.  SOOOO different from all those normalfags, so fubared, so far gone, right? NOPE. While you ARE part of a Small, Select, Exclusive Group, the Cure is A Lot Simpler Than You Think. You Can Be Cured/Fixed. Very Possible. You just need a little help and guidance from someone in the know. Me. We WILL Implement these Simple Steps (Simple in theory, ie they can be comprehended by an 100 IQ Normalfag Idiot, but WILL take a bit of courage and forcing to actually DO.)

If you haven’t had a 21YOQT SOYF in a long time, well then maybe it’s time to Go Back To the Pick Up Artist Sex-Obsessed Stuff, because you’ve lost your edge, you’re getting rusty, and need to brush up on First Principles and Best Practices of How To Be Masculine and Pull 21YOQTs To Your Face.

“Little” stuff, like the dale carnegie, Daniel goleman, Emotional Intelligence, How To Talk To People, Social Skills kind of stuff, Back To Basics. because you need the basics, you’re not GETTING the basics. You SKIPPED the basics, but THESE basics you NEED. Go Back and do them. Git R Done. Or maybe you didn’t SKIP em per se, but it’s been so LONG since you did them, you got REAL RUSTY, it’s LIKE you skipped them.

What else. Well, I will Stand Up And Share that I FINALLY went and got those Shoes I’ve been whinging about for days and months and weeks and years. I did a fair amount of research on to figure out what I wanted. A Comfortable Work/Duty Shoe for people who walk and stand a lot. Dansko Croc style shoes are very big sellers here, however a bit expensive. I figured the Skechers “WORK” brand was better priced. Then I went to Kohls and looked for Skechers Work. I was unimpressed by their selection next to Next time, hopefully in no less than two years, I will try DSW or payless or burlington and not kohls. Kohls is good for everything BUT shoes. There was a Skechers Shoe which was not the “work” sub-brand, but which looked 80% like the shoe I was looking at on zappos. So I grabbed it and GTFO.

They seem bretty good, prob need some breaking in. Went a Little Bigger than usual, as that was a theme I was seeing. your foot should have room to wiggle around inside the shoe. And I can attest that having snug-fitting shoes throughout the day produces very stinky feet and permanently stinky shoes. yes your foot expands throughout the day, especially while you’re wearing shoes. At first the shoes seemed really loose but after a few hours now they feel a lot better. Hopefully they don’t either fall apart or start smelling horrible in less than 2 years. even 1.5 years. Next time, try Zappos for real.

Also, you are probably not a big spender on clothes for yourself, but definitely try to go above and beyond for your SHOES. I was seriously looking at some $150 Ecco brand shoes. Yes you can get away with $20 Jeans and Pants and Shirts, and save your money for Good Shoes.

I still can’t say if these new shoes are worth the $58 I paid for them, also that is about $18 more than I usually pay for shoes.


If you are given a task at your underwork, and you think, no WAY could anybody else do this, they would TOTALLY screw this up, good thing the manager gave the task to ME, now did they do that purposely, and this is especially if the manager is not around. In this case YOU are the de facto manager. YEAH. That’s right. Now they might never explicitly say “I’m Leaving You In Charge.” or “While I’m Gone, You’re In Charge.” So you never make the connection. Maybe THEY never make the connection. But look at the reality of the situation. And be sure to PUT IT ON YOUR RES/CL: “I WAS ACTING MANAGER. I MANAGED PEOPLE AND PROJECTS.”

Sometimes there is Resume Gold just sitting there under the surface of your Seemingly Boring Deadend Underjob.


What else. Oh yeah. If you’re whining “but I don’t waaaaaaant 21yoqt’s to SOMF, I WANT 18 yoqt’s to SOMF!!!! I Will Settle for nothing less than 18 yos! 21 yos aren’t good enough!”

Then You are beyond My help. Yes, you’re RIGHT, 18 yos ARE Cuter than 21 yo’s, but you have to at least meet me halfway here, and agree that 21 yos would still make you go HNNNNGGGGG and would get the job done. Besides, when’s the last time you had a 21 yo SOYF? That’s what I thought.

OK here’s yet another great Protip: If you are used to doing your Laundry on Sundays, try doing it on Saturdays. Or Mondays. plus or minus one day. I usually do laundry once every 2 weeks. On Sundays. but I would DREAD doing it, since sunday is my Day Off and I like being Extra Lazy on that day. So now I am trying doing it on Saturday, when I have to get up early for underwork. Usually I am so Lazy I take a nap right after underwork, but now in that time, I am gonna Stay Awake and Drink Coffee and try to Do Homework. And then it came to me: Why Not Do LAUNDRY during this time? So I popped it in.

NOW, the REAL challenge will be to actually DO HOMEWORK during this time. SInce I have an UNGODLY amount of stuff to do. not the type of thing you can finish in one 8 hour day, hehehehe. hrrrrmm.  maybe two serious 8 hour days.

ANOTHER PROTIP: Since you’re not allowed to put your IQ on your resume, just use big words and during the interview, TALK LIKE A SMART PERSON. You know how when you hear a dumb person talk, you can tell they’re dumb because they talk like a dumb person? So just make sure not to talk like that. Use proper english grammar and sprinkle in some big words. talk like A Professor. Watch CSPAN and talk like somebody on there. Make Hand Gestures as you use the Smart People Words so the people pay extra special attention that Your Smrt.

Yep. It’s all about showing and telling that you’re SMART, WITHOUT listing your High IQ. You wouldn’t think this would be so hard to do. So keep using the Big Smart Person GRE words. Who cares if you “sound like someone trying too hard to sound smart.” REALLY dumb people don’t even TRY to sound smart, they can’t even. If you TRY to SOUND smart, then you ARE QED smart enough to do 99.99999% of jobs, except for like the Smartest .00000001% of Medical Dockers, or The Smartest 1% of Math Professors Emeriti.

mond 14th, 830 am

did not get a lot of sleep, but feel uncharacteristically good. might be the new shoes. if you need new shoes, go out and treat yourself with a pair of GOOD new shoes. Will make you feel like a New Person for days and days, maybe even a week.

If you are bored of shaving with a Razor, then get an Electric Razor. Definitely easier and more fun, although no more than 20% faster. Certainly 50% or more less work/effort though.

I try to watch Joyce Meyer “Enjoying Everyday Life” from 6:20 am to 6:25 am every day on the Family ABC Channel. Today she said not to live in regret. You can be sorry and move on. Because regret steals your energy from fixing stuff RIGHT NOW.

Again, prob won’t become a Joyce Meyer Fanatic, because how much of a Bible Thumping MegaPreacher can a person take, but she does have some great ideas, and is well worth watching for 5 minutes a day.