[Edit: I have just remembered that the m in stem refers to “MATH” NOT “MEDICAL” like I had brain farted here. This brings me to the very important point that Math might be the most important part of STEM, the most fail-safe degree choice EVER. Whatever you major in, make sure it has TONS OF HARD MATH. This is probably because Math is the Basis for everything else. First Philosophy. Ontology. Without Math there is no physics, there is no science, there is no engineering.  If you can Grok Hardest Math, you WILL make Lower Middle Class Bux, GUARANTEED.  There really are no Caveats with Math the way there is with other STEs, the way there is with Health Care Careers, like the point I was making in this post, that: SURE, Being a Medical Doctor is Great, however, being a Part Time Home Health Aide Sucks, and THAT is probably where more of the health care jobs are, just the way that that’s where MOST New JOb Openings are: Part Time, Low Skill, Low Pay, even if you have Muh Education.]

monday sept 30 or so

So you know The Right Way to answer every interview question. good. So make sure you have an EXAMPLE for EVERY SINGLE ONE of those questions. Because you can answer the question, then the Employer will bounce right back with “GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE” and then you fire right back with it…….even if it is a Huge Lie, or a Small Exagerration or Fiction. Hopefully you won’t have to lie TOO much, but as I’ve said before, it IS okay to Lie A Little, like on those Example Stories where they can’t POSSIBLY check you on it.

If they CAN check you on it, simple, just don’t lie about it!

Become Comfortable with Socially Interacting with People You Hate, and Who Annoy You. Just become the Friendly Interviewer. Pretend you are doing a documentary, or Going Undercover to Get Intel. Get them talking and keep them talking by asking the Keep Em Talking type questions, getting the annoying person to talk about their annoying life. More often than not, you will come to hate them less, and, more importantly, they will come to LOVE you, meaning they will DO STUFF for you, specifically, hook you up with 18yoqts, or hook you up with upper working class fulltime employment, chief at the top of the list. Plus Humans are Social Animals, and you will feel better socializing. Just don’t let yourself be swayed by them if they have an Opposite Morality than you, or they are total degenerates. Don’t put yourself in Harm’s Way, is what I’m saying.

Like don’t make an effort if they are blatantly involved in criminal or violent or risky behavior or drugs or drinking too much!!!

I’m talking more about Average Annoying Extraverted Normalfags whose biggest flaw is they talk too loud about stupid sh1t, not sociopaths whose biggest flaw is they kill and rape and rob and steal and have absolutely no morality. What I’m saying is Extraverted Normalfags are more often than not Decent People once you get to know them.

Try to be engaged in conversation…..one hour a day? is that too much for a Working Person? Prob.

Might make the caveat here, that Customer Service related Talk for your Job and your Customers does not really count here. But if you are making Friendly Small talk with your Customers, yes, that would count. That is good practice.

So muh delicious ice cream has High Fructose Corn Syrup innit. Muh Mt Dew Code Red has HFCS innit. Muh Fruity Starburst Flave-Redz Candiez have HFCS. Is it REALLY that hard just to put plain olde SUGAR in junk food? you HAVE to make Junk Food even moar Junkier?

How much “healthier” is Sugar over Corn Syrup?

If you don’t want to get an Engineering Degree, It’s PROBABLY still a good bet At The Unholy Casino to get a Healthcare related degree, Specifically Nursing BSN, Physician Assistant, or Physical Therapy. Note: Associates Degrees in these majors are absoluetly USELESS as a Sociology Degree. You have to get bachelors at LEAST.

Putting the M in STEM amirite??? Don’t forget about the M in STEM!!

Go to the Poker Room at least Once Per Week and sit down with Five Hundred Dollars. Try to Win and Not Lose Money. If you leave with 520 dollars, you are a Huge Winner. Keep a Spreadsheet so you know EXACTLY how much you’ve won and lost over your entire lifetime Gambling career. Winning a huge 100k jackpot is worthless if you’ve lost 200k over the past 20 years. there’s gotta be programs out there that simplify this, but I’m sure you could just do it with a simple spreadsheet. Start keeping track EARLY, like as SOON as you decide you’re Serious About Gambling.


but see I don’t even know if Checking The Stats Helps, cuz I don’t Trust the Stats. This makes it look like “Postsecondary teachers” as well as “elementary teachers” are actually good Choices, although I can assure you. I have a huge suspicious most Postsecondary Teaching openings are Part Time Adjunct Instructor Jobs that do not provide ANY Degree ROI; and there are plenty of people with Teaching Bachelor Degrees that the best they can get is Part Time Sub Jobs. I wish the Job Openings Stats took into account FULL TIME jobs, in other words. Because I suspect at least 40%, if not way more, of these Most Job Openings, are part time crap jobs.

tues oct 1 746 am

had a very erotic dream last night. b4nged at least 4 or 5 girls. it was great. it was really raunchy and decadent and degenerate, I was just grabbing 18yoqts and being VERY dominant, gimme a bj, bend over, now do it like this, lets double check how deep my D is innit, etc, ok next, slam bam thank ya maam. Dominant and a bit ungentle, but not hateful or abusive really. they all enjoyed themselves, or at least they easily Bent Over with no complaint or Refusal, and I just went to town on 5 different girls. It was great. I enjoyed myself by Satisfying my Raging Lust for Young QTs. You! Sit on muh face! You! Sit on muh D! And they did.

mon nite successfully went to bed at 8pm, immediately after jeopardy, and was ABSOLUETLY asleep before 9 pm, thus giving me a SOLID 8 hours of sleep, which is very ideal. So that was good. felt a bit better tues morn than mon, when I had stayed up super late on sun watching breaking bad finale, talking bad, etc, and got more like 5 hours of sleep.

note to self/others, protip: Don’t F around here, go to BED immediately after jeopardy, at 8 pm, don’t stay up till 9 or 10 to finish a MOVIE. which I sorta did last week, bc I was bound and determined to “get the most” out of muh netflix and watch 4 movies per week.

I like podcasts, and I like movies. It only took me 9000000 years to realize, duh, look for some podcasts where they talk about movies. Lesson4U: look for podcasts on things that interest you, be it sports or food or math or science. Note: One of my other big interests is Society and Politics and I have listened to many podcasts on that. But that’s real dismal stuff. Movies are more Pure Fun because they’re not all about how the worlds going to hell in a handbasket.

those godforsaken job statistics. If I were an 18yo College Cultist, looking at Job Stats like I SHOULD be, then I might be led to believe being a Teacher Is A Good Career Choice, when in 2013, it’s a godawful career choice. I mean you gotta be a REAL Tryhard Top 1% Teaching Student to get a FT Teaching Job. If you’re just an Average College Student, you’ll just get a Part Time Job, Subbing, and have to go back to the Unholy Casino for your masters, and see if THAT gets you a fulltime job. And just like Everyone’s Going To College in 2013, Everyone’s ALSO going to Grad Skool. Except me, hahahahaha. I stubbornly REFUSE to TRY that hard.

a good test to tell if you’re Really Lustful for a Woman, along with The Boner Test and the Hnnng Or Hrrrmmm test: would you rather b4ng the woman in question, OR would you rather bang a really cute 18yo Transexual “Trap” girl with a Dick? I have seen a couple of those where they honestly looked like Teen Girls, except they had a D. It was almost like they were Girls Born With A D, than Born Guys trying to look like Girls. Makes you think of Medical Mysteries, and that very possibly there are Girls BORN with a D, and some of them turn out otherwise cute.

Am I saying I want to Bang Girls With A D? Nope not saying that.

Saying it another way: if the girl you’re lusting after, going boioioioing and hnnnnggggg, would you STILL lust after her if SHE had a D? If yes, then yes your lust is Real and Serious.

One More Great Life Tip: So you’re Butthurt that you’re 35 and it’s not Age Appropriate for you to Lust After 18yo’s. (Well, yes, it is.) But you know that 18yoqt’s find that SO CREEPY, and so do normalfags, that you have a VERY low chance of ever pulling an actual 18yoqt and that makes you so mad and sad!

WELL, THE GOOD NEWS IS, it is ABSOLUTELY appropriately for you to Go Sarging for 21 YO QTs, and it’s WORLDS less “CREEPY” for a 21 year old to be “Dating” a 35 year old man, even though there’s not really a huge difference between 18 and 21, other than the 18 yo is a BIT cuter and prob has a lower Number.

Point Is, 21 year olds are a more than acceptable substitute for 18 yos, which is great news for you as you get older and older. Thinking about this fact last night gave me considerable comfort and peace.

wed oct 2 736am

All Resumes Are, Are Stupid MARKETING.

Veteran Unemployment? Veterans need extra help “translating the useful skills they already have into their res/CV?” Veterans can’t get jobs because their RESUMES are bad? WTF. STFU, Moron. What An Idiot!

Got netflix movie and fought the temptation and went to bed again right after jeopardy, at 8 pm, for second day in row. Best Decision. SKIP THE MOVIE, GET MOAR SLEEP. Who cares if you’re wasting your $13 a month for netflix and only watch 2 or 3 movies a week instead of 4. DO IT.

Supposedly you can genlty tap some sort of pressure point or chakra on your head and it relieves Stress. It’s either near the temple on your head, or a little patch of skin under your earlobe, just under your jaw, up on your neck. Heh. saw some ridiculous movie where this guy kept doing this, but I guess it might work. anythign to relieve stress! (Aside from drugs).

Ok back to those employment points above. wanted to remember those.

At least once a month I see something on the tv news about veterans unemployment, and how vets supposed have so much of a harder time than civvies to get jobs. I have to wonder if we’re being lied to by the media and by Fedgov Statistics Departments. Common sense tells me that veterans come Pre-Loaded with tons of Skills and Value-Adds that normal civvies do not, and if anything, they would have an Advantage that borders on Unfair!

But they’re not getting HIRED because their RESUME isn’t good enough, is what I’m hearing.

Like what? Godawful Spelling and grammar mistakes that The Average High Schooler should not be making?

Or perfectly acceptable Average High Schooler caliber grammar etc but…b-but….it’s just not the Magical Top Resume, or it’s “Boring” or doesn’t “stand out.”

Heh. Kinda like my own (civilian) resume.

So I think, what’s wrong here. Either:

* Employers need to wise up and realize that Veterans are pre-loaded with skill and value

* We’re not being told the full story, and employers are compelled to hire less qualified workers over more qualified workers

* Veterans are not as Capable as I think they are, and are Just Big Unemployable Lazy Losers

* The Military does not prepare veterans for How To Write A Civilian Resume when you’re looking for a Civilian Job?

The whole f00king thing just sounds fishy as f00k to me, so I can’t possibly take the news story at face value.

Unless All Veterans are PTSD-addled Alcoholics and Drug Addicts, or Scum Of The Earth that joined the Army as a last resort to stay out of jail. BUT I thought it was actually kinda HARD to get into the military these days. Like they try to screen out complete losers like that. And then they train the person to be responsible enough to do a damn entry-level JOB, Chrissakes.

Do the vets not have Technical Skills for Today’s Knowledge Jobs, just because they don’t have a College Degree??

Like the Women who outdegree men and so thus get more of the Degree-Required Jobs than men do? Like Stupid jerkoff Human Resources and Makework, Chit Chatting At The Office Jobs?

Or is that just Muh Misogyny showing, and women are actually getting sh1tloads of STEM degrees and STEM jobs? That I KNOW is not a fact.

OK But I do kknow lots of women do the M in STEM, or at least some kind of health care related job, and All Health Care is Growing In Jobs……….But see my Job Openings Skepticism, and What If most of those Health Care Jobs are the sh1ttiest and part time ones: home health aide, medical assistant, receptionist, etc.

The NewsMedia And The Fedgov Are Not Telling The Whole Truth About College And Jobs. Don’t Believe What You Read or See.

And Add To This My Surprising Faith In The Intelligence and Capability Of The Average Human Being To Learn Most Jobs With On The Job Training. Or, in the Cases of Medical Technicians, A F00king Associates Degree Or Less. And I Believe That These Associates Degrees could simply be Translated into Paid, On-The-Job Apprenticeship Training Programs. So you just get paid less when you’re Training, maybe. Shouldn’t have to spend sh1tloads of your money or taxpayer money on 60 credits or god forbid 120 credits.

College Career CULT.. I am the Atheist, I am the Apostate, the Heretic, I will Bring It Down. Jesus Christ, Kids These Days should believe in something Real, like the Religion of Jesus Christ!! Sh1T! The College Career Cult IS a Religion, just a real destructive, bad, sh1tty religion that doesn’t come out and say it’s a religion.

So Go To Trade School. I really should just sign up for Trade School myself. Walk The Talk Already. I might. It’s mainly my own laziness I’m fighting.

Anyway. to my second point:  Resumes Are Just Marketing, and, like All Marketing, they’re nothing but stupid gay buzzwords. (So because Veterans don’t know the stupid gay buzzwords, they don’t get jobs than any moron can do. TRUTH.)

thurs oct 3 742 am

muh writing time for 10 minutes or so. hope i’m not getting KEYLOGGED!!!! prob am. well, I luv muh employer and do a Darn Good Job if I say so muhself, toot toot. toot suite.

really frustrated by this fact that you just don’t know where to find reliable facts on jobs. the top one that comes to mind is the BLS with their Jobs Report every month, which is always a News Item. BUT BLS is BS. because it counts crappy minimum wage part time jobs as Job Openings, just the same as a 40 hour a week cushy union job is One Job Opening. They should count them as like .5 or .4  Job Opening. So now instead of 1 million Job Openings, you have 500,000 Job Openings. See how that works?

A 5 hour a week “job” would be a 1 / 8 Job, for example. Eight of those would count as ONE job, not EIGHT jobs.

Just got a bottle of “THROWBACK” Mt Dew, which contains Real Sugar and not HFCS. Excited to try it out. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people prefer the taste of HFCS and admit it, some people report not wanting to drink as much, which would be a good thing! Something about HFCS makes you crave more of it, like crack, whereas, you have a little Sugar, and your Sugar Craving goes away. Not bad.

*Protip: If you have to drink soda pop, drink THROWBACK pepsi products, or MExican/European Sodas, or Organic Sodas, or something that has Real Sugar as opposed to HFCS. You will drink less, and be less of a fat4ss.

Tried to do Muh Homework when I turned on Spotify and that sucked all my Productivity for the day. Didn’t even go for my Cherished Brisk Powerwalk, and it was a real nice day. because I wanted to do muh homework, watch jeop, go to bed. So just screwed around from like 1 pm to 7:30 pm, looking at stupid internet, finding music on spotify, trying to figure out what exactly i wanted to listen to, prob did no more than 2 hours of Actual Homework in there.

* Protip: Banish Spotify along with the List of Time Wasting Websites. Can’t even listen to Music. Unless you can pick something and LEAVE it.

* I was listening to Christian Religious Medieval Singing music by Hildegard von Bingen. VERY chill. VERY uplifting. VERY good for Homework and Anything, if I didn’t keep switching back to the spotify window.

* Resumes are marketing. Resume marketing buzzwords change like the weather: a little bit every day, and a lot every three months. If you are not Redically Rebuilding Your Resume from the Ground Up Every Three Months, keeping up with these GAY ephemeral Stupid Trends, fads, gimmicks, buzzwords, the you are unemployable. apparently.

* It’s like people who always NEED to have the latest clothes fashions. spring clothes and summer clothes and you have to buy a  whole new Wardrobe every 3 months. So if you’re a veteran using a resume that is so Summer 2013 and now it’s Fall 2013, Employers will be able to tell, and then throw your res in the trash because you don’t take enough initiative to keep up with Marketing News.

* So what is THE source for finding what is newest, most cutting edge Resume Style? like deployed is a banished buzzword, but get out ahead is a current good buzzword. before it goes bad. Or in October 2013, objectives are out. In November 2013 they will be back in. so who’s the resume authority. dunno. Looking for the Time Magazine of Human REsource Retards.

Lord God, Lamb Of God, You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, grant us peace.

So thursday is muh power day, muh party day, because friday is muh Off Day, so on thursday I let it all hang out. Also on thurs I do something every week that I get pretty nervous over, and can only truly relax after it’s done.

301 pm and starting to crash, but can’t relax till about 5pm. I could honestly eat some food then and just go to sleep for the night, not even stay up for jeopardy, forget jeopardy and a movie!!!

I could go for a big4ss nap right now! thankfully I do not have to take a Math Exam or MEdical Exam or perform a Surgery or be a Lawyer arguing in front of a judge and jury. Good God.

So you hate people, and you don’t give the greatest customer service all the time, it has its ups and downs, you definitely would not be cut out for a PURE, INTENSE Cust serv job like WAITER. So can you say on your Res that you are a Professional Cust Serve Expert who gives the world’s best CustServ? YES. YES YOU CAN. Because you can give 900000000 times better customer service than an autistic spaghetti pockets virgin neet who never served one customer in his life, even if you’re still awkwarder than a normalfag. so put your customer service excellence on your res in a way that meshes with whatever the current Resume Style is that month.

If you have to learn something HARD like Calculus 10 or COmputer Science 9 or ORganic Chemistry or Statics or PLastics, do some work to find a GOOD book to do so, beyond the textbook in the class, which may very well be a piece of sh1t, and your piece of sh1t instructor doesn’t CARE. (Note: prob not ALL textbooks are POSs, but some certainly are.) If the stuff involves lots of problems, then get a book that SHOWS you how to do all sorts of problems, and actually exmplains them step by step, rather than giving you some poorly explained formula, then gives you the problems and says have at. f00k u.

or get a bunch of dummies books. I am a big fan of dummies books, despite the insulting name.

friday oct 4 2013, 12 18 pm

hello world, jes doin muh weekly post.  i can write much better than this, i am just trying to get this out as fast as possible. and now once per week is as fast as i can.

again, ideally i would just be speaking, rambling off the top of my head, and releasing those as podcasts.

get yourself a little Olympus Notecorder, which is the modern day equivalent of the little olympus micro cassette recorders, which I actually used to have. the little annoying note to self things. and then as you walk around, talk all your great ideas into that thing. then upload them to youtube. instant blog.

on my party day thursday, I struggled to stay awake to 850pm, even watching tv was too much. lites out at 855 pm, and slept till like 10 50 am. day off. 14 hours of sleep. and it’s not like i’m sleep DEPRIVED either, like normalfags, who are so busy working and studying and familying that they get under 7 hours,under 6 hours, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. If I get under 9 hours for 4 straight days, then I have to sleep FOURTEEN hours on muh day off to even begin to catch up. WTF????

just sharing. as an EXAMPLE of HYPERSOMNIA and how people’s sleep needs can be so different. not sure if this is normal for me, Or I am f00ked up, with major hypersomnia.  either way, feel bretty good now. don’t want to run errands though!
and today should try to do lights out by 930 pm, up for Werk tomorrow at like 630 am.

Drank the Throwback Mt Dew last night, Real Sugar, it actually did taste different, more “bittersweet”? I can def see how people can drink MORE of the HFCS. So maybe at a molecular level it’s no “worse” for you than sugar (or maybe it IS!!!), but IMHO the real danger is because people consume so much MORE of it. Quantity. With Sugar you drink 1 20 oz and you’re happy. With HFCS people happily drink a 2 liter per day and never stop and then die of diabetis.

What could be better than b4nging 21 yoqts? banging 18 yoqts and having a Upper Working Class Job and living in a safe, friendly neighborhood.

Heh heh. But seriously. banging 21yoqts is at least 90% as good as banging 18yoqts. Effectively just as good. With 21yo’s you don’t even NEED 18yo’s. GOOD ENOUGH.

Except 21yo’s will be much more indoctrinated into College Career Cult, and nag you more about all that. oh well. NEXT!

OK go for a brisk powerwalk, listen to something that stokes your intellectual curiosity, if you have a crappy textbook, go buy a dummies book on the subject, and also look on amazon for a thoughtful, game-changing, big picture type book by a “GURU” of the field, so you can see the real importance of why you’re learning this, and hopefully catch the intellectual curiosity bug from someone who has it in spades.

so some say the STEM crisis is a myth. There is a glut of STEM grads. perhaps more grads than jobs I’m sure. Some STEM grads do well and get a Middle Class Job, other stem grads do just as poorly as Nonstem grads, and because huge neet loser virgins. Lesson: Don’t even go to College for STEM, just f00k college, f00k the UNHOLY CASINO, and go to TRADE SKOOL so you can MAKE MONEY. MONEY IS POWER.

So you have Resumes and You have Cover Letters. You also have the EMAIL you send which acts as a Pre-Cover Letter, which may have attachments of a Cover Letter and Resume. I was going to say you could also link to one of those Online Resumes just because it makes you stand out, and prob less than half of job seekers use an online resume. but upon reflection, really, what difference does it make if you click a link or click an attachment. well, anything to make you stand out. put a big f00king swastika on your resume, have that be your whole resume, hahahahahaha.

bethenny frankel is a disgusting degenerate.

destroy your TV!

try to spend time with winners, nice people, successful people, nice people, True Real Intellectuals. And again, it sweetens the deal if they are a genuinely nice person and not an 4sshole. If you have to pick one, pick Nice People. Not all Nice People are Losers, in fact, I would say over half of Super Nice people are Winners, or at least are Winning ENOUGH (ie have an Upper MIddle Class Job, or are well on their nondiscouraged way to getting one.) Spending time around them will uplift you out of your discouragement.

ok take care of yourselves and your families. spend more time with nice people, spend less time with idiots, annoyingfags, and degenerates. don’t be such a fedorafag that you refuse to go to church to find nice people. don’t listen to women too seriously, all they care about is TV and College Career Cult and Coolness and Cutesyness. Stupid. Go for a brisk powerwalk every day of your life.

heh haven’t had a real picture in a long time. this is supposed to be a gif, hope it animates. otherwise it will be pretty stupid. yep, yer gonna have to click on the picture to see the animation. stupid wordpress.

walt jr egg gif